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I, God, welcome you to my blog!

The good book says only God is good, so it seems to me somebody needs to step up.

I hope you enjoy reading this, the Jesse Journal, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to subscribe, write me an email, request that I write about any particular topic you may want my perspective on, send a prayer, click on the charity link, or donate money to my bicycle fund! Have fun!

Your pal, Jess

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F.Y.I. There are about 900 posts..

Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


today's topic: thinking, feeling, behaving 'well'

you can drink from our well, ha

clarity, lucid, eloquent (express self well)
non-symptomatic (no v/hs/p)
or ignore/don't react or engage w/ voice (resiliency, bounce back)
free, can think anything (options of thought)
creative, curious
tranquil, calm, peaceful, relaxed
(not frazzled with stress/anxiety/worry)
linear (left-brained)
(not fragmented, scattered, going off-topic, derailing, circumlocutory)
global (right-brained)
positive, optimistic

clean, endorphins, tired (at end of day)
happy, cheerful, light (vs. heavy)
in the moment (not anxious or depressed, about past or future)
awake, alive, aware
more open to change, not in a rut, pleasantly challenged
"blood flowing", "all systems go"

(things to do TO feel good, or WHEN feeling good)
active, productive, engaged, structured, busy
balanced (with breaks, rest, naps, meditation)
wake early, don't oversleep
yoga, exercise, walking (e.g. dogs), music
eat right, proper diet:
less/no meat (good for health, environment, animals themselves)
less refined sugar (avoid diabetes, obesity, tooth decay)
drink water
"as if" (if unmotivated, just do it)
smile: also, just do it, causes mood elevation, itself (they say)
connection, being social, meals with friends(fb doesn't count)
humor, laughter, levity, jokes
go outside, plan out day (nature/structure)
take meds, no alcohol/drugs
do chores, keep commitments, go to shop/store
stuff: get organized, de-clutter, clean, straighten up
hygiene: shower, brush, floss 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

list of -icides

an abbreviated list

the full list is at:

homicide, suicide
matricide, patricide, fratricide, sororicide, uxoricide, parricide
herbicide, fungicide, insecticide

parricide is of a close relative

there are actually words for this:
omnicide (everything)
mundicide (entire world)
ecocide (the natural world)
populicide (all people)

infanticide, aborticide, feticide
senicide (old men)
regicide (king)
hericide (lord or master)
tyrannicide (tyrant)
deicide (god)
biocide (life) (then again, how could you kill anything else?)

hosticide (enemy)
comment:  Jesus is the lord of hosts, right?
so that's what host means... (jesus as enemy! or lord of enemies)
The eucharist is called a host (eating the enemy!)
and, my name, JESSE
Jesse, (eating J, from latin), "the whole office of the eucharist,"  elucidated:
J is the tenth letter, which makes me think of say ten (satan),
God is One (10 becomes 1)
(i am a bit hostile to hostess)

ambicide (friend)
vaticide (poet or prophet)
philosophicide (philosopher)

monstricide (monster!)
gianticide (giant! watch out, SF baseball fans!)

spermicide, cytocide (cells), microbicide
schizonticide (malarial parasites) (same root as schizophrenia??)

non murderous -icides:
fideicide (killing a faith)
famicide (reputation)
menticide (mind/brainwashing)
ethnocide (culture)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy President's Day!

(President of the World)

I would rule the planet, making contact with the space-aliens!
(Who should be president of (our chunk of) the universe?)
I identify with earth more than the USA,
and also with animalia (more than humans, demons, gods, etc)
we're all just animals, like chimps or dolphins, but
with culture, speech/language, bipedalism, big brains, opposable thumbs, technology/tools

I would lead by example, getting strong and quitting vices.
Mr Universe.  Vegetarian.  No smoking.
japanese aikido/indian yoga/tibetan meditation ?
empty the jails and prisons: mass pardon!  set everyone free :-)
(send them all to Australia, again?)
global volunteer work: basic needs met for all.
(clean water, sanitation, food/water/clothing/shelter, healthcare)

reverence for life:
no nukes, no war, no capital punishment, no abortion.
all books available to everyone, in every language (digitally?)
no borders, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion
no laws? make your own justice? no crime.
no militaries, no police, no guns, no gangs

idunno.  i'm crazy.  it looks good on paper (to me, anyway).
president, a brand of cheese
pre/sid/ent: pre- vicious bug!
happy pd!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pope Francis, I disagree

“You cannot provoke,” Pope Francis said on Thursday. “You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”
Though he defended the principle of free expression and paid lip service to the notion that violence is always wrong, he warned “you can’t make a toy out of the religions of others.”
“To kill in the name of God is an aberration,” Francis said. However, he added that it was natural for those who have been insulted to lash out violently.
“In freedom of expression, there are limits, like in regard to my mom,” Francis continued. “If he says a swear word against my mother, he’s going to get a punch in the nose. That’s normal.”

