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Ladies- I'm a single, straight, virgo/boar INTJ (age 45) who enjoys books, getting out into nature, music, and daily exercise.

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F.Y.I. There are about 1000 posts..

Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marcel the Monkey

Once upon a time, there was a monkey named Marcel. Marcel the monkey enjoyed bananas, swinging from tree branches in the forest, and whooping and hollering as loud as he could. He hated all the other monkeys, you see, and wanted to be a gorilla instead. But he was a monkey, and no amount of screaming would transform him into anything else. So he hated himself. A mere monkey!

Then a monk came along, and told him to key to being a monk was thinking of yourself as a monkey. And this was the weirdest thing Marcel had ever heard! A human monk thought of himself as a lower life form? an animal? A chimp? A monkey, no less? Why would he stop there? Maybe he should be an ant! A fly! Or a protozoan! So Marcel threw a banana at him. But the monk was happy, and was not bothered. He cultivated equanimity during meditation just for times like these. He enjoyed being a monkey. And monkeys are known to throw worse things than bananas!

Then Hanuman, the Hindu monkey God, heard about all this, in his heavenly realm, and decided to have some fun with these two. Real monkeys like to play! And as a God, he toyed with people, you see. So he hatched a plan to make Marcel appear glorious and godly to the monk, so he would be worshipped and praised and elevated to the status of a deity, like Hanuman. Then Hanuman could pretend to be Marcel, with riotous results! A switcheroo. Ha ha.

It was late at night, and Marcel and the monk were telling stories at the campfire, roasting marshmallows, of course. A talking monkey, you say? Well, of course. I'm writing this story, and that makes me a God of sorts. I can do that. I can make Gods into monkeys, monkeys into gorillas, and monks into hot dogs! (make me one with everything!) Anyway, as I was saying, they were seated around the crackling fire, watching the sparks rise into the heavens, and feeling groggy at the end of the day, as bedtime neared, enjoying their toasted goo, and pondering each others' clever words. Their eyes got heavy, and they nodded off, into a restful slumber, unbothered by anyone, be it monk, monkey, gorilla, or god. They fell into a state of deep relaxation, dreaming of a magical colorful land completely unlike anything in their earthly experience, full of castles and giants and strange creatures, like apemen and monkeydogs and spidermonkeys and horsefish. Morpheus, the God of dreams (and a friend of Hanuman) conjured up this shared realm, to blur the boundaries between man and beast, and make life more fun for everybody, in the process. A God of light should be a god of enlightenment, too, don't you think? Everybody was everything, in this world, and it was crowded, but it didn't feel full. Whales and krill were equals, here, as were Gods and men, or even Pedro the protozoa with Morpheus Himself! But morning approached, and all good things must come to an end. Back to life, back to reality, back to the forest, where the two awoke to a stranger sleeping nearby, who eventually introduced himself as Hank (who you might have guessed was in fact Hanuman), a forest ranger who chastised them for not being safer with their fire, and doing more to prevent forest fires (Hank was a bear of a man!). But no harm, no foul, as the fire had cooled to ashes, and all the forest creatures sang their praises for another delightful night in the company of the Gods.

So the monkey (Marcel), the monk (who had no name), and the monkey God H (Hanuman, who was undercover in the form of Hank), decided to go fishing for gar in the nearby creek. I see a gar! Said Garcia (which is what the monk decided to call himself). So the three ate. Which kind of made them eleven! (to the elves, anyway, who were not the best mathematicians). And the gar were gar-rrrr-ate! If you have never eaten gar with hot sauce (and monks never leave home without hot sauce), you really haven't lived, they all agreed. They became fast friends. “Marcel, why don't you like your fellow monkeys?” inquired Hank (who already knew the answer) “they seem like nice fellows to me!” Well, they stink, and they throw poo, and they eat bugs, and they never pick up their banana skins, and they're ugly, and not nearly as strong and good-looking as gorillas. Did I mention they throw poo? They throw poo!

You have a monkey-mind, my friend, said Hank, and you should not dwell on the less pleasing aspects of your kind. Monkeys are strong and beautiful in their own way, especially to other monkeys, so it is disturbing and strange that you yourself do not admire those who look most like you! What would you do if you were the God of monkeys, and could shape-shift at will into any form you choose?
You mean like Hanuman? He's a jerk! I asked him to make me into a Gorilla, I asked him nicely, and he didn't do ANYthing. Not one thing! I could be king of this jungle, but instead I'm just a stupid monkey!
Well, I'm sure Gods have their own rules, and changing species seems unnatural, if you ask me, replied H. Some things are better than being a gorilla, though, no?
If I may interject, said the monk... You, Marcel are a unique and amazing talking monkey, and your fur shines like the sun, your eyes sparkle like a brook, and your face appears to me as more glorious even than that of the finest maidens in my village, who I swear are in fact quite comely. I did not notice your true nature until just today, and I am awestruck by your exceedingly wise, bright, and -I must say- superior nature. I would even say you are like as to a God! (Hanuman had cast his spell, you see, on the monk).
I don't want to be a God! I want to be a gorilla! I want to be king of the jungle!!

Poof! Marcel turned into a lion, then ate the monk, just like that, at which all the birds erupted in beautiful song. Hank turned himself into a gorilla, and climbed onto a tree above this menacing lion. Will you eat me, too? I am strong, handsome, and some monkeys think I am the true king of the jungle! The lion, being a cat, was now wily, and decided gorillas might be tasty, he had never eaten one, so he yawned, made like he was going to nap, then sprang on the gorilla unawares a few minutes later, as his guard was down, and found this God's flesh to be truly delectable, unlike as to anything he had ever eaten before, something all lions would be blessed to enjoy throughout eternity, as a worthy sacrifice to the truly royal, regal, kingly, and kind Lion, king of the Beasts, lord of life, love, and all.

Note: I got tired, and created this ending to expedite an early finish. You are free to create alternate endings!


a cereal? a magazine? a 100 years?

Life is Good

Life is good, except when it's bad
unless it's All Good
which is really just a way of saying life is good
instead of a philosophical judgement on Reality-
It's always now
so make now good
here and now, you and me, reader and writer
me, time-travelling into the future, your present
a gift! My words, some of my time, my thought-
readable in less time than it took to write
efficient wisdom transference (transferral?)
unless you knew all this, already
which I suppose is likely
oh well

Life Sucks

Life is pain and hardship and suffering and woe
agony and torment and misery and anguish and despair
and loss. Cruelty and wickedness! Deceit and depravity.
Corruption, rottenness, sadness, depression, oppression
slavery, incarceration, punishment, savagery, terror, anxiety
fear, worry, stress, boredom, ignorance, stupidity-
the mean is mean
the average is enraged
the normal is not moral
and fictional monster Hannibal Lecter, larger than life,
feels really real
And being a buddhist, enlightenment often feels far off
But never fear! Nirvana is here! (hear?)
a mosquito, my libido
the blood is the life?
Music and vampires and movies make evil palpable
in an otherwise boring daily routine
until it all blows up, explodes
like MOAB, or Hiroshima, or the sun, someday.

tick talk, tic tock
thyme keeps on flavoring, flavoring, flavoring, into the future

