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I, God, welcome you to my blog!

The good book says only God is good, so it seems to me somebody needs to step up.

I hope you enjoy reading this, the Jesse Journal, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to subscribe, write me an email, request that I write about any particular topic you may want my perspective on, send a prayer, click on the charity link, or donate money to my bicycle fund! Have fun!

Your pal, Jess

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F.Y.I. There are about 800 posts..

Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


a poem from a book from my childhood

"Why are you always smiling?"
"Because I'm happy!"
"What makes you happy?"
"Making other people happy."
"How do you make other people happy?"
"By smiling."

Linguistic clue to health

The difference between Ill and Well

It's the difference between
I and WE

This struck me as interesting, and worth mentioning!
So now, I'm interested if there is method behind the madness, and what the etymologies are.

And, are loners sicker than the perpetually-social/communal?

Pope Francis prefers to be social.
Jesus was some sort of divine linguist, I guess
(with the speaking in tongues, etc)
(but did he know english?)

El is a word for lord, I think.
So, L L is like two gods?

Jesus on the cross is evocative of both Victory and Defeat...
and the freak said something about not letting the left hand know what the right is up to.
which is totally bizarre, no?
left is sinister, and right is righteous...(but actually, both are neutral!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sobering Stats

from truth-out.org

U.S. Wealth is up $34 Trillion since the recession (93% of Americans got almost none of it):
(that's an average of 100k for every American) Those who own most of the stocks gained an average of well over a million dollars each (tax-free until they cash in).

The 4 Waltons, the 2 Kochs, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett made more money than 3.6M (million) minimum wage workers.  And apparently, no full-time minimum wage worker in the US can afford a 1 or 2 bedroom rental at a fair market rate.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


some suicide stats

10th leading cause of death in the world.
0.5 to 1.4% of all deaths are suicide
(there are 150k+ deaths/day; 2/3 are from old-age)
around 3k/day, in the world.  that's 1m+/ year.  10-20m/year attempt.
90/day, in america.  22/day are u.s. military veterans.
1,500 americans attempt suicide daily
100/day, in japan
5% of humanity attempts during lifetime.
5% of schizophrenics commit suicide.

i foreshadowed the article about suicide in the nytimes by 12 days..
3 stats from the 4/14/14 article:
in the US:
1 million failed suicide attempts per year
38,000 (successful seems like the wrong word) suicides per year
7% of those who fail, later succeed.

that means:
wikipedia was wrong:
the 90/day in america is wrong.  actually 38k/365=about 104/day
1500 daily attempts in america is wrong.  actually 1m/365=about 2,740/day

apparently, the numbers in america are going the wrong way.
unless you hate America/Americans.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

War is stupid

Everybody can have what they want

I'm reading about Egypt sentencing members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death.  And a stalemated ongoing civil war in Syria.  And Libyan rebels selling oil to North Korea.  And Crimeans voting to be annexed by Russia.  And Afghani interpreters for the U.S. having trouble with Visas.  And anti-homosexuality in Uganda.  And Joseph Kony being hunted, to end his evilness.  And Mexican militias taking up arms against the Knights Templar gang.

I think the Muslim Brotherhood should have their own state, their own territory.   It doesn't have to be all or nothing.   All of Egypt or mass execution.  Why not give them their own state?   To reiterate, it doesn't have to be control of the entire country of Egypt.   Politics and territories shouldn't be zero-sum.  Everybody should live under rules they approve of.  Children suffering under parental rules, for example, can eventually strike out on their own.  It just takes time.  I think we should make it easier for discontented groups to split.   Conformity sucks.  Unless of course you're a North Korean zombie, with 100% participation, 100% approval, for the only candidate (was there even a write-in option?) then all is well under the Dear Leader.   I kid.  Factionalism isn't necessarily bad.  A diversity of microstates trying out different political systems, different laws, different cultures is fine by me.  

This Syrian thing is ridiculous to me.  Can't Assad be happy governing those who assent to his rule, and permit the rest to govern themselves, without all the senseless suffering, murder, and destruction?  Isn't the country big enough to give states to each group?  America has 50 states.  Some are red, some are blue.  There could be a Republican USA and a Democrat USA, I wouldn't care.  I know about ISIS, the quest for an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/the Levant.  Why can't there be an Islamic Rome in Syria?  (Isn't that what Saudi Arabia is already, with Mecca and Medina as the hajj pillar for all devout Muslims, regardless of sect?)  Iran is Shiite, Saudi Arabia is Sunni (there of course must be exceptions), there could be 3 leaders, 1 of each, 1 of both, no?  Anyway, I feel for all the refugees.  There's no excuse for this madness, like starvation and alawites vs. al qaeda or whatever the hell it is.  Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia vs. people who don't like Assad (was he that bad before all this shit?)  One person is not worth fighting about.   I don't suppose there's a possibility of, say, VOTING him out...  especially if he's as rotten as it seems.   At least the chemical weapons seem to be on track for removal.  Let's do that now, again, with guns and bullets (and barrel bombs).  Or are the arms merchants calling the shots? - putting the peace-loving masses in the line of fire, too rich, greedy, and powerful to be vanquished by common sense.  Let the sides have a sweaty match of healthy grudgematch boxing or something.  Idiots, everyone, I think to myself.

What's wrong with allowing the creation of a few more Libyan states, for example.  Must everybody get all roided up and militaristic and on a quest to conquer these units of territory?  these random historical vestiges of god-knows-what, made of stupid borders that mean so little, and possibly should mean even less in this globalized world we inhabit now, in modern society.   The goal is happiness, and chips*, not this perpetual obsession with US and THEM, with clans, with religions, with countries, with race, and with tribes.  I'm kind of weird though.  I don't even give a damn about sports rivalries.
*comfort, health, in peace, sustainably.
I'll grant that fighting makes some people feel happy, but certainly not everyone, not even the majority.  The aggression needs healthy outlets, like sports. Give the libyan rebels their own patch of sand.  Can't we all just get along?

okay, Crimea.  Russia is plenty big, I don't see why they need more.  Strategery, I guess. ha! :-)  Maybe it's just a matter of naked power.  Of want, not need.  Just because we can. A matter of respect for a country that can still send the entire planet into a nuclear winter.  They did both win and host the latest round of winter olympics.  Yeah, I think it's a Rodney Dangerfield thing, I can't get no respect!  Kind of like Germany after world war one flexing it's muscles, Russia lost the cold war and I guess is paranoid about being isolated, or further reduced (relatively), or impinged by a united Europe, or whatever, I don't really know...Just immature stuff, like children in a schoolyard, pushing each other around, being a bully.  Putin, ex kgb,  a crimea criminal, just like the c.i.a. (or me, for that matter).  (cry me a river -you know, I think there really IS a river in there, i looked once).  But, like I said, I don't really care who is on what land, just so long as people have their basic needs met, and are healthy and relatively happy.  I have no qualms with a peaceful takeover, especially with no shots fired.   Good for you, Putin, enjoy your base, your respect, and your popularity.  Just let the non Russian parts of Ukraine integrate with Europe, as per the wish of the majority, no?  Europe's a pretty cool place.  I bike through France almost every day at the local Y.

 I think people all over the world should be allowed to live wherever they want.  I'm not a fan of borders and immigration controls.  One world, everybody everywhere.  The only borders I like is the bookstore!  And especially if you live in Afghanistan and helped out the U.S. you deserve a visa. I actually don't know what a visa is, other than the card in my wallet.  But open the borders, for people, products, drugs, whatever.   If the whole world were open, why would we ever worry about terrorism or military aggression?    So even if you didn't help the USA, you should be allowed to live here, and you would probably like us if you did.  America is awesome! 