My response
Yes, you can!  Satire, criticism, creatively playing with and redefining religion, is Good and Holy, even!  God is a human construct, Religion is all about Goodness, and is one big Toy to Play with, in the unending quest for improvement, betterment, growth, change, and love, laughter, and happiness.  Pushing people's buttons can be good.  The religious bits on comedy central are usually the best, in my opinion.  The scientologists call it impinging, part of process toward perfection.  You take the best out of every religion, and get closer to Enlightenment, Nirvana, a heavenly society, a utopian world, the Goal, Truth.   But that's just me.  You may now feel free to insult my mom in the comments.

On my mind

Isis and Islam

First off, f you, Isis.  You can all go to hell.  War is hell, so I guess you're already there.  But I wouldn't mind you assholes suffering eternal torment, of the afterlife variety.  Which we all know won't happen.  But it should.  Killing people make you feel big and strong?  I thought your religion respected Jesus.  Did you even give those 21 Coptic Christians you killed in Libya the option to convert?  Allah, the merciful, the beneficent?  How f-ing dare you, you murderous thugs.  You are a stain on your religion, you are not good!  Those weren't soldiers, those were civilians, which makes you mass murderers, serial killers, common criminals.  You should rot in hell, as they say, which would basically be a lifetime in a prison cell, which is what a civilized criminal justice system metes out to losers like you.  Death would be too good for you.  I don't believe in capital punishment.  You should have 80 years of torment!  A lifetime of pain.  Because THAT's what's real-  Not a harem of virgins in paradise.  Maybe big Baghdadi's got some bitches on the side, but that's as close as you'll ever get.  Karma's a bitch, and your stupid Islamic State's days are numbered, just like everybody else on this stupid planet.  Live by the sword, die by the sword.  You want to die?  Keep provoking us.  You guys aren't very smart, it seems to me, suicidally instigating your own demise, trying to stay in the news with sensationalist crucifixions, burnings, mass-beheadings.  Like a bad horror movie.  You can get the same thrill from video games, if that's what you're after.  You don't have to transfer your own personal hell to the world at large, which deserves better.  You don't have to make your issues with powerlessness in a religion that means 'submission' result in an orgy of violence.  You already have power.  You don't have to prove it by victimizing unbelievers.   Justice should be your receiving a miserable, unpleasant lifetime behind bars.  I might have respected you, if you did it right, and weren't barbarians.  God knows Syria and Iraq could use improvement.  Everyone has the right to live.  Every body is at the center of their own universe.  All are God.  Allah is as good a God as Christ, Buddha, Adi Da, or even Shiva, or could be, if you made it all about love, peace, respect, kindness, virtue, happiness, progress...  But although it's probably too late for you punks, I'll pray for you anyway, on the off chance you can make something good out of your "caliphate", and actually make a better world, which I assume you poor misguided "souls" think you are trying to do, anyway.  Everyone has a dark side, but a true religion extinguishes brutality and elevates comfort, peace, health, happiness.   And if you don't step up, I, one of the 7 Billion Gods on this planet right now, will turn my will against you.  I already have, but God is forgiving, right?

An Interesting Link

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When's Day

Moths and Daze of the weak

mon!day. (come to Jamaica, mon!)
Two's day (a day for pairs or couples)
When's day (today's sunrise to sunset, 7:04a to 5:44p)
Thirst day (vs. a vampiric night thirst)
Fry day (an egg, or perhaps in hell)
Satyr day (or satire-day, if you prefer)
Son day (if history is herstory, you can call it Daughterday)

clock: claw-k (eagle's claw kung fu?)
thyme's up!  (like missile-toe)
do not be alarmed!

Janet is an Aries
Febrile brew airy (the scent of a weak beer)
March! (a month for soldiering on)
Ape earl (peerage for gorillas)
May (yes we can!)
Jewin' (at the sin-agog?)
Jew-lie (such as Jews are god's chosen people)
August (so serious, formal, dour)
Septic embers (burn the outhouse down to the ground)
Octopus brr (in cold water)
No v ember (all burnt, when the vampire is exposed to sunlight)
De-semper (not always a marine)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Mess of Jess

Hello. Hell Oh? Greetings. Gr Eatings? Hi. High? Hey. Hay?