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happiness, Revisited

yet again

not depressed, sad, mourning
not anxious, worried, stressed
not sick, ill, diseased
not in a rut: variety, excitement
in love, loved, loving; friendships
relationships: equality, acceptance, respect, kindness, compassion
mercy, forgiveness, new beginnings
equanimity, discernment, awareness
alive, awake, aware
strong, healthy, fit, sane, well
joyful, bliss, of good cheer
humor, frivolity, merriment
wine, women, and song
sex, drugs, and rock n roll
smiling, laughing, playing
singing, dancing, playing (music, an instrument)
satisfied, content, safe/secure
fun, games, winning
sports, comedy, concerts
exercise, look good/feel good, endorphins
compliments, positivity, appreciation/gratitude
stimulus, naps, meditation
food: delicious, nutritious, and fun to eat
go to bed tired, awake refreshed
standup (live/tv/radio), skits (campfires/snl/comedy movie genre), joke (books/websites/friends)
rich, beautiful, successful
travel, restaurants, conversation / new languages
roller coasters, water skiing, skydiving
surfing, mountain climbing, swimming/suntanning
yoga, bicycling, weight lifting / bodybuilding
fly a kite, lawn bowling, big bubbles
billiards, bowling, horseshoes
books, papers, magazines
museums, libraries, zoos/dog parks
spirituality, community, religion
hiking, camping, birdwatching / horseback riding
creativity, art, ballet, writing, video
invent something, start a business
acting, be someone new, play a role
candy, costumes, gifts, surprise, parties, celebration

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Perfection process (exactly the way you are?)

perfect information. (speed reading, book+/day) (internet, libraries)
Perfect body: ideal fitness routine/variety.
Perfect mind: sanity, understanding of psychology
Self-defense mastery (aikido).
Enough money for lifetime of food/shelter/healthcare (no worries)
happiness: for no reason whatsoever, Go Slow.
     Enough sleep, meditation, blogging, naps, and music
     fun, play, laughter, joy, bliss
     relationships: (not hellish) actually pleasant, satisfying.
          friendships, love

travel, restaurants, people, activities, employment, exercise, books

ever-improving, meliorism, progress, betterment, growing wealth
swim, yoga, walking, bicycling, lifting, improving health
nature, hiking, camping; refresh the spirit

always a work-in-progress, in process
            (seeking improvement, closer to -unattainable?- perfection)
God is the only perfect being, by definition.
So maybe I'll get there, making Self = God. 
perfection, like happiness, could be all in your head.
(earned, from life experience; not a (dangerous!) H high short-cut)
making both (self, world) a better place

my voice keeps saying "fucking ow" (ad nauseum)
which makes me wonder about the synchronicity of torture with my own life-

but could be 10 (other) things: (literally, sex+pain):
1.misfit (too big, too small), 2.abortion, 3.rape, 4.childbirth, 5.anal sex
and more, i just thought of (writing helps!): 
6.sti/std/vd, 7. broken heart / cheating
8."fuck-king of the world" or 9. fucking out of this world!
also, 10. (sex+pain: Spain)

some related deconstructions-
pain (pa in), own (ow n), world (ow are lethal dose), or (war lethal dose)
owl, hour, down, pow, row, bow, crow, dow, mow, how, who, cow, low, now, sow, tow, vow
bowel, cowl, dowel, foul, howl, jowl, powell, towel,
out, rout, bout, flout, pout, stout, spout
(pane, propane, panel)(hurt -her T)
and so on and so forth, etc., you get the idea!

devil is to lived as dealer ow is to world

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Truth, as I See It

A Mix of Spells
I'm an animal, a product of evolution, programmed to survive and reproduce, and simply solving problems of logistics, moving things around, which is all any of us ever really do. We move money and ideas and dogs around, for example, but it's still just things; people are things, bodies (not souls), and we're all going to die (and, in fact, are always dying). That is the reality, and reality is all the god there ever is. God is good, the source of goodness, and we ourselves are the only reality we can ever experience. So we make our own lives good, better, best. We are each a You-niverse unto ourselves. Of course, we fall in love, have sex, have kids, raise families, fight wars, and eventually age, get sick, die and cease to exist, for ever and ever, always, dust unto dust, eternal Oblivion. Impermanence is a fact of life, a law of reality. So do whatever the fuck you want, you only live once. And we're all in the same boat. You are under no obligation to think, say, do, or be anything. And that is a kind of freedom. Of course, there is law and police. Public opinion, courts, judges... So you might want to craft for yourself a good reputation, and live as if you will be rewarded an afterlife of heavenly bliss, that long, unending, heroin high in the sky. And who's to say? Maybe you will. I don't claim to be omniscient, so make up your own mind what spells you want to live under, whether Christian immortality in Heaven, or Buddhist enlightened nirvana until your flame goes out, or atheist certitude in the primacy of self in an uncaring universe, or even an Antichrist or Vampire, feeding off the suffering of your fellow man, or what-have-you. All of the above! I kind of like my current, evolving, philosophy that we're all Gods, bumping universes into each other, and we never die because we were never actually alive to begin with, being composed of non-sentient matter, that gets magically re-arranged by our dna into consciousness, the cooperation of eyes, ears, skin, mouth, nose, and linguistic brain into the stream we think is so special (but maybe rocks or atoms are alive, too; A lot of people think water is conscious...). Well, whatever.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On God's Mind

Do I exist? Do you? Do any of us? Are we all figments of God's imagination? Mm, figs/mints. Is life a dream? Are dreams from the subconscious, Morpheus (the god of dreams) or what? Are we all parts of one consciousness? Is it all good? Is immortality possible? Desirable? Time-travel? Can we all be equally happy (whether a Sudanese refugee, or Bill Gates!)?  We're all in this together.  Can basic need be met for all of humanity? Universal health care? Clean water, nutritious food, shelter/clothing/bedding, sanitation, and peace? I believe security and comfort can be realized for everyone. And there should be libraries and internet for everybody, too, in my opinion. Needless suffering ought to be minimized to as close to zero as possible! And everybody should enjoy life, with love and gratitude and fun and play and laughter, and activities like dating, yoga, aikido, bodybuilding, reading, music, zoos, museums, plays, sports, movies, restaurants, travel, volunteering, massage, and of course television. Jobs should be satisfying and enjoyable as well as rewarding. Prisoners shouldn't suffer. And everybody should get along, no matter what religion, race, country, culture/language, or politics people belong to or identify with. Is reality all the God there ever is? Are we our own realities (a multiverse of You-niverses)?  Is there a being worthy of being called a God? Is he (or she) really omniscient? Or omnipotent? Is everybody me? Can a being who does not have sex be called God, who is love? Is the bible full of shit? Is everyone?