U gone t' Uganda?  What gays do (the male ones, anyway) is pretty disgusting, in my opinion, but that doesn't mean it should be illegal.  I mean who cares, really.  I guess Santorum does.  But No harm, no foul. Aids is harmful, though, and shitholes are pretty foul.  But if they wanna marry, why should I care.  Marriage is for families, though, usually, and you still need heterosex for that.  Kids know that.  It's not worth all the attention in the petty culture wars, though, in my opinion. 
so, moving on,

Katie, or KT, the Knights Templar, I guess are getting some pushback from ordinary folk in Mexico who are refusing to let criminals run things.  Drugs should be legalized, I think.  I honestly think I would love to try heroin, especially if it were legal, and someone were there to ensure safe practice, and healthy recovery.  It's called God's medicine.  Then again, alot of people think death is a doorway to heaven, too.  I don't want to trade in my drugfree life for oblivion, in any case.   I also read in the Economist how organized crime is leaving drugs and getting into common items like food or detergent (!).  The criminal penalty is a lot less, and the demand is higher in a tough economy like ours now.

thanks for reading all this, I kind of went on and on, didn't I?

Monday, March 17, 2014

If I win the lotto

what i would do with my winnings

tomorrow's "mega" is 400 million dollars!

food, shelter, clothing:
house, car, dating service, wife, kids
support family (parents, bro+wife+nephew-or-niece)
children's education, college, and inheritance
vegetarian restaurants/meals, support mercy for animals
variety, travel

other charities:
consistent life ethic (abortion, capital punishment, war, meat)
dfla (democrats for life of america)
msf (doctors without borders)
unicef (united nations children's fund)
bfc (berkeley free clinic)
*microloans (such as kiva)
cnn heroes
prison reform
no nukes
3WD (third world development)- investments, growth, return
happiness, chips: comfort, health, peace, sustainably

health: google exercise bike, barbells/dumbbells, jump rope, run (marathon?)
Y membership, swim, lift, cardio bike, row
kaiser membership, meds, vegetarian cook books
alarm-clock (etb, etr), running shoes, sweats

mad, people, foreign affairs, economist, ny times, csmonitor
books: award-winners, 1001 list, aletheon (donate to libraries, if unavailable)
kindle (download the full 1001?)
read books into audio format
edit, publish blog (on Paper)
weekly funnies

wifi, pandora no-commercials, iphone that gets online stations
full collection of joe frank shows
hearts of space
concerts, opera, ballet, theater
beach blanket babylon

speed reading course (book-a-day+)
aikido, cssd, jujitsu, kung fu, krav maga
learn languages, history, specialize in a region...
naturalist: bird-watching, plant identification, lead hike
smithsonian, exploratorium, etc.
volunteer, teach
free online courses
library book club
art class, piano lessons
different religious services
cpr, first aid
philosophy talk, prepare beforehand
jeopardy, J! archive (google glass?)

camping/hiking/fishing gear:
frame pack, hiking boots, tarp, portable stove, canteen, jacket, etc.

relaxation and fun:
cable tv, baseball games, barbeque, pool, nap on soft bed/comforter
gardening, video games, photography, surfing
mountain home ranch, mt. madonna
cruise ship, climb fuji
napa balloon ride
garage sales, flea mkts, thrift stores
ted convention
tech tradeshow
hockey, soccer, olympics
skydive, waterski, rollercoasters
circus, magic
whale watching
movies (esp. documentaries, nature, animation, comedies, imax)
south park
miniature golf, bowling
national parks
white house tour
disneyland, great america
demolition derby
state fair
calistoga parade
garlic festival
winchester mystery house
letterman audience
fleet week
nature walk
9er game
trail rides
craft fence windmills
build kit car
rc car, helicopter

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Universal Theistic Morality

A morality that applies to all, regardless of culture, religion, god, or legal system...

one god, one conception of morality...

comparative religion?  comparative law? bah humbug!

is it all good?  is it all bad?  is it all up to you?  or me?

there are entire law libraries overflowing with opinions and precedent..
books of etiquette
fashion police, etc.

who is god?  who isn't?  everyone? no one?
does evil exist? sin? crime? is there a difference, to god?
are there different types of sin (venial, mortal, cardinal, for example)
are there different levels of hell?  of heaven? (7th heaven??)

i would have to have real balls to lay out what is wrong and what is right for everyone, always and everywhere...
but to say it is all a matter of opinion,
or community standards,
or what I decree...

the golden rule? do unto otters as you would have them do to you.
(people are different, though)

what a mess
be good, lol

santa knows if you've been naughty or nice
buddhist think there's an automatic law of karma in the universe: you get what you give
love is the whole of the law?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Life

My Routine, the matrix of activity: busy, busy!

Sleep (etb, etr: 9:30p to 4:30a)

gnc protein powder (half-hour before workout), vitamin c, omega-3
go to the bathroom, wash hands, brush teeth, comb hair, wash face
in my room: stretch, pushups, bicycle crunches,
bicep curls, tricep extensions, bent rows... (w/ dumbell)
travel: walk, run, bicycle
at the Y: swim, lift, stationary bike (life cycle):
     watch tv (ridiculousness, family guy, french countryside, etc.)

music (radio, pandora, yale, itunes):
     listen, list ten: whrb, wmbr, kalx, kzsu, kcpr, kdvs, gdradio, kzsc,
     ksdt, kusf-in-exile
news: yahoo, foreign affairs, csmonitor, cnn, wapo, huffington, berkeleyside
J! archive, youtube

bfp (monthly food pantry), free meals,
trader joe's, coffee, yogurt
every other week meal with Sara, after kaiser, thurs. mornings
nightly meds: 1mg risperidone, 30mg olanzapine

book-a-day (goal, speed reading) (1001 list, etc.)
daily NY Times
magazines (mad, people, economist)
new words: slang, new languages

okcupid message exchange
movie, museum,
free music shows from radio free passes (me plus guest)

weekly routine:
yoga (at yttp, mondays)
walk dogs (tuesdays), fido and taco
bsc (shambala center meditation, wednesday nights),
kaiser (thursdays), walk marcel, maybe frances
plant trees in oakland (saturday mornings),
philosophy talk (sunday mornings)

monthly: camp royaneh work parties (I need a ride!)

meetup groups: hike, camp, date
maybe take an art class

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

God "works"

a quote

It is the final proof of God's omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us. -Peter De Vries, novelist (1910-1993)

become god, save yourself.

the occasional update on my life:

i've read (from the library, all "new"):
The sh!t no one tells you
war play
evil men
strange medicine

I'm working on sm, by Nathan Belofsky, at the moment.
It's a funky 178pp take on the history of medicine.

speed reading, book-a-day, needs to happen, i tell myself.
-(b-a-d would be good)
-new vocabulary,
-foreign languages are also goals.

daily NY Times
weekly: econonomist, csmonitor
monthly/every other month: people, mad magazine, foreign affairs
online news: yahoo, cnn, wapo, huffington, wikipedia

other online
-online fun: email, check blog, onion, youtube, facebook.

 Social Life
-JK, W and G Schaeffers, Zoncas
-thurs. kaiser, visit Sara and Pierre/ walk marcel
-thinking of joining match.com
-CR work party
-tree planting, sa morning
-wednesday evening meditation, BSC
-visit fazil

-daily Ymca: cardio, BB, swim
-tues. walk F&T
-walking marcel and frances

Shopping list:
-buy new running shoes, sweats
-yoga (yttp donation)
-join aikido
-joe frank
-frame backpack

To Do list:
dental, bfc
nearby thai buddhist weekend food
consolidate bart pass
bike maintenance
hiking, camping

house, car, wife, kids, college, travel, job

Friday, February 14, 2014

XYZ names

x marks the post, y? becauZ i said so.

xine (christine)
ysabel (isabel), Yoshi T
...s yuen
z, at last, only last names: l zlebnick, pd zonca, s zatkin, a zeltserman, dr. zeff, janos zanyi
Ziggy, and uncle Zeke!