I speak doublespeak. Eye dew. Forked tongue, like a snake. Snakes don't speak. They hiss. Sibilant speech speaks slytherin...I am Jessssse Tessshara. Jesssse Lawrencssssse Tesssshara, to be precssssicssse. Csssertainly not Jessssusss Chrissst.

Like letting air out of tires. Or hissing one's vitriolic disapproval. Or getting attention: pssst! Over here! There's a flow to it, like pissing. Anger, pissed off. Like urine, you're in, and yelling ow, because it's yellow. You're all the rage. On the rag. Like Ragu pasta sauce. Pasta, like a past A in some school of fish. Noodles in your swimming pool. A pool shark at billiards. You've got balls. Maybe you're out in the garage. Openly homosexual in a gay-rage. Listening to Phish, eating phish-food eye scream, or maybe the foo-fighters. Ssssss. I cannot tell a lie. Wait, that's Washington. Dubya told a whopper. Eating president cheese at BK. Drinking the blood of the vine in your VW. The btk killer at BK (without the t). What is the price of t in China? I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat.

Death is hated, rearranged. Head T. If you're mental, you're mad. Cross. Madness is what you think, how you think, the fact that you think, or maybe are always are thinking. The consciousness con. You don't want Hannibal Lecter in your head, as they say. There's someone in your head, but it's not me, sing Pink Floyd. Ping goes the submarine, in the Roger Waters, flo-ing. Mad because they call you insane, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sane in the membrane! Hugs, not drughs. Just say no. What floats your boat, in the Seine. Thinking about thing ink. Object-oriented program language? Thinking makes you the thing king. We are living in a material world, sings mad material-girl madonna. Through thick and thin. Thick Buddha is happy, they say. Ignorance is bliss. Knowing, biblically, well that can be pleasurable, too. You're mind, the ice, thawing with thought. Break the ice, mining the mind, eventually breaking hearts and causing pain, like a cypher, breaking codes and getting everyone's number. Time's up when it has your number, they say. There's birthday and deathday: what will you have on your Tombstone? Pizza toppings at Infinite Thai (it's a restaurant). Time flows between birth to death, every moment connected by a stream of consciousness, whether inky blackness of sleep, dreaming, prayer, thoughts, speech, writing, or looking out a car window (at one damn thing after another, as they say of history) ad nauseum, or listening to song after song, reading book after book, from door to door, window to window (of opportunity); daily life's process of selection between possibilities, options, choices. Maybe too few, maybe too many, maybe without a guide. Life flows from birthday to birthday, month to month, week to week, day to day, in repetitive routines and of course the fated necessity of dealing with what life throws at you, always doing what you have to do, ofen experienced as a lack of freedom. A dizzying array of too much freedom, and an inability to choose activities, dates, supermarket food choices, whatever, can leave you frozen. Justice, just ice. Global warming and hell and disney's frozen and immigration and customs enforcement and Isis all come to mind, which itself is called ice in Neuromancer, like OJ in concentrate, ponder that. Making waves. There's always a bigger fish.

Authors eat their words with tongue on their forks. Lengua, the mexican burrito of choice. Or maybe alphabet soup. Or maybe the author wrote a cookbook. Don't mind me. Nevermind, says Nirvana. All right, if you ceso. GM: grey matter is no laughing matter, unless the general manager of general motors is a fungi. The church babyroom, quiet room: Shh! I'm growing shrooms! Robert Plant sings to his vegetables, but the tree made no sound when it Fell.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Heavenly: the good life

love sex baby family
money success comfort
school learning curiosity
knowledge, understanding, truth
happiness joy bliss fun games
laughter jokes smiles frivolity merriment
movies, music, magazines
books, reading, escape, wisdom
stimulus, library, museums
computer, phone, tablet
media, tv, radio, news, shows
food, drink, restaurants
nutritious, delicious, quality, quantity
comedy, dance, theater, sports
altruism, basic needs, charity
toys, property, things, stuff
house, car, pool, gym, pets
travel, variety, new languages, nature, experience
healthy, fit, strong, well, sane
busy, productive, efficient
wealth, prosperity, affluence, money, income, riches
job, career, dreams, ambition
motivated, dedicated
god, gold, glory
achievement, victory
rested, relaxed
pure, clean