Monday, April 10, 2017

About Me

My Life lately,
by Jesse L Teshara

I sit. I'm sitting. House-sitting, in Oakland, for Sara and Pierre. They, their just-turned 3 y.o. son Augustus, and Pierre's dad, Peter, are in Portugal. I am dog-sitting, for their french bulldog, Poutine, a wheezy, neurotic thing that needs to wear a cone at all times (except of course eating/drinking) because she scratches her face, and compulsively licks her paws, which I'm told could result in amputation. She's a dumb dog to begin with, but she doesn't understand her menace to herself. I walk her 3x daily. I am a professional dogwalker. I walk other dogs, too. I am self-employed, an independent contractor, for Wag! (the “uber of dogwalking”), which uses cellphones and satellites to track your walk's route, in real-time, for the owner to see where you go. At the end of the walk, you write a report and submit a picture of yourself with the dog (you get an extra dollar if you wear the t-shirt and put a bandana on the dog, for advertising). In addition to the route, the report says how far you walked, with a checklist of whether the dog peed/pooped, and if the door is locked. I started with Wag! In March of last year (it's April '17). I've earned $5288.10 from them, so far. I've walked Rilo, Winnie, Sage, Brussel, Orion, Tallulah, Rex, Buckley, Kaleb, Kado, Indy, Zephyr, Louie, Buddy, Peggy, Toshi, Frankie, Tank, Sparkle, Myka, Scruffy, Ulla, LT, Dinosaur, Rutherford, Echo, Abner, Ollivander, Bear, Huxley, Tutt, Moxie, Maple, Paparazzi, Hazel, Poppy, Ray Charles, and Cody (38 dogs), with Wag.

I also walk outside of Wag. Fido and Taco preceded them, and are ongoing, although Taco has cancer and Fido is getting old. They live in San Leandro, and I usually walk them on Tuesdays, after eating a pastor taco or two at Los Pericos, nearby, as part of my routine. So, in additon to Poutine, Fido and Taco, and Kaleb, I walk Junie, who lives a block away from me, for Teresa, the owner who I met through Sara, who uses her home Pilates equipment and used to work with her at Berkeley Ballet Theater. I'm not very good at identifying breeds, so I've omitted that, you may have noticed. 

I listen to music every day. I have an Apple MacBook, and the itunes has thousands of radio stations, in different genres and categories (free!). I like college radio, and I skip around between Cal radio (which is also on the fm airways), and MIT (wmbr), Princeton (wprb), Harvard (whrb), CalPolySLO (kcpr), UCDavis (kdvs), Yale (wybcx), Stanford (kzsu), UCSanta Cruz (kzsc), and gdradio.net (Grateful Dead radio). That's ten, which seems apt (listen!). There's also Clave (in Argentina) and Musique (in France), which are pretty good. Occasionally, I listen to stand-up comedy. I watch very little tv, usually only at the gym or at Sara's. I go to the library almost every day, and usually have more than one book checked out. I have a subscription to the Economist, which I supplement with the daily New York Times, (at the library) and the weekly Christian Science Monitor (online). I get daily news from the Washington Post in my email. I also get daily email trivia, vocabulary, a daily poem, and book excerpts. Wikipedia is fun to surf, and I do, frequently. I have thousands of trivia cards, and the J! Archive (from the tv show Jeopardy) website has, I'm told, enough questions to take up 3 months of my life. My book lists will take even longer (1001, 501, and all the Newbery winners (since 1922). There's also Bloom's Canon, which is a whole other ball of wax. A book a day would take like 5 years, but I'm not a speed-reader, so it will take much longer. I also want to be proficient at Aikido, and do yoga, and bodybuild, while eating (mostly) vegetarian.  I have a gym membership at the local YMCA.  Dating, of course, is in the mix, but I'm 45, and not very motivated. If I can overcome schizophrenia, that would be the best. I'm told it's “chronic, episodic.” So we'll see. I've got a lot going on. 

Will I find a woman and job I love? Will I get better? Will I finish my reading list? Will I have a family of my own? A house? No matter, I'm doing okay as is, as Uncle Jesse to Ben, Declan, Augustus, and Esme. (missing a C). I'm Chuy (Jesus, Isai). I like writing my blog, and I wonder if I can make it into a published book. Between The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne), Think and Grow Rich (by Napolean Hill), and Master the Game (by Anthony Robbins), that might be a good start to an even more lucrative, rewarding career in the future. I won the Journalism award in high school. Maybe I should discipline myself to be a writer. I DO enjoy it! How to be God, lol. Just Be Good! (Just Be). :-)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weighing in on the important stuff

chips v. popcorn, yoga v. jogging, and cats v. dogs-people?

all good, but
chips, yoga, dogs!

popcornopolis makes some good stuff.
   is there still a jolly time kettle corn?
running used to be fun, but now i'm more into yoga.
cats are fun, but i'm just more of a dog person.
  kittens v. puppies?  ooh, that's hard.

Weird word ward

bunny snowshoes! (buenos noches, good night)
G is us, cry sss (hey Zeus) (happy wholly weak)
eye key dough, thai cuando, carrot tea, jew git sue
uke a wrist, way for, cum union
porch a gal, you knighted stay 8, Q bah
mechanics taco, empty can (can nada) (nada = nothing)

and so on, tbc

How Dogs Enhance Our Lives

this post was requested by my friend Pat

They wag. They smile. They're warm and friendly, and fun to pet. They need you. You get outside more often, and get some exercise. It's humbling (you have to pick up poop). It's kind of a reminder that humans are only animals, too. They can be good with kids, and teach responsibility (a step up from maintaining plants). They can be guide dogs for the blind. They can be rescue dogs, for people lost on mountains, or trapped in fallen rubble. They can track criminals. They can detect drugs. They can provide comfort to people in hospitals. They have a superpower: super-smell, which can be used to find things. They can guard your property. They can bark at trespassers. They can attack enemies. They can be useful in war. And they can love you back, be good for the lonely, and a way to meet people at dog parks or on the street (a better way than smoking, I would say). They can sleep on your bed, and be trained to do things, like sit, stay, roll over, shake, heel, fetch, and even stand. They can be fun to watch, entertaining, goofy. Sometimes they lick your face. They have personalities. They can usually understand more than 100 words. They help the economy, for dogfood, pet toys, veterinary services, and dog-walkers/sitters/boarding. Pets are people, too, right dawg? Going to the dogs, doggone-it, isn't really such a bad thing. Dog is to God as devil is to lived. Hopefully I'm not writing doggerel. Dogs are cool, and that's some of God's dogma. Life's a bitch, and then you die. Woof!

The FCI (world canine organization) recognizes 339 breeds of dog.  Some are cute, some are ugly, some big, others small (called "toy" dogs), some are used for hunting, others for herding, while others (in asia) are used for food, themselves.  They have health problems, both physical and mental, like humans.  And I've read that some can smell disease (cancer?) through the skin of their owners.  The onion just joked about a dog waiting before eating his dead owner's face.  Some dogs will refuse food after the death of their owner until they die as well (dog suicide).  There's dog racing, and dogfighting.  'movies about dogs' is an interesting google search.   This, too.  There are smart dogs, and dumb dogs.   I've heard about a dog that watches tv.  There was a tv show about 'Dog' the bounty hunter (and Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion). (I haven't read my Cat Warren book about dogs yet).  We all have dogs in our mouths (k9's), lol.  

interesting bit o' science:
Are dogs descended from wolves?  "It turns out that today's dog breeds may not have evolved from the gray wolf, at least not the kind of gray wolf that exists today.  A study in the current issue of PLoS genetics suggests that, instead, dogs and gray wolves share a common ancestor in an extinct wolf lineage that lived thousands of years ago."

Friday, April 7, 2017


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017


not necessarily trivial, but a decent way to keep learning, no?