8 v's

Veronica, V (riddle), Vicki, Valerie

Vibor, Victor, Vincent, Virgil
...virginia, j vargas, g vanrijn

Dubya's I know:
Wendy x2AW

Wyatt, Wayne, Wayland, Whitney, Wilbur, Will, Walter

...cgWong, j Wang, C Ward, s Webb, w Wichyman, w Wade, J Ware, R Whitney, b Wolfe, m Wren, JLWalsh, M Willis

T, don't be cross

my cup of T

Tessa, Theresa x2Tree,wr, Tanya, Tracy, Terry, Toby, Tiffany, Tawney, Taylor, Tina, Terra, Tamara, Tasiana, Treena, Tziporah

Tim x3MB, Tomx4TesharaMpw,wr, Ted, Tick, Tri, Tad, Tony x3sauer

...pj Trudell, m Thiess, s Threatt, j Torey, r Thorley, Tony-lynn, e Trimble, Tuma, Te, ItsuoYoshi Tanaka

Tesharas: Larry, Peggy, Greg, Liz, baby, Tom, Jeannine, Steve, Penny, Jesse

only u
dennis unson


Sibilant Hissing

Sara, SaraJane, Sarah Salazar, Sally, Sonya Solinsky, Serena, Stephanie x2WM, Stormy, Sunny, Shelly, Susan x2, Sooz, Sue, Shirley, Sharon, Silvia, Stacey, Summer, Sheikh, Sofia

16 Steves
Pitt, Pacelli, Madden, Erle, Oakman, Heuser, Toloski, Teshara, Malakis, Mazzola, Hackney, Dunek, Gallagher, Clark, Azevedo, grad.

Squire, Sheridan r, Sam, Samer g, Sean f-t, Shawn b, Seth x2, Stu f, So, Silk, Sharif, Scott RodgersBiggs, Siva

...l servus, mj seymour, p shaughnessy, pn sullivan, sawyer, c sheldon, gr st. john, s solinsky, s salazar, jam saviano, ci scobee, r sacharoff, j simms, d smith, mj shortly, c starfire, k starr, wg schaeffer, j saffa, g sanchez, t sauer

R you really


Roxy, Rocio, Rebecca x2EB, Ruby, Rubina, Rita, Rosa b, Rosemarie H, Renee

Robert x3AT, Red, Rodney, Robin, Rudy, Rick, Ricky, Ralph, Roger, Roy, Ray, Ro-el, Reginald, Richard x2, Roland

..k ray, j ruggieri, c robinson, s rodgers, a riddle, e rambo, f reich, d robertson

P's in a post. Q, too.

a pack of P's:

Patricia x2BZ, Phyllis, Penny, Peggy

Patrick x5HSDBG*, Pete, Phil x2, Paul x4*, Pierre

...d paul, a panagakis, prietto, l pinocci, s pacelli, pucinelli, j pett, j pon, s pittinger
*Hennessy, Sullivan, Devlin, Beatty, Giri
*PJ, wg, Gallagher, on train

the q question:

A number of N's and an O

NE1 N:

Nancy, Nicole, Nnika, Nina x2KS, Naomi, Nikki

Nick, Noah, Nate, Nat, Nasir

...m nathan, j naylor, f nguyen, dm nincic

and ooh, only one O:
..odell, osbourne, oakman, odom

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Me, myself, and more m's

Mary Moran, Melissa, Melina, Maura, Mara, Margaret (mom), Mona, Maria, Michelle x2BulenSallee, Monica Madden, Maryanne, Mabel Mistica, Miwa Matsuno, Maureen, Megan, Martha, Miette, Mai, Melanie, Morgan

Mark x5WWWT*, Mike x11*, Marco, Mitch Matsuno, Manuel Micaller, Milton, Mohammed, Mack, Max, Monty, Marty, Matt x3FambriniMageePowell, Mesfin

....a mak, j murphy, k mulcahey, j mclaughlin, b meads, h mchenry, s mclean, michael mercury, ds maron, c moore, t mcguirk
-marcel, misha, mai

*c wong, g wong, wetters, thiess, pw
*romo, ruane, nathan, kong, matsuno, magee, durieux, wren, willis, king, ferry

L elle's and knights

lords and ladies

Lucy, Lara, Larissa, Lisa, Liz, Lola, Lynn, Laura x2P, Leone p, Leslie s, Lori x2LiuzziZlebnick, Lenore, Linda

Lloyd, Larry x3TesharaMeyerWahl, Leto, Lewis, Lorin, Lenard, Lanny

...WC Llano, c Lyon, c Lui, d Lorentz, m Lindley, j lowman

K, k?


Karen x2Wilson, Kathy x3GGR*, Kim, Kat, Katie x2Wolf, Katrina, Kelly, Koran, Kirin, Kristen, Kyrie

Kai, Ken x2BM, Kent, Keith, Kevin x2MulcaheyTipper, Krikor

....C Keck, NC Khoury, G Klise, M Kong, M King, the Khans, J Kilartin, E Kuo, G Kumar, d Kapovitch

*Ghnaim, Gill, Ray



Ellen, Erin, Erica, Elsa, Emily

Ed x3BlountNaveLindquist, Eric x.2, Erik b, Eli k, Everett

...j ehrman, d eldridge, ellis, lmr edwards

J walking


Jean, Jeannine, Josie F, Jacinda, Joy, Janice T, Josette F, Julie x.2C, Jessica A, Jackie x.2C, Judy FT, Jerilyn, Jen x2CL, JC, Janette, Janet, Jill, Joanne, Jamie N

Jim x3HennessyMarquisCrudo, Jin, Jay, James x2Seymour, Jared, Jason x2PettBiggs, Jack x2KilmartinLaws, Jackson M, Josiah c, Jonathan h, John x6MurphySimsSavantMclaughlinTorrey Champlin, Joncarlo r, Jeff x5dms, ws, pw, jl*, JeanClaude, JeanPaul, JC, Josh x2, Joel x2Tomanang, Joe x3EhrmanClineFlaherty, Joseph, Jose, Jasper, Jesus, Jacob

.....a jones, c jurado, m jubien, p jurkowski, h johnson

*downing, maggioncalda, sun, woodstocks (pizza), jl 

Hi. scratchin an H

Hola, Hi and Hello to my H human history
and 4 I's

aitch u curious?
Harriet, Holly J, Heather, Helen x.2L

Heath, Harv, Herminio, Hovey, Howard, Hong

...bt Heinze, sj Heuser, d Hanggie, az Higgins, Horsefall, p Hanley, c Han, Hall, jmld Harper*, Hudson, d Holland, j Hearney, s Hackney, sj Hawkins, c Hansel, r Hallen, Harvey

Hennessys: Jim, Vicki, Patrick, Rosemarie

aye, aye!
Israel, Isaiah, Izzy, Ian, Isai
john, melina, lulubell, dragon

G whiz

G units

G, Gina, Gloria, Ginger, Gretchen k

Gabe x.2Sanchez, Gary x2West, Gavin d, Geoff w, Graham b, Guido vr, German Gullon, George k, Greg x3AdamsTesharaSt.John

...k gill, p gomes, on gulick, a glover, kod gustafson, p giri, mb gadberry, grant, grady, d godoy

effin names!

F you!