Saturday, January 31, 2015


caution, adult themes/strong language

Ahh, bloody hell. It's a fucking abortion hurricane in here. Body parts, spatter, slippery smear. The remnants of released rage, controlled fury. What the fuck am I looking at. Horror. Scenes that can never be un-seen. Women and children screaming. Men committing suicide. Crazed maniacs tearing each others' throats out with their teeth. Babies thrown against walls. Madness. Sporadic gunfire ratatat-tatting, exploding skulls into bits of brain, seemingly everywhere. But this is not war. War is hell, they say: This is worse than hell. War has a logic, a rationale, goals, objectives, victory. But here, this place, there is no rationality anywhere, save maybe what little remains for survival, in a world where life will never be worth living again, of that you can be sure. There is no going back. Everyone is for themselves. There are no sides. Trust no one. An ongoing tragedy, with zombie-eyed, empty, lifeless victims in shock, tears, pain. I am one of them. I cannot help anyone, not myself, nobody, no one. There can be no consolation, no remedy, no healing, no wellness, no recovery, reparation, or undoing. I am helpless before a power greater than myself. God is said to be love, but God is dead. The only love here is a sadistic love of inflicting pain. Cold hatred and suicidal vengeance rule. The devil has demanded justice. Combat, once elegant, has degenerated into a fright-fest of inexplicable savagery. A crime scene of mass cruelty and torture, hatred of life, unadulterated evil, hopeless despair and longing for death. Death, the price of sin. Vengeance is mine, sayeth Darkness. And he wants apocalyptic annihilation. Hell always comes as a surprise. Death is merciful, but there is no mercy here. The Darkness is never satisfied.

The devil
Inexplicable, you say? Meat is murder, as any child knows. I quote the bible: Thou shalt not kill, the price of sin is death, and vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. God is a man of war. As you know, from Sun Tzu, the art of war is deception. Hell is heaven! Hahaha.
Wickedness and evil, once considered banal, I have justly made exceptional here. I am proud to say I have created the absurd heights of extremity, regarding turpitude, far far from the normality of carnivorous delight, and its background of mostly unseen animal apocalypse. A horrible business, that. Abattoirs are the modern holocaust. Despicable humanity will have its due. You, unfortunately, are not one of the exceptions. Welcome to hell, good sir. You can expect torment, continuous and unrelenting, in the form of the all-consuming fear of our random process of doled out agony and suffering, and of course the expectation and certainty of unrestrained and viciously painful lethality, unleashed on the guilty, the deserving, the rotten, the brutal, the criminal, the sources of misery and anguish, reaping their just desserts. Justice is sweet! The icing on the cake, I dare say. Mmm, flesh. You guys are so good. Your pain is delicious. You know it's fair, so prepare to despair!  Now for justice: Let the torture commence!

Friday, January 30, 2015

common sense

what are the senses, o sense-say?

We have 5 senses but there are 16 extra ones that not many people know about and they are :

5:sweet taste
6:sour taste
7:salty taste
8:bitter taste
9:umami taste (meaty taste)
12:proprioception (joint position)
13:kinaesthesis (movement)
16:blood pressure
17:blood oxygen content
18:cerebrospinal fluid PH
19:plasma osmotic potential (thrust)
20:artery-vein glucose difference (hunger)
21:lung inflation

VAST amounts of books

telephony and bibliophilia

Verizon, Att, Sprint, T-mobile
What ever happened to the band Visual Auditory Sensory Theater?
I bought a cd of theirs a long time ago.
hey, vato.  waddup, g
vatog: visual auditory tactile olfactory gustatory
(the fancy way to list the 5 (main) senses:
neurologists list anywhere between 9 to 21 (!) senses)

this is my current book list (12), on deck:

Case Against the Supreme Court, by Erwin Chemerinsky
Cleopatra, A Life, by Stacy Schiff (recommended by A. Glover)
The American Heritage Spanish Dictionary
The Chambers Dictionary (10th Edition)
National Geographic 1000 Events that Shaped the World
That Book of Perfectly Useless Information, by Mitchel Symons
A Game of Thrones, by George RR Martin
The Book of the Bizarre, by Varla Ventura
Are Lobsters Ambidextrous, by David Feldman
How Does Aspirin Find a Headache?, also by Feldman
Your Pinkie is More Powerful Than Your Thumb, by Mark Di Vincenzo
National Geographic's An Uncommon History of Common Things,
    by B Patrick and J Thompson

and, of course, there's my 1001 list I've been neglecting, to get back to...