The To-Do List

this could take awhile

1001 must read before you die, 501 must-read books.
Newbery award winners, Bloom's canon
friend recommendations (Bill, Jose, Michael, Pierre)
BAMS (best american mystery stories) series ('97 thru '16)
            (short stories)
news (daily, weekly): ny times, cs monitor, economist
trivia cards, J! archive
words: dictionary, spanish, slang
poetry, wb/eb/wiki encyclopedia, atlas
daily history

online: you-tube: self-defense, cartoons;
     ted talks, oyc (open yale courseware)
     onion, weird news
movies (library, video store rentals, cinema)
tv: westworld, black mirror (recommended, esp. for me)

music, joe frank, religious variety (podcasts), philosophy talk

yoga, bodybuilding, etb/etr (early to bed...)
earn money, date
museums, nature, comedy, travel, restaurants
play (e.g. bubbles, origami, model train museum, kites)


everything in play

"all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"
"the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys"

childhood, inner-child, xmas morning, hide-n-seek
playgrounds, parks, recess, lunch, schoolyard
swings, slides, jungle-gym, playdough, toys-r-us
happiness, laughter, fun, joy
     e.g. nature, comedy, museums, good food, travel
     relax, meditation, garden
     art, creativity, reading, writing
     pool, ocean, river, lake.  swim, surf, suntan.
     endorphins, feeling good, exercise, push-ups.
     ha, ha.  lol.  comedy central.
bubbles, origami, kites, trains, games
checkers, chess, cards
aggravation, trivial pursuit
computer games, video games
play button (cassette player), play in a band
sports (e.g. ultimate frisbee, basketball, horseshoes)
          (baseball, tennis, raquetball)
role-playing, cosplay (costume play), trick-or-treat
theater, drama
playboy magazine, foreplay
"player", playa-haters
powerplay (hockey, politics)
toying with people, gun play
horseplay, dolphins

Friday, March 10, 2017


God's Logistics

hypnosis and economics:
all we ever do is move things around (ideas, things, people)(and dogs!)
we are things, animals, tubes* - solving problems
(such as survive and reproduce, to pass on our genes)
think, say, do and be - good, better, and best!
perfection and purity, in possibility and potential
contentment, satisfaction, joy, comfort, bliss
peace, prosperity, safety, security, friendship, family
health, wellness, strength, fitness, sanity; loving, loved, in love
goodness, virtue, honesty, wisdom, probity, uprightness
respect, compassion, principled, moral, ethical, kind, giving
joy, happiness, cheer, laughter, fun, games, play, sing, dance, clap, shout, feel fine
pleasure, endorphins, look good and feel good, variety (not boredom)
exertion, exercise, sweat, muscle-confusion; challenge, opportunity
blessing; God bless you!
    (sneeze) ah-choo! (choo-choo. chews.  choose. chuy.)
good, right, honorable, virtuous, true, honest, trustworthy,
sacred, holy, joyful, grateful, beneficent loving-kindness.
merciful, forgiving, compassionate, wise:
+ positive, praise and gratitude

goal, objective, desire (god): desire, destination, destiny
to minimize suffering and evil, and maximize joy and love!
ameliorate v. exacerbate.  to be a part of the solution, not a problem
cultivate virtue and extinguish vice (god's cv)
betterment, improvement, change (bic lighter)
utopia, the "kindgdom," heaven: happy/healthy!
this life or the next, here or hereafter, now or never
progress process, the development dialectic
(thesis, antithesis, synthesis)
all in your head! heaven is a state of mind.
absence of suffering, presence of bliss
(frivolity, merriment, comedy, for example)
also, heavenly is a ski resort, hell is a village in Norway.
equanimity, activism, simplicity
take things in stride, acceptance, "like water off a duck's back"
courage, bravery, selflessness
vanity, frustration, futility, absurdity, nonsense
awake, aware, alive; clarity, attentive, eloquent
survive, thrive, alive!

pain, suffering, old-age, disease, death
dukkha, dissatisfaction, imperfection
death, impermanence, oblivion, stream (dios)
     ('Dios' means 'God' in spanish/espanol)
         ('tu' (sounds like 'two') is 'you' (familiar))

S: satan, santa, stream-of-consciousness, sadness, sorrow, sex, soul, savagery, self, selfless, self-realization, satori, sin, stress, suicide, sadism, schadenfreude, service.

$ (s with a line through it)

dumb depraved devil.  (boredumb.  wisdumb.  freedumb)
"all right?"
victory, vanquishing the

sinful, criminal, rotten, bad, wicked, evil, depraved, vicious, cruel, brutal, ruthless, savage, violent causes of

anxiety, stress, worry, fear, terror, pain, agony, suffering, torment, misery, anguish, despair, hopelessness, torture, oppression, repression, depression, sadness, sorrow, slaughter, killing, death, murder, manslaughter, extinction, apocalypse, homicide

victory could be death, incarceration, suicide, or a shift in outlook, conscience, consciousness.
 (changing hearts and minds and behavior, repentance and forgiveness and rebirth).
        By this, I mean overcoming, not being possessed by ("vampire emotions")  of  murderous anger, hatred, rage, wrath, fury.  You might have to systematically address every one of my 1000 reasons to kill, to get there.  Better to address and overcome than avoid, I feel.  You don't want to be cross your whole life.  A problem-free philosophy of don't worry, be happy is infinitely better, no?

*a Cal biology student told me how it was informative to think of humans/animals as basically "tubes" (from mouth to anus).  (eat and excrete.  ingest and digest).  food: healthy and nutritious, vitamins and variety and vegetables, not too much/too little, and delicious!

Madness and the Gods

"Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad"
    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Mad can mean angry, and it can also mean insane.
Or both.
Or, insanely angry.  ('insane' can also be an intensifier)
(1 of the 4)

Everybody is destroyed, eventually.   Time destroys all.
No one is immortal.  Nobody lives forever.  Death is the universal fate.
hence, if Longfellow is to be believed, we are all mad (at some time or another).

mad is synonymous with crazy, insane, psychotic, nuts, schizophrenic.
i think the Brits call it "going mental"
insanity is a legal category: "legally insane"
mad crazy insane:
1.mci (microwave communications, inc., from '63-'98)
(are schizophrenic voices a type of "vibe"?, e.g. a microwave?)
      if you "are on the same wavelength," what does that mean, in physics?
2."slip you a mickey" -to give someone a laced drink, with the intent to incapacitate.

my voice has made a distinction between insane and unsane.
which can be a bit maddening, as unsane is not a word!
in the sane?  united nations sanity?
is anger somehow an insane response?
since we are what we eat, should we avoid nuts?
are skittles or campfire skits related to being schizo?
if a Cray computer sleeps, is it cray-z?  Or a crayfish?

is God responsible for our mental health?
is madness a curse?  is sanity a blessing?
does it originate from a Higher Power?

To vanquish madness, cultivate sanity, and achieve wellness
one must realize the source or origin or cause of insanity.

maybe it's a delusional doctor, psychiatrist? a false diagnosis?
maybe it's genetic, from your mom, dad, or both?
maybe it's a telepath, in your head
maybe it's your subconscious, or the "collective unconscious"
is life merrily but a dream?  from Morpheus, the god of dreams?
   can one dream oneself into sanity?
                 force oneself to wake up from the nightmare?

what is sanity?  what is madness?

the definition of legal insanity is mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct his/her affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

Einstein, of course, said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Sanity is 1. The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health
               2. reasonable and rational behavior.