Francesca, Francine

Four, Fazil, Farouk, Fire, Francisco, Frank x.2 AC, Fred, Frankie, Fitz
-fido, frances

...ec french, j fries, e flowers, tc fritz, j flaherty, m ferry, dm fambrini, s finkel, a frank, farrell, c fuentes, fitzpatrick

D folks for me


Duvlaca H, Deana x2Grant, Denea, DD, Dawn, Debbie, Daisy, Dorothy, Dena, Doris

Dirk, Dan x.4 SRCP*, Drew PJ, Dick Z, Dean K, Dustin, Doug x.2 BS, Darren J, Darin F, Davidx9 EESLGBHBR*, Don, Dennis x.3 U, DJ, Devan

...c dunakin, j downing, p devlin, pm devine, g dempsey, e davenport, f dixon, r dubai, c dentoni, delara x2, brother draper, m dale

*sherman, rohrer, clegg, paul
*eldridge, esteva, storn, lo, godoy, bartels, hanggie, bulen, robertson

A 'C' of names

using the c-words

Christine x3ScobeeFuentesKhoury, Crissy d, Caitlin m, Cathy x2B, Cherie r, Cheryl, Carol j, Cassidy s, Cilia l, Cecilia h, Candy, Claudia x.2H, Claire, Connie, Corliss

Cory, Chester, Chris x8* , Cornelius, Cash, Charles,  Caleb, Craig, Chad, Clay, Clarence, Chip, Chuy, Creed

...j castle-scott, f chew, e covington-french, a curtis, carey, corwin, j champlin, jhs clark, d clegg, corsiglia, m campagna, d cross, costell, creedo, j cougar-crow

*(Kanelopolous, Keck, Romo, Sheldon, Roeske, Chris, &Kelly, 'Tofer)

B boys and B girls

B mine

Betsy, Becky, Brie, Beersheba, Beatriz, Barbara, Brandy (x.3), Brenda, Betty

Brian S, Bryan S,  Bill x2 H, Byron, Bob, Bruce x.3 M, Bernard, Bradley, Brent M, Brandon S, Brooks,  Boyd

...betat, d/h biggert, e blount, r boone, m barulich, t bagdon, r bagley, d bartels, r barsi, p beatty, e beever, p basmaji, stkmp brown, father brown.

A -Team

Go A's

Andrea C, Audrey K, Amanda, Anne, AnnetteVR, Anna P, Angela, Alison B, Allegra, Amber, Alyssa S, Amy, Alice, Alicia, Ashley, Alethea

Al M, Alan x.5 (Anderson, Cordova, Steele, Zeltserman), Armando x2Rodrigues, AJ, Adrian, Aaron F, Amon, Adam x.2, Andy x.2 (Mak, Jones), Alex, Ali

 ...alfarhan, auyoung, achin, anino

Thursday, February 6, 2014

pep talk

L' chaim!

I believe in miracles.  The universe conspires to make you happy.  Love is in the cards for everyone.  God is a genie.  Whoever's in your head has the power to answer your prayers.  The burden is on you - you must define and formulate and imagine and visualize, until satisfaction is achieved, with gratitude and contentment.  Heaven is now.  Life is worth living.  Everything is as it should be.  Demons are a part of the divine plan, the process toward perfection.  Suffering will pass.  Death is the fate of everyone, we are all dying, we shall all return to what we were before we were conceived:  nothingness, scattered matter, oblivion-a fact that elicits compassion, and prompts a collective effort toward a global society of shared responsibility for universal comfort, health, and peace -in our lives, in our lifetimes, on earth, in the here and now, in the only world we will ever know, our shared community of the third rock from the sun.  Effort and good works and sharing are the heavenly earthly imperative.   We are all animals, with a responsibility to care for all life.  Go out to love and serve yourself, which entails loving and serving everyone else as well.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Death, nonexistence, & oblivion

it's NOT eternal blackness and silence, though

Once you die, there is no experiencing of nihility.  It's over.  No suffering, and no joy.  No light, no darkness.  No silence, no sound. And no "waking up," either, on some other dimension, astral plane, heaven or hell or purgatory, or being reborn as another human being or other animal, etc.

How do I presume to know this?  I just do.  I'm smart.  It's the only thing that makes sense.

Souls don't exist.  There isn't a ghost, holy or otherwise, inhabiting your body.  You aren't possessed.  You are, of course, a vessel for memes.  But there's no part of you that will outlast your life.  To dust you shall return.

Prayer may be able to heal you, and you may sense vibes, and you might hear voices -presumeably from someone who's "got your number," - but a vaporous being/self that can enter and exit your body, and survive your death, is nonsense (apart from memories, however detailed, of those that knew you).

I realize the telepathic connection to a mind may be a bit difficult to swallow, but it's my reality, so I'm running with it.  If you think God can hear your prayers, then obviously you already believe in telepathy.   Who hears who and why is the real question.

Death is black, quiet, and cold.  It is also final, eternal, and dumb.  It is rotten, smelly, and dirty.  Dusty, you might say.  Even your bones will decay, eventually.  Time, on the other hand, never ends.

There was no beginning of time, and there will be no end, either.   Trillions of years will pass.  Unfathomable reaches of space and time loom ahead.  Always, forever, eternity, infinity.

Have a nice day.

Do you believe in Santa? Zeus?

Belief in God is kind of crazy

but I'm basically nuts, if not actually legally insane-
although I heard 40% of college students report hearing voices.

what does the expression 'certifiable' mean?  Is there a certificate, lol?

if you talk to god, that's prayer
if god talks to you, you have schizophrenia

i've categorized them: apology, explanation, status, reaction, comment.

for example:
i'm sorry jess
i'm insane
i'm sick
i have cancer
i can't breathe
i'm going to hell
fuck you
i hate life

i interpret as telepathy with (an aggravating, insincere?) david andrew eldridge, an attorney, last i checked, acting as a DAG, (deputy attorney general) for the state of California..

Please don't voice to me, David.
It makes me feel insane.  I want to be healthy, sane, well, free.

if you want to talk to me, call me or email.
otherwise, leave me alone.

Do You Believe in God?

God is Santa, for Adults

it's a role, and it's real
that's my answer.

if there's a line I want to be remembered for, I suppose it might be,
"I'm better than God.  I don't kill people."
I would title my autobiography Better Than God.

some clarifying questions might be in order:
Do you believe in God?
Does God believe in you?
Does God exist?
Do you pray?
Does God hear your prayers? does he answer them?
Are you in love?
Is it all good?
Is God love?
Is only God good?
Is reality all the God there ever is?
Do you believe in heaven? hell? an afterlife?  above and  below?
ELF or YOLO? (everyone lives forever, or you only live once)
Do you believe in souls?
Do you believe in the trinity? (blossom, bubbles and buttercup? red white and blue?)
Do you believe in an afterlife, immortality, resurrection, or reincarnation?
What is love? (baby don't hurt me, agape, eros, philia..)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



yet another way to equate self with god

I've been reading again:
The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, by Andrew Sean Greer
The Intellectual Devotional, by Kidder & Oppenheim
Secret Lives of the US Presidents, by Cormac O'Brien
just finished the 1st two.  working on slop.

I've been sick for over a week.  Almost over it.
I watched the president's state of the union, yesterday.
been listening to wybcx, yale radio, alot too.
i housesat/dogsat (marcel) for Sara & Pierre
still walking fido and taco weekly
i went to the Freight and Salvage last week, saw Keith Little
my new year's resolution was etb, etr
(early to bed..)
eager to get back to daily exercise.
achieving actual mental health is the goal, would be awesome.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Being God isn't Crazy

I like to think I'm sane and rational

8 reasons:
-God is love, and I love myself

-God is good (or only God is good), and I believe in basic goodness (a buddhist tenet)

-I am is God's name (need I say more?)

-God is always and everywhere (so we're all a part of God,
aka the All, or the You-niverse,
or reality: "reality is all the God there ever is" -Adi Da Samraj),
including the extremes, begining and end, alpha and omega, life and death, pleasure and pain...
"we're all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively"

-God is one ("everyone")

-God the father, the creator (sex, omg, making love, priests are called fathers (fat- her!) too)

-Almighty:  Grace (gr -ace), god is a man of war, there is a time to kill, the price of sin is death...
time: that is me.  thou shalt not kill.
prayer= "let us pray" (let is also causing blood, pray is a homonym with prey, "spiritual warfare")

-The word:
Dog, man's best friend!  d.o.g. -it's not a delusion of grandeur if we're all grand!
Allah, all a H (god=7,15,4=8=H), extremities (arm, leg, leg, arm, head :-)

Monday, January 13, 2014

God is everywhere

it turns out my weird philosophy is actually mainstream
(when you think about it)

Sunday school teaches God is everywhere, right?
Which means we are all a part of God, God is reality itself, and -most importantly-
I'm right!  We're all God!
I'm God
You're God, too.

