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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lawyering for Life

Even a caveman could do it: Life Good, Killing Bad.

I have to say that my morality might be stricter than the bible's. How's that, you ask? Well, I think war is always morally wrong. Not one person should become a soldier. Militaries should not exist. If you sign on, for any country, you are giving up your rights just as if you were signing up to be a slave fighting in an arena as a gladiator. Trust me, some people think war is entertainment. Chess is war, and chess is the sport of kings, right? I personally believe that even the president can be a pawn. A lot of the overpopulation crowd I imagine couldn't care less if a bunch of soldiers kill each other off. Anyway, killing anyone is always bad, in my view. Not an accidental mistake. I mean murder. And becoming a pawn of your government is not something I respect. I am coming from Einstein's quote, without the hypocrisy of having contributed to creating a fricking nuclear bomb. Am I saying killers shouldn't be killed? YES, that is exactly what I am saying. They could be shot with a tranquilizer gun and kept in prison maybe, but not killed. End war. Increase the peace.

I know I said abortion, to me, is grounds for a civil war, but I rescind that as an emotional and unthinking statement, in which I imagined pro-choice advocates as, well, evil murdering bastards who should not be allowed anywhere near our children, and whose depraved immorality should not be legally sanctioned and incorporated in a nation that purports to call itself good. (and therefore they should have their own country, which I imagine would only come through conflict).

I differ from my wife and some of my family on this, and I'm fairly hardcore on the topic, but babies are defenseless, innocent victims and it's disgusting that a baby's own mother can be persuaded to kill her child, and that society isn't everyone and everywhere offering to communally help raise children right, and instead wants to cut them up and vacuum them out of the uterus, because it's too much bother or something. People are cynical and retarded about the possibility for successful adoption. That's all I have to say. Yes we can.

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