Eating Riesens (yum!) as rations, would seem to have little to do with it.  Is "sound" mental health related to noises, out loud, talking, verbalizing, thinking out loud?  Is a "sound" thought process one in which you (although discouraged when learning speed-reading), "sub-vocalize"??  I suspect it has little or nothing to do with any of this.  Although, maybe God can only hear your thoughts if you (sub) vocalize them.

The key word is "Normal."   Average has rage in it.  The mean is, of course, mean.  Normal has moral in it.  plus N.  And Norm, and Al.  and Mal, like malevolent or malicious.

Norm, from Cheers, and Al, from the Daily Show (Madrigal).   There's a lot to be mad about.  But laughter is the best medicine, not eating someone's liver with fava beans and a nice chianti, lol.  (High  tyramine foods, to be avoided if you're taking MAOI's, monoamine oxidase inhibitors) Morality does engender righteous indignation, though, at the Amoral/Immoral.

a bit on hats (!):
Hatred, red hat, (Trump it), hated=death, mad hatter, mad-mom and dad, hat- hunger and thirst (for righteousness), happy/humor/healthy and torture/torment.  "Moderation in all things, including moderation" -Oscar Wilde

politics and vampires
poly-ticks (many blood-suckers), vampire (ima perv, blood fetish, engorgement), blood: be lewd.  You suck.  Getting drunk.  G-D.   Drinking from the well.  (the well?!)  Is the normal not moral?  The banality of evil (-Hannah Arendt) (be anal?).   "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" -Henry Kissinger.

God and free will
A God, knowing all, therefore has no free will of His own, because He knows the best course of action, and are "all-good," so must therefore always go that path.  I got that from the character Penny, in the Magician series, by Lev Grossman. (although, perhaps, a God might occasionally encounter a choice between two or more equally meritorious options).

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A meditation on evil

Universal Evil

Okay wtf. I mean, really: What The Fuck.
Praise God, hooray Jesus, Hitler: boo! NOT.
I mean, really: Jesus, if he ate meat, was more evil than Hitler, who was a vegetarian.   Nobody knows, for a fact.  But the argument can be made.

Nobody's perfect, I guess.  Even God. Only God is good?  There is no God. To make God real, you have to become Him.  It's a form, a concept, a role.  And there's no such thing as perfection. Thou shalt not kill? Try not eating. Even vegetarians kill plants. The price of sin is death, they say. Nobody lives forever. Or is it the “wages” of sin. Paid in death. Make a killing, get stinking rich, kill 'em all (healthy: thy hell!). Murder, mr. dr. So that's what education tells us. Get an edge on life.  Grow up and become a doctor. A medical professional. A professor. Make red to make green. Bloody hell.   Nature is red in tooth and claw. Human nature is, if you believe the priests, vampirism and cannibalism; you are what you eat, so we eat and drink God.   God is good.  Finger lickin' good. 

The fact is, do whatever you want before you die: we're all destined for oblivion.  Nothing matters.  There's evil, and there's less evil.  But no one is good. 

After all, Hitler was just talking, freedom of speech, and it's even possible he didn't actually kill anyone, personally (besides himself). And Hitler was kind to animals, while the SAD (standard american diet) gorges itself on dead animal flesh, the painful sacrifice to unending, unendurable human aggravation, the cause of vast suffering to cows, pigs, chickens, fish...

What about whales? Eating zillions of krill. Alive, no less. That's an atrocity, as normal as breathing, you don't see Greenpeace with save the krill signs. (the blue whale can eat up to 40 million krill/day!)

Morality is a joke. Everybody is a piece of shit. Mother Theresa thought suffering was a gift from God. The pope, a Jesuit (who try to see God in all things), would therefore logically see sadistic torture as Godly. I remember a high school preacher going on about the “redemptive value of suffering.” This is nuts. Fuck you, world.  Well, not everybody.  But it sure seems like it, sometimes.

The world is mad. And they make metake medications.  Ugh.  Of course, I have the clarity to write this now, while on olanzapine and risperidone.   I wonder what would I be writing, off?  So anyway, when victims' families declare their desire for the guilty to "burn in hell"... that's kind of a joke, too.   In reality, that's just hoping the perp will forget to use sunscreen in Norway (!)

For the sake of argument, I want to say schizophrenics are the only truly sane. That voice in your head? It's not God, an angel, spirits of the dead, your conscience, your subconscious, or even necessarily who it sounds like: it's just a dick, a sadistic fuck who enjoys bothering you.  Everybody is the devil.  Because that's what life is, a game of aggravation. Life's a bitch, and then you die. Schizos are 8x more likely to commit suicide. 40% attempt, and 5-13% succeed. There's no escape. At least I'm telling you the truth. There's virtue in that, I guess. Now go enjoy that hamburger.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

acronyms and deconstructions

a few of them, anyway

healthy: thy hell
sick: smart intelligent caring kind
ill, or cbs: in love w/ life, or consumed by spite
mad: misery anguish despair, mom and dad
pain: pa in (god: get out, dad)
past: pain agony suffering torment
pastor: " oppression repression
lord: life or death, light or dark
jesus: hey Zeus, Jess u
sid: sick ill diseased
sad: sick and diseased, stupid and dumb, sad and depressed,
        schizo-affective disorder, social anxiety disorder,
        seasonal affective disorder, separation anxiety disorder,
        sexual arousal disorder
staph infection: sadism torture agony pain hell

bad: beelzebub and devil
blood: be lewd
vampire: ima perv (you suck)
cannibal: can o' bull
steak: stake
bible: buy bull.  horns, horny.
eye teeth (ET), see with your k9s (guide dog: g-d)
    seeing eye dog (sed: thirst, in spanish)
g-d: getting drunk
sax and violins: sex and violence
wine, whine, winnie, win E (ecstasy?)
grape: gr rape, gr ape, therapist: the rapist
well: we will, we'll (a "tall drink of water")
host (hostile hostel), wafer (wafer me outside)
eucharist: eu a christ
   (ukelele wrist)(hostess cupcakes)
alien: a lien (on your property), a lion (in zion), a lyin' (dog!)
hat: hunger and thirst
food: foo-fighters (alien technology)
consume: con sue me
great: gr eat, gr8
rabbit, presbyterian (bit, byter)
knight, mourning, break fast
fruits, vegetables, nuts
   (all 3: an insane brain-dead queer; ur what u eat)
joy dish soap, luvs diapers, kind bars, smart water, harmony snacks
bmw: best man wins

glad: greg liz and declan!
lgbt: liz greg ben teshara

Monday, February 20, 2017

He Wanted to be Superman

He wanted to be a superman.

Superman.  Superhuman.  And not just a super human.  He wanted to be the best.  The best he could be, superior, excellent, wonderful, perfect.  Be all you can be, like the army says.  To reach his potential, to use every brain cell, to be at 100%.  He wanted to be the best.  In every category: the beauty of Arnold, the wealth of Bill, the trivia mastery of Ken, the goodness of Mother Teresa, the combat prowess of Morihei Ueshiba, the genius of Christopher Langan...with the longest lifespan, the most children, the most books written/the most books, read, and the highest level of sustained happiness possible.   And power.  He wanted God-like power.  Not necessarily as President, or even as a Mayor- just the capacity to create the world in his own image, behind-the-scenes, if need be.