It's all good, as they say.
No evil?  Isn't that evil, itself?
God should not fight himself..
hurting others would be like punching yourself in the face.
homicide is suicide. 
God is always and everywhere.

Even if he or she kills Him/Herself.
I am is God/good means existence is good.
we all think oblivion is less than being alive.
but maybe, just maybe, death is just as good.
it's a matter of divine preference.

which means every crime ever, anywhere should prompt "not guilty" pleas and verdicts.
I guess I'm being a devil's advocate.
But the devil is God, too!
The devil THINKS he's bad, but he's actually good, one might suppose.
because everywhere includes everyone and every thing.

I know, I'm insane.
well, not legally (i hope)
But I'm logical, and I'm still moral.
forgiveness, and the state of being innocent or not guilty, simply becomes a matter of priestly forgiveness.  The priest, believing it's all God anyway, is merely performing a formality.
I'm prompted to think God's perspective is radical: a tattoo is as arbitrarily sinful as a murder?
is a cardinal sin a sin a (Catholic) Cardinal commits?
Be Good.
Love is the whole of the law.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


what's up? words with ten in them

I recently thought of ten as possible reply to "what's up?"
because up is 21 (u)and 16 (p), or 3 and 7, or 10.
-hope that doesn't make me "say ten".

ha.  satan.

forensics makes me think of "four and six", which is ten.

also, there's
intention, detention,
tension, tensile strength, tenement, tent, tenterhooks, tenebrious, tentacles..
listen, often, beaten, rotten, hasten

that's all (i can think of), folks!
actually, my voice said 'how bout "decent" '

satan: 11215
decent:453552 (is actually 6), but it does have ent in it.
like entomology, or entire, entrust, or of course JRR Tolkien's Ents.
bent, sent, meant, lent, vent, rent, went, kent, dent, pent...
scent, descent, contempt
you get the picture

Thursday, January 2, 2014

ideas of reference

I'm so crazy!

hi c! and brandy! my mom is a hennessy (like cognac) my brother's wife is a steele (a wine)
bro is GLT (like the volvo); 9-3 (my birthday) is a saab; the z-71 displays my birthyear.
Tesla has a bit of larry teshara.  PT (as in the cruiser) is my mom.  Jetta has a bit of Jesse Teshara.
i've got an Uncle Tom.  I'm a Big Brother.  soon to be Uncle Jesse. dad is Mr. T.  hilarity.
I have an aunt who's a nun (aunty-christ!)
my friend Sara (Teshara has 'the sara' in it) has schlumberger initials (SLB); my mom Peggy evokes pacific gas and electric (PGE)
excellent: i have an ex-g/f who is ellen t..
voldemort is a riddle (like my birthmom, a net)
my mom, peggy t evokes egypt.  erin my cousin is a way of saying ireland.  teshara anagrams to as earth.  i've dated a holland and a french, met an israel and koran and siva.  Jesse was a sitcom.  J is the tenth letter: Tennessee!
in spanish, I'm Chuy, Isai, or Jesus. 
like chewbacca, AI, or christ.
(my name means the 'whole office of the eucharist', chewy!)
('god makes forget', too; eu a christ, by eating (eat=ate=8=h=god)
i worked at walgreens, before W vs. AL vs. GREENS in 2000.
JLT (jailtime?) wonders what ever happened to Jolt cola..
jedi has a bit of jesse; di is 49 is jesse (4) teshara (9);
esse is being in latin: J -being.  a perfect 10?
rotten: hey little sister, shotgun.
no sis, gnosis, hypnosis.  brown honda.
ss: social security, st. stephen's, sarah salazar, sibilant hissing, shallow shit.

(it's all ideas of reference, but it adds up)

Friday, December 27, 2013


the study of the

but it's not pronounced thuh-ology: it's pronounced thee-ology.

wikipedia says:
the oblique/objective form of thou is thee (functioning as both accusative and dative)

it's just another way of saying YOU
Of course, right?

So the study of God is the study of You.
Theology, then, if you get creative, is just another form of Psychology.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hi y'all

I have nothing I intend to say, I just thought I'd address the world on my blog, and say "hi".    My current status is I've got a new cell phone with unlimited minutes and text so I'm having fun with my new toy; I've got three library books out (the petty demon by sologub, good omens by terry pratchett, and an oxford spanish-english dictionary); I've got 2 new roommates, Rocio and Josh; I bought (and ate) an entire chocolate silk pie yesterday and today (claim jumper brand, from safeway); I broke my watch, which is a bummer; I didn't read the ny times today because the library mysteriously didn't receive it (!); I want to get serious about my health and exercise at the Y daily, both cardio and weights, as well as disciplining myself to not sleep in (etb, etr mamhww, lol), and continue with my gnc protein powder, and maybe run or swim, to boot, too;  I've got lots of beans and rice and canned food to eat, I haven't used my recently purchased (from a thrift store) slow cooker, so I'll figure that out; I have a camera on my phone and a digital camera I never use, too, which I want to figure out and use to update my okcupid account, I should get serious about meeting someone to break out of the somewhat solitary rut I'm in; I want to learn to speedread, I like to be informed, for the daily news 17: economist, foreign affairs, new york times, wall street journal, usa today, christian science monitor, huffington post, washington post, cnn, bbc, wikipedia, yahoo, the onion, berkeleyside, people, national geographic, and of course, mad magazine; I want to read a book a day and have stopped my project to read the 1001 books from the list I photocopied from the 'must read before you die' book, but want to continue; I'm also walking Marcel on wednesdays and Fido and Taco on Thursdays; I listen to philosophy talk on sunday mornings; I sometimes meditate with shambhala on wednesday evenings, it's been awhile, I should do it more; I plan on getting my hair cut this W by Sara after the weekly Kaiser morning group;  and last, but not least, I'll plant trees in Oakland on Saturday morning at 9am with the meetup group sponsored by the Sierra club, which I tried to do yesterday but got turned around trying to find the meeting place... Oh, and my cousin Erin is having her 30th birthday in SF this week, on Friday night. 

That's all, folks! Happy holidays (xmas, hannukah, kwanza, is that everything?)
as kurt vonnegut jr., I think it was, said, "busy, busy"
as anthony robbins said, "if you're bored, you're boring"

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

7 types of queer

derived from 3 criteria:

3 ways to gay:
self-identify as gay

engage in homosexual behavior

are sexually attracted to members of the same sex
that is to say,
have same-sex attraction

from which derives the 7 types:
1)I.D. w/o B, R
2)I.D. w/o B, NR
3)I.D. w/ B, R
4)I.D. w/ B, NR
5)N i.d. w/o B, R
(N i.d. w/o B, NR is heterosexual)
6)N i.d. w/ B, R
7)N i.d. w/ B, NR

since 3 types are without homosexual behavior, you might simplify to 4 types (3,4,6,7).
of those 4, only two are Real (3,6)
there's a difference between self-identified, and in or out of the closet.
there's also asexuals and bisexuals (and trysexuals, ha)
i think of asexual as not having a sex-drive, or sexual impulse
which is different, in my book, from not engaging in sexual behavior
pitchers, catchers, and "versatile"
vaginal, oral, anal, handjobs;
auto-erotic (masturbation: is there, if so, what's the fantasy?)
and there's a distinction between the past, present, and future:
preferences in behaviors, people change/evolve.
and there's a difference, of course, between voluntary behavior, and being raped.
and attraction isn't necessarily sexual attraction.

how many types of sexuality are there?
do the math yourself, lol

What am I, now?
hetero, w/o B, R
formerly bi-curious
trying to be in love with life, happy, tolerant, free.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Season's Greetings!

What I want for Christmas!

It's said that it's harder to buy for people, as they get older, so here's my list:


I could stop at that, really, but here are some things I want (to spend it on):
(maybe from REI, I have a membership):
tent, binoculars, frame backpack, and shoes: running, hiking, tennis. 

both a page-a-day (I liked this year's word origin calendar),
and pocket calendar (such as my godfather gives out), or wall calendar

-a Trader Joe's gift certificate
-online paysites: match.com, lumosity, joe frank
-community classes: speed reading, aikido
-a vacuum (carpet) (the local tool library doesn't have/loan them, argh)

I usually get a book or two for x-mas, but I've got access to:
-5 public libraries in berkeley (central, north, south, claremont, and soon to be west)
-the GTU (graduate theological union) library on holy hill (in bkly)
-Cal's libraries, too (you can get access, even if you're not a student there, if you get approval for a research topic)
-I occasionally go to an Oakland library, too.
That really IS enough to keep me busy.
the only book I want that's not in the system (including link+, I checked) is Adi Da's 8 volume 'Aletheon'.  it's 180  bucks, though.  The GTU really should have it, in my opinion.  Maybe they would help pay for it, if I offered to donate it to their library...  Actually, Cal might have it.  I need to check, first.

If anyone's feeling especially generous (I should put it out there, right?)
travel (like a cruise, or a trip to spain or france)
a car (a tesla would do nicely)
an apartment with a kitchen
a house, wife, kid(s)

Honestly, I've got pretty much everything I want, I'm content, so thanks in advance for whatever.

Monday, December 2, 2013


The Onion wrote about me, sort-of


I don't believe in an Almighty.
But I do believe you can rule over your own world, and bring yourself happiness.
That's why you are God (and me, too)

I don't believe in a Supreme Lord and Ruler of All Creation.   Nobody created everything.  Maybe, however, the universe came into existence (the big bang) after a "big crunch," in which a conscious being or beings played a part.  But, like I said, you are Supreme in your own domain.  You can relinquish that control, and submit, which I would say is what keeps muslim imams (as well as catholic priests) in power.  And, I would add, there is no divine overseer.  No santa claus who sees who's naughty or nice.  Which is a pretty typical conception of what a deity can do.  Impossible, unless God is re-defined as your conscience, a part of your own personal internal psyche. 

I don't believe "nothing happens unless I will it."  In fact, I'm leaning toward determinism.  Which is to say, a billiard ball universe, in which animals -and people- are also just things.  But maybe I'm wrong.  You're God, You decide!

"I am a flawless and infallible being who controls everything that is and will ever be. I see all. I know all. I judge all."   Well maybe, lol.  Okay, j/k.   I only see what my eyes show me, and what my mind sees, in dreams.  That's all any of us sees, right?  It's possible I know nothing.  cogito, ergo sum is a bedrock principle, but I suppose it's possible that it's not me that's doing the thinking.  I do a fair bit of judging, as this blog makes clear, and I don't subscribe to the oft-expressed "it's all good", but I recognize this is all personal opinion and preferences, not a Universal Theistic Morality.  And I make mistakes.  Nobody's perfect.  Even Jesus, in my opinion.

I guess you might say I'm an atheist, at least according to the tropes of this onion article.  Nobody's in control, I say.   But we each have -enough- control over our own lives to be the Gods of our own private universes.  Call me insane, but I think that's a sane outlook.

I've read the bible, and it says God is love, and love believes all things...but there are mutually exclusive beliefs -can I believe in God and be God myself, too?  The concept of God, I would say, is elastic enough to allow both, defined differently.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


personal reflections on the topic of today's Philosophy Talk

a list of wise thoughts:
1)kwuteo: i.e. knowledge, wisdom, understanding, truth, enlightenment, and omniscience
a wise person knows the distinctions!

2)the more you know, the more you know that you don't know.
ignorance is bliss, with knowledge comes suffering?

3) bible, secret, mormons, scouts:
the bible has a book of wisdom, although some might say the entire thing has wisdom, and I would add The Secret as a second book of wisdom, just as Mormons might lay claim to it on mormon.org, or boy scouts teach the scout law: Be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. 

4)Happiness: discover what makes you happy, and what makes you unhappy, then cultivate and eliminate.  that's from the Dalai Lama.

5)Jail or Prison might definitely be seen as a stepping stone on the path of wisdom, as a)be good, and b)don't be bad!

6)adi da said "Reality is all the god there ever is."  And since you are your only reality, you should think about the premise of this blog, which is You are God.   And if only god is good, then you Should be God, too.  Although there's that quote, by a japanese buddhist, which I think is wise, that says, "it is the fundamental delusion of humanity to think that you are in here and I am out there" (or something to that effect) - which might be restated as Kurt Cobain's adage, all in all is all we are.  We interpenetrate.  Our minds meld.  I believe in godco (communities of prayer and shared wisdom), voices, and telepathy, too.  Humans are one family on spaceship earth, we should learn to get along.

7) small, fleeting, and only animals:
impermanence, death, oblivion: all we are is dust in the wind.  We are infinitesimal in an infinite universe.  You and me baby ain't nuthin' but mammals...

8)and, of course, the purpose of our lives, encoded in our dna, honed by evolution- Survival and Reproduction.  Live long and prosper!  Be fruitful and multiply!  42!

hope that helps!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

God kills

He killed most of the dinosaurs, for instance

what a jerk!

He chucked a rock at earth, and kapow! no more dinosaurs.
and of the dinosaurs that survived, which are now birds, the chickens are currently experiencing their own holocaust.  If god didn't want us to eat animals, then why are they made of meat, right?

Actually, I'm reading the China Study, by TC and TM Campbell, and it looks like the chickens may yet have their revenge.  If not through avian flu or whatever, then an increased risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Thou shalt not kill!  Do as I say, not as I do!  Only God is good!  vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord!  God is a man of war!  There is a time to kill!  The price of sin is death!  that's all i can think of.

i guess those dinosaurs got their just desserts, the vicious monsters!

have a nice day.
-God, the source of all goodness :-)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Was Hitler actually good?