But wait! There's more!
Perfection also entails spiritual mastery: The equanimity and bliss of the Buddha, honestly obtained through meditation, reflection, thought, study, discernment; not from a lifetime supply of heroin, for example.  A large part of this would be the crushing of madness, and a lifetime of sanity.   Loving, loved, in love.   To think/say/do/be good/better/best.   To be happy, cheerful, joyful, humorous, kind, gentle, grateful, satisfied, content, strong, fit, healthy, well, sane, appreciated, respected, admired, in service, productive, loved, emulated, sought after.

In sum,
He wanted to unify together all the pieces of the perfection puzzle, to create Himself into an ideal:
Knowledge (educated, informed), wisdom, money, power, beauty, lethality/invulnerability, goodness, perfection, joy, love, longevity, courage, creative-genius: the many facets of an exemplary life, a life well-lived, honest and honorable, virtuous and valued and victorious (over the forces of darkness: ignorance, incuriosity, stupidity, and evil).

This was his goal.   A simple goal.  He was a simple man.
(Self-realization.  To be Himself.  To simply be.)

He realized Sanity might not be in the cards (not playing with a full deck?) (you deal with the cards you're dealt)  Or, a little madness in the mix could be a necessary component of true sanity.  People are cards, characters, forms, roles.  But also are unique, with distinctive identities, and true essences, colors, selves, behind the masks/facades/presentation.   It's a mad mad world.   And you can also choose to have no fixed identity, to be all things, in potential and possibility, playing any required role, when "the world's a stage," with the freedom to be all things to all people, anything to anyone.  Is the world predictable, like a computer program/matrix?  Or an infinite canvas of interesting individuality?   The world may be mad, but hopefully we can keep it from being a threat to itself or others!  And, stated positively, we can keep/make the world peaceful, prosperous, and happy/content, filled with truth, beauty, health, love, and respect.  Both individually, and as universally as possible: Love thy neighbor, love thyself, love all, serve all, Be Good.  A thousand points of light, as they say.  Basic needs and comfort for all.  Health care as a universal human right. Craving and aversion, positive and negative attachment, eliminated.  Know thyself, extinguish resentment, and remember that is better to do nothing at all than to do harm: there can be virtue even in inaction.  Don't give evil purchase.  Extinguish greed/desire, hatred/malice, ignorance/delusion; Be mindful, and kind.  Don't be a dick.  Every day is a new beginning.  May the force be with you.  Be a man for others.  Do a good turn daily.  Be prepared.  Namaste :-)

(Namaste is a sanskrit/hindi respectful greeting: the god in me bows to the god in you.)  Maybe sanity has saint in it for a reason.  Remember, only God is good, and we're all good; So you ARE God.   Well, I am, anyway.  I am ______(fill in the blank).  Yup, whatever it is, it's God!  Unless you put in "not."  Although, I suppose that works, too.  God is a man of war, and the art of war is deception.  So you can say anything about God, He doesn't mind.   For example, God is a fiction, fantasy, imaginary.  I'm still here! ha.  God is a dick?  Well, I guess so, actually.  And any other body part you care to mention, or Richard, or a shithead/butthead/head-butt, or bastard, born out of wedlock, like me.  God is a brain.  God is an asshole.  God is a fist.  God is a pussy.   God is a body.  God is a corporation.  Reality is God.  God is everywhere.  Evil.  Hell.  Disrespect.  Depression.  Stupidity.  Death.  Madness.  Demons and darkness.  Scum.  Bullies.  Depraved criminals.  Torture.  Lies.  Oblivion.  Apocalypse.  Absurdity.  Spite.  Resentment.  All this blog's incessant babbling.  Your comments.  It's all good.  Even the shit.  Cruelty to be kind.  Baby ruthless.  Praise God.  Holy wombat, batman.  Nee!  As McDonald's says, "I'm lovin' it."  Love conquers all, the sadistic fuck. 

Why am I saying evil is good?  Exploring the logical extension and implications of statements like it's all good and God is everywhere, for starters.  Because evil is everywhere, ubiquitous, banal, delicious, and even fun.  Because I'm insane.  Because one man's evil hell is another's sacred paradise.  Because maybe it brings succor to the oppressed, hope in the goodness of the bigger picture, the long arc of history and justice.  Because God is great! and vengeance is sweet.  Because life is shit, God doesn't exist, and I felt like spewing some philosophical graffiti.  Because I hate you.  Because I hate myself.  Because it's all my fault.  Because I'm delusional.  Because I'm trying to make sense of the world.  Because I am a sinner, and because I am also God Himself, just like you.  Because I'm full of shit.  Because I like to think, to write, and be right, and find truth, maybe by making some mistakes in the self-apotheotic learning curve.  For the hell of it.  Because hell is good?  Because justice, and vengeance, and love.  That sounds about right.  Love gets twisted.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Recent Reading

a daily project

The Economist, weekly news (on phone)

The Bible, by Karen Armstrong
Buddha, by Karen Armstrong
Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman
American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
Trump Unveiled, by John K. Wilson
The Best American Mystery Stories
     (5) 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Apocalypse Cow, by Michael Logan

on deck:
Newbery winners:
    The Crossover, by Kwame Alexander (2015 winner)
     Crispin: The Cross of Lead, by Avi (2003 winner)

    (Criss Cross, by Lynne Rae Perkins, (2006 winner)
        is the third newbery book with 'cross' in the title)

Atlas Shrugged
The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand
(borrowed from Sara and Pierre, not the library)
Dragons at Crumbling Castle (and other tales), by Terry Pratchett
(a library discovery! a TP kids' book :-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

today's credo

it could change, tomorrow (!)

My Godfather, Richard Zonca, once told me, “If I were omnipotent, I would change a lot. If I were omniscient, I wouldn't change a thing.”

Well, now, at age 45, I have a blog where I expound my spirited philosophy that I am God, and you are, too. We all are. And I don't mean we're all one person, in some spiritual sense, or that everybody's me, or that all in all is all we are. These are interesting concepts, but I don's subscribe to any of them. The most powerful person on earth might be God, in a sense, unless it's a space alien. The smartest person might be God, although I suspect computers do most of the thinking for us, these days. Only God is good, and we are all good. The most powerful act is the act of murder.  But there is always a bigger fish.  The body of christ is the christian church, which is a type of corporation. Jesus himself is long dead. We are all mortal, every one of us, even the psychos who believe they are vampires. It's an inescapable law of biology. And astronomy. Tick tock. The sun is getting closer to exploding, one day. Your cells are replicating. We are all dying. Every day is one day closer to death. Fetuses are destined for dust. God is all-powerful. We will all die. Time has our number.

Aside: Time, that is me. Reading this post is consuming your precious time. Thanks for your time. Time, Tim E. Christ, Chris T. Lord, life or death. Some shit with the diamonds, some pearls before swine, or, as they say on the street, “it's all good.” Meme: me, me.  The word Grace has Meaning.  mean gr, for example.  (manger, german?)

We are animals. We are things. Souls do not exist, unless by soul, you mean body. We are our bodies, only our bodies. Mind is seated in the brain. Our brains admit 'vibes' and 'voices' and dreams, all the time, not just at night. We inter-penetrate each other. Humanity is a hive-mind. We are corporate. God can be defined as 'the source.' God is love. We open our minds to those we love. God loves us. Everyone loves to be loved, and we should all return the favor. Vanity, all is vanity. Frustration, futility, absurdity, nonsense. That's actually biblical.