muckraker me

Hi. My name is Jesse. You can call me Jess. It's Jesse without an I, in case you aren't reading this. I have two eyes, or four if you count my glasses, or 5 if you count my inner eye, but my name, which isn't me by the way, has none. My mom has a sister who is a nun. Aunty-christ, ha. My full name is Jesse Lawrence Teshara. Lawrence is my father's name. He goes by Larry, or Mr. T. His dad, my granddad, also went by Mr. T, so the moniker, in my family, predates the A-team guy. My grandpa's name was Ben, as in Benedict, not Benjamin. I'd like to think the pope was just giving propers to my grandfather, the milkman -he owned Sun Valley Dairy in San Francisco. That's why the next pope chose Francis, right? Grandpa T was a boxer, before that. I've been in a few fights, myself.  Few, phew. I'm a pacifist, though. I have a poster on my wall with a picture of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue, with a quote below. Maybe you've seen it? It says, among other things, “killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” I saw this poster when I was in high school, and I thought to myself back then, yeah that's right. I've always thought war was stupid. I also read Hiroshima in high school, which really really makes war seem utterly retarded. So I'm anti-nukes, too, just like Einstein, even though he was partly responsible for the invention of the damn things. I've since read The Secret, which purportedly reveals the secret to success in life. Among other things, it says being anti-war only creates more war, as weird or counter-intuitive as that may sound. You have to state your goals positively. In other words, you must be Pro-Peace. Anti-war rallies just don't cut it. How does one reframe anti-nukes into pro-something? What's the word? Pro-UN, I guess. I wish it was pro-Obama.  Anyway, I avoided the military-industrial complex, and decided against applying for the USNA -Annapolis-, even though my dad's brother, Tom Teshara, was the Naval Academy's recruiter for the west coast. Instead, I went to UC Davis, where I majored in International Relations, with an emphasis in third world development, and a minor in Spanish. I've never worked in the field, though. I went crazy, is the technical term for it, I guess.  Insane in the membrane.  I've never even been to a spanish-speaking country, and I only use my spanish on rare occasions, such as at taquerias, so I've fallen out of practice. I've also become vegetarian, so I don't go to taquerias as much anymore. Hitler was a vegetarian, I've read, which strikes me as odd. Apparently, animals had more value than humans for him.  Not that humans aren't animals.   It makes me wonder if he really wasn't all that bad a guy, after all. I mean, did he ever actually kill anyone, himself? Or did he just tell others to?  It seems to me he might have merely been angry, and exercising his right to free speech. We've all been angry, right? And it seems carnivores in our day in age might, if you did a tally, kill a lot more animals than maybe Hitler ever did. He was hateful, but maybe his hands weren't as dirty as everyone seems to assume. Maybe you'll run into Hitler in heaven! I'm just saying, maybe your average american is worse than Hitler. And people are just animals with thumbs, language, and tools. Really, people are just ants in the grand scheme of things.  We're infinitesimal in an infinite universe. That's why it's called ANT-hropology. Ants are people, too! We should respect all life, in my opinion. Of course, if you eat yogurt, you could just as well be a cannibal, right?  Hannibal the cannibal was a cultured individual.  I'm pro-life, because life does begin at conception, and adoption is the loving choice, as I can attest, because I'm adopted, and got lucky, I'd say. I'm also grateful I wasn't aborted, although sometimes the devil gets me down. Every single one of us, the devil inside. 4-evil (d is the 4th letter).  It has been shown, for example, that legal abortion lowers the crime rate.  I just read that recently, forgot where. But it's still wrong.  Immoral, that is to say.   Which is just another way of saying i don't like it, and disapprove.  So what's right, you ask? Did you hear about the guy who lost his entire left side in a horrific sawmill accident? He's all right now! Yuk yuk yuk! Thou shalt not kill, sayeth the lord. Lord almighty!  The peerage like that phrase, I gather.  But the Lady might think it's sexist. Lord stands for L or D, which could be life or death, or light or darkness, or Liz or David, or fill in the blanks, yourself. How many L words are there, and how many D words? Time to check the OED, with a calculator. C u later, cal q later! God is a man of war who doesn't kill anyone?  That's what hell's for.  A punishment worse than death.  Anyway, yeah the 10 commandments are different from the law, which I think would be interesting to look at, in detail. Apparently, the bible was referring to manslaughter (no laughing matter), while american jurisprudence covers a slew (pardon the pun) of different categories (pardon the gory-ness).  all for now, just today's rant.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween


boo a) an exclamation produced when trying to scare someone with surprise
b)a call, often at a sporting event, to express displeasure and dissatisfaction
c)a word used in hip hop and by rappers to indicate their g/f (hey, boo!) (from beau?)

season's greetings.  before christmas, and before that thanksgiving, comes:
a)halloween b)all hallow's eve c)day of the dead (dia de los muertos) d)all soul's day e)all saint's day

i'm not sure which ones are synonyms, the same day, or which come first.

in spooky scary terrifying news of horror-
i'm now a (semi) vegetarian.
hitler was a vegetarian.  boo!

i've got some pamphlets from mercyforanimals.org
1)why love one but eat the other? (picture of a puppy, with a picture of a cute piglet)
2)25 reasons to try vegetarian
 there's horror in both, all the more terrifying, because it's actually all true.
i was thinking that christianity deals with eating animals being sinful with
the eucharist
where you both love jesus and eat him, too.
you eat meat?
go to confession! you are forgiven!
i jest, but i still think people should be vegetarian.
people are animals, too, and we don't eat each other! (and we shouldn't)

in other news,
i checked out from the library:
flight of the conchords cd,
freakonomics movie,
ludmila's broken english by DBC Pierre, and
the Quincunx by Charles Palliser.

i went swimming at the Y yesterday.  good to get back in the water.  been awhile.

i won tix from kalx to see Blitzen Trapper and Allelujiah choir next week

i read ender's game, by orson scott card, from the library (book club at claremont branch libary)

Friday, October 11, 2013

criminal congress


that's how much we (the US) are losing during this stupid, criminal gvt. shutdown
I got that number from the drunk dial your congressman website.

Barack calls it extortion, and I think -seriously- charges could be filed.
I'm pretty sure a case can be made, am I wrong?

they're saying "it's not the end of the world",
but IT IS $12M/ hour!!
and yet they are also saying "obamacare is the end of america"
if i remember correctly from yesterday's NY times.
the end of an insecure america
with a large portion of people without health insurance.
a healthier america, too, I would say.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Defining God

So atheists and theists can talk sensibly about Reality

We need to get our terms agreed upon, first

as Noam Chomsky said, "When asked if he is an atheist, Chomsky replied "What is it that I'm supposed to not believe in? Until you can answer that question I can't tell you whether I'm an atheist."

Here are some ideas, off the top of my head:
1)love, the creator- (wouldn't that just be your parents?)

2)goodness- (almost completely subjective, i.e. up to each individual to judge for him/herself)
as 50 cent said in an interview I watched this week, "If it makes you happy then it's right."

3)"omnipotent", i.e. the most powerful being in the universe.  that could be the most powerful human, or maybe an alien, far away.  the power to kill you, it seems to me, holds the greatest sway...so god could be a physicist with his finger on a button, an alien who could destroy the universe, or just a thug who holds your life in his hands.  I don't really want to think of God as an extortionist, though.  (I don't like thinking of Republicans as extortionists, either...but maybe they are, which is criminal, right??)

4)"omniscient"  I don't think it's possible to know everything.  If God is omniscient, I'm an atheist, lol.  Of course, "knowing" in the biblical sense, is having sex with.  And this could shift meaning to "being fuct", in reference to the previous definition, number 3, in which god kills everyone.

5)"omnipresent".  Is God "Reality" ??  Life, the universe, and everything, in other words.  Time, Space, Energy, Matter...  "I am" as the name makes God equivalent to The Universe, both Life and Death.  Death, or oblivion, is eternal.  Much longer than our puny, paltry lives.  But Consciousness, maybe a Shared consciousness, can also be understood as the deity, in reference to Godco., the community of believers creating the virtual reality, in the matrix/psychesphere/collective unconscious that includes constant prayer, both mental and verbal, spoken and unspoken.