Is this hypnosis? Which God is the Creator, to which God do we owe allegiance?  The Father-Son-Holy Spirit? Allah? Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, Hanuman? Zeus? Wotan? Thor? Ra?

Well, whatever.

It doesn't matter. Do whatever makes you happy. We are all good. There is a law of karma, perhaps. Be good for goodness' sake. Let time do the killing. There is always hope. Suicide is always in error. Thou shalt not kill. Love thy neighbor. Meat is murder. Eat the rich. Go climb a rock.

God-like power!!
You are all-powerful in your own "you-niverse", your own domain, with the power to
make yourself happy, to make your world good
to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
to create good/destroy bad
and love, be loved, be in love
with a little help from your friends!
   (such as Ben Franklin, or the Beatles, or me!)

Go forth and multiply, divide and conquer, make a difference, in the summertime. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Happiness, II

Felicidad, Part Deux

Besides immortality in love (whether virtual, or in the real-world)...
(from saving our genetic code, and teleportation, etc.!)
    (meeting the right person, going to heaven...)
a more realistic programme-

Mortal Happiness:
1.friendship, family, dating, volunteering, a fun job, being social
(and caring for animals; pets!)

2.sexually active; delicious/nutritious (vegetarian?) meals
     (good food, and the occasional ben n jerry's)
     (home cooked, restaurants, picnics, dinner parties, potluck)

3.enough sleep, naps, relaxation, meditation, doing nothing

4.money (translates into happiness only partially/imperfectly)

5.watching tv/videos/movies, going out to the movies
     (ted, youtube, netflix, mooc's -e.g. oyc (yale)/coursera)

6.listening to the radio, pandora, itunes, cd's;  live music.
     (music, comedy, audiobooks, philosophy talk, joe frank)

7.reading (books, magazines, newspapers) library/online
    (google, wikipedia, email, blogs, J!, joke archive, onion, etc.)
    (learn to speed-read, improve comprehension/vocabulary)

8.meds, drugs, pharmaceuticals, medicine, medication
   (3 factors: right drug/prescription, dosage, frequency)
   (doctor-mediated, or self-medicating)(be careful!)

9.exercise, endorphins, "better than sex" -schwarzenegger
    (daily maintenance, or -ideally- improvement); stretching.
    (walking, marathon, swimming, yoga, bodybuilding)
     (look good, feel good!)

10.lifelong learning, education, teaching, writing, research

11.do stuff!
   discover and go
   garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores
   arts and crafts; origami, basketry, woodcarving, metalwork,
      ceramics, pottery, drawing, painting, watercolors, sculpture
   mastery, polymath, scholar-athlete, renaissance man
   different jobs, roles, activities, projects
   build things (e.g. kit car, fence windmills, a new invention)
   start a business
   write a book, blog, journal
   gardening, cooking
   topiary, apiary
   hiking, camping, getting out into Nature
   go horseback riding, trail ride
   fishing, hunting
   scuba, snorkel, surf
   hot air balloon
   hot shower, hot tub
   parades, state fairs, festivals
   roller-coasters, parachuting
   climb a tree.  go climb a rock.  go fly a kite.
   travel, learn languages, experience culture-shock
   learn to play an instrument
   museums, zoo
   opera, ballet, theater
   go out dancing
   stand-up comedy, humor, laughter
   play/watch sports (e.g. lawn bowling, horseshoes, pingpong)
   play games, videogames
   learn martial arts, self-defense, e.g. aikido
   spiritually active in diverse communities
   achieving personal goals
           overcome suffering, achieve bliss
           being happy, for any and no reason at all.
           finishing reading all my book lists (!)
           curious, engaged, disciplined, motivated, dedicated

-success is personal, defined by everyone for themselves (or should be)
-making a "bucket list" isn't a bad idea
-personally, competition and winning aren't my focus.
i see the light!:
-if life is but a dream, you may have to wake yourself up from the nightmare.
-enlightenment is possible, even in darkness
(perhaps even especially in darkness)
-God is much more than a garage door, lol.
-hm, I just noticed 'sanity' has 'saint' in it.

12. Virtue (a component of happiness)
(unless, for you, "happiness is a warm gun")

for me anyway, for example, virtue includes:
you are trustworthy, honest, sincere
(not manipulative, cynical, and post-truthiness)
virtue imparts self-respect.
(i.e. making the world a better place, development)
compassion, mercy, kindness (seeing others as equals)
faith, hope, love ("the greatest of these is love")
(i myself do not respect faith that is blind, or irrational)
charity (unless you're an Objectivist)
equanimity does not mean you shouldn't be an Activist, imho
gratitude, positivity, cheer
safety, security, contentment, joy
health, peace, prosperity

Thursday, January 19, 2017


rooted in Truth

Let's start from the beginning.  That would be the Big Bang.  Scientists tell us that's when spacetime originated.  By my lights, however, there was an infinity of time beforehand, in the past, just as there is an infinity of time ahead, in the future.  Can physicists and mathematicians refute this?  Is "the end of time" a rational, logical phrase, or is it in fact meaningless?  (with the exception of the more poetic reading, interpretation, of our own individual inevitable deaths?)

Maybe the answer doesn't even matter.  Our doom could be approaching from somewhere at the speed of light.  Or the sun will expand, engulfing the earth.  Or global warming will make the earth uninhabitable, burning us all to a crisp.  Or... on the other hand, time is irrelevant, because time-travel and teleportation are possible, and humanity can live in a loop, or a figure-eight, such as the symbol for infinity implies.  A collective groundhog day, or all of us inside a computer, or something.  But is immortality possible?  Would it even be desirable?

Does time really double back, and intersect?  Apple computer is located at 'infinite loop drive.'  Do they know something I don't?  Has the future visited us?  Have aliens?  So many interesting questions!   Without knowing the answers, I adhere to the belief that life is too short, 100-odd years not enough, and immortality desirable.  Life is good!  Oblivion is unfortunate, as is aging, and pain/suffering.  If life can be secure, comfortable, pleasant, fun- in short, utopian/heavenly -then it ought be pursued.  If life only holds suffering, i.e. war, torture, hell- then even 100 years is too much. 

But if reality holds the possibility of love, then eternal youth, for a lifetime of happiness, should be a scientific goal, a holy quest.

What are we, what is it that ought be extended?  We are animals, bodies, not souls, or gods/demons.  We are what we eat, less what we excrete.  We are the roles we play, the activities/jobs we choose.  We are our dna, in the environments/time/culture we find ourselves in, as well as the ones we choose for ourselves.

If we make a heavenly environment, then we should make hardier bodies, to fully enjoy a timeless existence of life and love.  Exercise, fitness, health and wellness, with the goal of daily maintenance and improvement, such as body-building and yoga and vegetarianism and a vibrant sexuality, is a good place to start.

Children are a kind of immortality, perhaps.  Books are another (as is any other kind of creation or artistic creativity).  Although we ought keep in mind the Tibetan buddhists making their sand mandalas, to remind us of impermanence.  I saw a TED talk that gave me pause, however.

It showed, like an encyclopedia set, a set of books with an individual's entire genome printed on it.  I would guess it was like 50 volumes or something.  The full content of our genetic code can be identified, saved.  That could be made immortal, no?  We could be made anew, either cloned in the real world, or the data operating in a virtual reality.  Or both?