6)words, language.  "and the word was made God" (am I remembering the bible correctly?).  So the word God is in fact the reality of God, in itself.  (kind of trippy, or the equivalent of a unicorn or a comic book character or a character in fiction).

what did I omit?  what is God to you?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I think


today's philosophy talk treated of self-knowledge, the delphic oracle 'know thyself'

cogito, ergo blogo: i think, therefore i blog

Flannery O' Connor said
"I don't know what I think until I read what I write"

i wrote
1)(the bumper sticker) don't believe everything you think
2)we are each the center of our own universe, the god of our own world (atomism?)
3)"never look in the mirror when you're on acid" (I've never taken acid, however)

Philosophy Talk "questions everything, EXCEPT your intelligence"

"no, no, you're not thinking, you're just being logical. "-Niels Bohr, physicist

Sunday, September 15, 2013

People in my past

my faceless social network
801: the linebargers, matsunos, joneses, costellos, and edwardses
family (tesharans and hennessys): larry, peg, greg, liz, tom, jeannine, debbie, stephanie, steve, penney, jim, vicki, erin, patrick, dan clegg, rosemarie.  annette v. riddle,
-sarah salazar.
-jay and alyce fahey, mary and james hennessy, ben and doris teshara

chess pieces: ellen, tim bishop, jeff pon, michael king, and julie castle-scott

religious: creed rafferty, koran, mohammed (mo), siva, jesus, tim bishop, devan cross.
omg (oliver my dog), david, jesse, isaiah, noah, sarah, rebecca, thomas, mark, matthew, john, mary, joseph, israel.

animals: christine scobee, erik beever, kaitlyn kat starr, duvlaca duv holland, tick falletti, oso, parrot, tiger, aunts (others: flea (red hot chili peppers), mosquito, dog (the bounty hunter), tiger woods, robin williams)

food: french, fries, brandy, hennessy, edom, brie, chip, stu, sauer, mazzola, heinze, debbie 

geography: ellen covington-french, duvlaca holland, hong, michael kong, israel, francisco, roland dubai.

karen, kirin, koran
doug biggert, smith, kapovitch
larry teshara, wahl, myer
greg teshara, adams, st. john
pat: patricia brown, zonca; patrick hennessy, sullivan
chris keck, romo, sheldon, tofer, roeske, chris; christine scobee, khoury, fuentes, dentoni
steve heuser, mazzola, malakis, hackney, dunek, clark, toloski, azevedo, pittinger, erle
larry, peggy, greg, liz, tom, jeannine, steve, penny, jesse teshara
kathy gill, ghnaim, kat starr, katie, katie wolf, caitlin, cathy blish.
kevin mulcahey, tipper, celadon
mike ruane, nathan, romo, kong, crotty, bulen, willis, mcgee, jubien, matsuno, ferry, durieux, king
john murphy, heuser, savant, torrey, champlin, mclaughlin, sims
david eldridge, storn, esteva, bulen, hanngie, lo, bartels
joe flaherty, hearney, cline, jose vargas, joel, josie, joseph (harley), joe (contractor), joe (bucket), joe ehrman

shawn and michelle, michael and david bulen;
mike and matt mcgee;  mike, miwa, mitch matsuno

bay areans:
berkeleyans: sharif, larissa, ali, nasir, tim, erin, dennis, tziporah, fazil, caitlin
bill, peter, adam, victor, armando
oaklandish: pierre basmaji, sara brown, nikki, gretchen klise, audrey kell, rebecca bonneville
san leandro: julie, sam, miette, fido, taco
dr. michelle sallee, dr. huh, dr. elisa rambo, janos zanyi mft, andrea glover, cathy farrell, 
helpers: max dolane, jc, paul
other acquaintances: young 'cere, jerilyn, walter, olivia, chris, karen, frank, deana, brooks, phil, sylvia, richard

st. stephens teachers: pucinelli, fitzpatrick, creedon, delara, harvey, corsiglia, achin, mary

ss classmates: mabel mistica, samer and kathy ghnaim, brandon sargent, matt fambrini, tracy fannin, keith madden, lori liuzzi, mark c wong, tom mallen, scott biggs, mike ruane, nathan, romo, kong, crotty, michelle hallisy, steve mazzola, malakis, nancy malik, carol jurado, maryanne barulich, andrea curtis, josette ferrer, claudia hrvatin.
-jennifer lueras, roland dubai, mr. achin

childhood friends: steve toloski, steve, dirk, wyatt, chris and kelly, miwa matsuno, christine fuentes, monica madden, rebecca edwards.

s.i. classmates: dennis unson, manuel micaller, piero isola, marco campagna, tri fritz, dave bartels, jacob wang, jim crudo, joe cline, aaron frank, pj trudell, devan cross, mike ferry, jean-claude calegari, pat sullivan, jean-paul savant, ralph barsi, tom mcguirk, heath white, david storn, joe flaherty, jose vargas, steve clark, joel tomaneng, jeff sun, eli kuo, gabe sanchez, ricardo perez, armando rodrigues, charles harrison, al madrigal, calvin lui, brian spaulding, gavin das, damon poeter, matt powell, ben kalin. joe hearney, tim leehane. -paolo maraviglia.

s.i. teachers: sister (morality and ethics) _, shaughnessy, david lorentz, peter m. devine, paul hanley, nick sablinsky, guido van rijn. donna murphy.

priests: fr. te, sauer, papa john/ papa murphy, prietto, sotelo, brown, horsefall, paul o'dell, corcoran, mccormick, bishop cummings, deacon gary west, brother draper. _

carin' about cairns:
camp royaneh:greg, rick st. john; hovey, josiah clark, chris roeske, jackie cougar crow, ken pederson, steve pittinger, charles _, pat beatty, jeff downing, drew p. jones, jack laws, jack kilmartin, steve gallagher, ed nave, pat devlin, bob wolf, chip hansel, john powers, robin praeger, chris, ted, _ kanelopolous, ed _, bruce _, andy and _ jones, greg adams, tim mcguinness, garrett dempsey, pat growney, dan paul, steve erle, bill and terry, brian heinze, wayne and candi llano, judy feifarek-tipper, _ (cope, packed parachutes), wayland _, _ (pool, managed sporting goods), scott rogers, steve haas, bernard, mike wren. itsuo tanaka. rodney. ed, george, _ flowers.
- marty, _ (diamond-r), sheridan rom, ed _, stan altshuler, doug kapovitch, bob anino

troop 14:
joe ehrman, fred dickson, roleigh warner, jackson mcelmel.
stephen, jonathan heuser, jason pett, mike durieux, john champlin, alan steele, tri, clay fritz, zach, andrew higgins, john-austin, mark saviano, mike, matt mcgee, zack thayer, chad law, chris romo.  

ucdavis integrated studies '89-'90:joncarlo ruggieri, caleb ward, mark thiess, karen wilson, erik beever, adam green, angela, tina and terra, holly johnson and treena, dan rohrer, dan sherman, betsy, stacey, whitney, wendy wichyman, megan, cathy blish. cheryl, susan, jean, stormy, michelle.

professors: scott mclean, henry mchenry, michael jubien, david robertson

the ladies: leslie servus, ellen covington-french, kathy gill, helen, lenore, mona, judy f-t, brandi odom (buffy), duvlaca holland, anna panagakis, jamie naylor, mara dale, marcy, kat starr, slb, nikki
friends: sara brown, fazil erdem, pierre basmaji, kathy ray, caitlin moore, sam julie miette.

old school: mary moran, holly, karen, dan, reginald, kristen, josh, jacinda, phil, jessica archer, pat giri, sarah jane hawkins, laura pinocci, ellen trainor, lara, mai, alex, alison berenstein, so, kai, nat, john sims, cassidy starfire, byron, pete, kent, steve pacelli, serena yuen, amy, rubina, connie.

auburn area: pat brown, ron, ken, michael, theresa, bruce meads, marci, betty gadberry, ruby, eric evers.
s friends: melissa and james seymour, melina and john harper, shelley, naomi, ashley

pets: ollie and marcel, zeus and pip, marsden and _, fido and taco, camille, shnoodle-dorf, squirt, shadow, lola, winnie.

crowbar hotel: four nguyen, paul gallagher, david hanggie, milton, bradley, cornelius, jeff, jesse
diamond, jasper, red, silk, boxer, khan, leto, outlaw, parrot, tiger, champ

random mix:  nina sullivan, alan anderson, tamara, lisa noujdina, lola, veronica, francesca, alan zeltserman, frank, H (calistoga artist), sofia harrison, corliss, brian shipley, joy, emily, morgan, ro-el, hernan, hermenio, mike, mike willis, nathan lane. jim marquis, yoshi tanaka, harv, barb, josie, cherie robinson, isabel.
roger (runner), gary (cook) powell (rosemont)

past docs: francine reich, paul jurkowski, betat, zeff.

'you're a crazy crew'