The relative value of different portions of our dna should be fully investigated, and eventually understood.  Then, happiness can be maximized, while suffering minimized/reduced/eliminated.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Types of Sin

10 words, 5 types?
You are free to construct your own typology, of course

For Catholics,
the categories are omission/commission, mortal/venial, and original.
mortal is also called serious, or grave

there's also the 7 "deadly" sins,
which are also called cardinal, or capital.
(p.a.l.a.g.e.s): pride, avarice (greed), lust, anger, gluttony, envy, sloth.
(or, sage pal, like Budweiser!)

ccc; commission, cardinal, capital
god! (g.o.d.:  grave omission deadly).  (grave original deadly?) ha.
also, good: (grave omission original deadly!)

I wonder if the Pope thinks the gay pride parade is sinful.
Actually, though, I don't really care.

there's the 7 deadly sins, the 10 commandments, and
some woud say CRIME is a sin,
or going contrary to "community standards," whatever those are.
such as impiety, blasphemy, unbelief, unfaithfulness, subversion?
know what I mean?
such as: manslaughter, reckless endangerment, assault and battery, indecent exposure, attempted murder, obscenity, statutory rape, animal cruelty, motor vehicle theft, bike theft, shoplifting, vandalism, arson, littering, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, jaywalking, for example.

criminal categories/actions, technically, but perps might not be in fact -psychologically- guilty
justified, even, perhaps.

Man's laughter? Wreck-less? (requiem), ass-salt (bacon?) and (rechargeable?) batteries, decent exposure (depending on your body!), walking like a bird (jay), t-heft (the weight of the cross) / finders keepers, drinking red rum at murder burger in Davis (the banality -and deliciousness- of evil, like a hammerhead shark), obscenity (like -ubiquitous- porn?), South Park says sex at 17 is fine (therapists and grapes), fly swatters and raid for ants and tearing butterfly's wings and throwing snails, and factory farming for carnivores is the truly obscene imho (said the shrink to the pig, you know what your problem is? you're delicious),  (cat words: category, dedicated, the book '101 uses for a dead cat', catechism of the catholic church, curiosity, cat's eye bike lights, cat got your tongue, eating p, diapers), lifting a shop (?): like maybe the incredible Hulk could? (ink-red), Vandals -an east Germanic tribe that had kingdoms in the 5th century, arse-in'/our son (don't  be an ass), kitty litter and also the babies of pets!! (a parallel to the term 'white trash', or even abortions), Teshara: t' share R.A. (resisting arrest) (but who wouldn't, really); and OJ (!) (obstructing justice).  4 eggs-ample.

mosquito: a mosque in Quito? (capital city of Ecuador)
Funny thought:  Being Good is a form of Resisting Arrest!  Guilty?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Word 'God'

Good without an O

such as orgasm, offence
God with an O is still good!

Go D! or go, D.  (get out, devil) (get out, dad -pain: pa in)
or, G  o.d.(overdose) (too much 'g')

dog:god, as lived:devil
 (marines are called 'devil dogs') (I am a 'lived god')

Gulf of Darien, Game of death, glory of death,
gravity of disease, graduate of Davis
gulp of dandelion-wine

Good old days, good orderly direction, go out dancing!
grand old duke, goals objectives discipline
grieving over dead, grief of distraught, glad of death
governor of district, green or democrat, GOP or democrat
(Al) Gore or (Gray) Davis

God or devil
Godly/good or diabolical/demonic/depraved
gratitude or dismay, grow or diminish
glad or depressed, grieving or delighted, gleeful or dour

gavinblood or d.a.g. (deputy attorney general)
glowing or dark, glamorous or dull, gone or dead, great or diminutive
grandpa or dad, german or deutsch, german or dutch
genius or dumb

google discovery, good/great day, global development
Gray Davis, Gina Davis, Grateful Dead, Green Day
Gangster Disciples, Great Depression, greatly disillusioned
Gd (gadolinium), Georgia Dome (home of Atlanta Falcons)
general disarray, grave digger, gold-digger, graduate degree
glory days, guns-drugs, general destruction, giant dick
the great divide

and, of course, Garage Door, lol (open, sez me)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas double-speak

Mary Chris must! (what a pear)
 (and Hoppy Gnu year!)(rabbits and wildebeest!)

Santa's sleigh (1. satan's 2. slay), santa claus (3. claws)
fireplace (!) 4. he will?, he'll: hell, 5. dec-ember,  6. w-inter
grace, manger- (7. gr- ace, 8. m-anger)
let us pray (9. let us?)(10.prey)
mistletoe (11.missile tow) (TOW missile: tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided)
12. christ, cry-st.

and a few more:

rude off the red knows, reign dear.
blood: b-lood (be lewd)
sweetheart (can o' bull!); heart anagram, hater.
stockings: stock kings

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wisdom from On High

The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Read, lol
(some principles and virtues)

Love and be loved! Be in love.
Accept one another for who you are, and all is right, well, and good.
Everyone is a child of God (love)
and even the devil has a sweet inner-child
        in need of love
        and averse to pain

Life is good!
Be Happy for any or no reason at all, and do your best to
be strong, fit, healthy, sane, well, and alive!
to make the world a better place:

Development, progress, improvement, betterment, change
Kindness, growth, charity, mercy, curiosity, virtue
humor, laughter, fun, play, creativity, joy, cheer
compassion, equanimity, resolve, discipline, friendship
thriving vitality, appreciation, gratitude, sincerity,
innocence, trustworthiness, helpfulness, bravery, thrift,
cleanliness, security, comfort, variety, honesty, hope.

(you may have noticed some omissions from the scout law*, you are free to add "to taste")
(also, there's a whole book of virtues by seligman ("character strengths and virtues"), for a more comprehensive view, perhaps -which I still haven't seen)

diversity, community, inclusion, teamwork, competition, wealth
eat, drink, and be merry!  To health, wealth, and happiness!
Satisfaction and contentment and well-being and joy
life, love, and laughter - look good, feel good!

Be Good!  Just Think/Say/Do it

(learning and wisdom, l.a.w.):
Mindfulness, discrimination, curiosity, research, google/internet, education, questioning, reading, listening, watching, observation, science, writing, teaching, challenge, discipline, motivation, dedication, determination, drive, guts, sharing, testing, theorizing, creativity, engagement, knowing (biblically!).

open-mindedness, changed perspective:
travel, culture-shock, different languages, different religions, new music, reading, writing, role-playing, acting, lying, movies, exercise/fitness, drugs (in moderation), different jobs!  willingness to step out of "comfort-zone," "psychological travel," reality-testing, thought-experiments.

Gettin' crazy (mci): madness, craziness, insanity.
Let's get crazy! -Prince, Seal
(but maybe not -legally or clinically- insane, though...)

to read-
Apparently, not everyone thinks charity is a virtue.  I'm going to read some Ayn Rand and see what all this Republican libertarian "objectivist" madness is about, for myself (Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead).
*a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent (the scout law).
3 other scouting guidelines:
be prepared (motto). do a good turn daily (slogan).
and, of course, the Scout Oath:
On my honor, i will do my best, to do my duty, to god and my country, to obey the scout law, to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

I'm not sure it's possible to help other people "at all times," but it's a worthy goal, nonetheless!