Sunday, January 25, 2015



darth vader says ho...brrr.
berkeley is brrr..chilly
rolling stones sing, i'm so hot for her, but she's so cold!
justice is just ice
brrrgers are delicious, but it's a cold thing to do to cattle.
what's your beef? burgrrr.
meat in buns, ew that's not sexy at all.
frozen is a disney movie
mr. freeze played by ahnold
the ice guy from the x-men
cold-blooded killahs
co-ld, company lethal dose (evokes murder inc., a metallica song)
ah-choo! people have colds.
global warming makes some places colder, they say.
chili is delicious, and chile is a country.  i scream iced cream.
chill-dren, chill out!  take a chill pill!
a look that chills me to this day..
ICE: immigration and customs enforcement
police is pol-ice, another form of ice.
ice, ice, baby!  and Ice-T
Isis....ice sis
isometric exercise
dry ice, blue ice
mice, lice, dice, twice, trice, suffice, nice, price, rice, vice, splice
malice, chalice, Alice (callous, phallus, Dallas, Tallis scholars, valise)

Saturday, January 24, 2015


pain and hatred

buddhism has its work cut out for it.

war, killing, murder, death
pain and suffering, torture
misery, anguish, despair
anger, hatred, rage, wrath, fury
peace, mercy, kindness, compassion
charity, feeling alive, clean
happiness, comfort, joy, pleasure, fun
love, forgiveness

I really don't  think it's all good.  or god is everywhere.  or evil doesn't exist.
or that I shouldn't have aversion to the former, or attraction to the latter...

what say you?
is nonexistence equal to existence?
pain is only temporary, and this too will pass?

Nietszche (I learned from Philosophy Talk) believed Jesus needed love to such a great extent that he created (the concept of?) hell for those that didn't love/follow/believe him. 

I'm not sure, but I'm leaning toward a desire to have the devil burn in hell.
My voice, David A. Eldridge, says he's the devil, and I'm inclined to agree.
He causes me real suffering, torments me with headshocks/chest pains/ unwanted (telepathic/schizophrenic) voice.   
Whoever sends someone to hell, deserves hell themselves, I've thought earlier.
As long as incarceration is hellish, I'm against lawyers for prosecution.
To extinguish my own suffering, do I need to accept his rotten presence in my life?
He won't relent.  I hate him.
I hate the pain, the voice, and my mental illness/taking meds.
I feel possessed, the victim of mind control, and unjustly punished.
Fuck you, David, and go to hell, you piece of shit bastard.
That's really how I feel.  Just leave me alone, all right?

You would think that if you experience hell, you wouldn't want others to go there.
But the opposite is often (usually?) true, I guess.

Friday, January 23, 2015

recent entertainment

an update

I've seen 3 movies recently:
The Hobbit (5 armies), Big Eyes, and American Sniper

2 bands:
Pablo Cruise, at Yoshi's (on the 17th)
Celtic Fiddle Festival (coming up, Feb. 12th, at the Freight and Salvage)
(i won the tickets from kalx and kzsu)

Jesus is better than you imagined, by Jonathan Merritt (1/15th)
I just got a new Spanish-English dictionary from Amazon.
I started The Case Against the Supreme Court, by Erwin Chemerinsky

(I've fallen behind in my book/day goal, but I've still been busy)

update (2/26/15)
from my recent trip to Auburn:
I saw the movie 'Kingsmen' at the theater in Auburn, CA with T
I saw the movie 'Paul' on tv
I went to a Roller Derby in Sacramento
I ate a jellyfish salad at a Vietnamese restaurant
I took Amtrak bus/train round-trip (they have wifi!)
I walked a trail overlooking the canyon with Bruce
I walked with T and Gracie (the frenchie) a couple times
We took Gracie to the vet
had dinner at Pat and Ron's, left with leftovers.
got froyo outside Rust & Ruffles, across from 'mancave'
ate the veggie (patty) sandwich at Subway, with cookie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Good Day

today's topic

A good day, for me, is:

busy, structured, productive (but maybe also includes a nap)
-wake early, rested

 -exercise (usually at the Y, sometimes twice), progress:
    You sleep better after a good swim, is good to keep in mind.  The doctor says you should "sweat every day", which is why I do the stationary bike for cardio.  I bicycle everywhere, too (with a helmet).  I want to lose my gut, get stronger, and gain endurance.  Fit, strong, healthy, well.  Physical health contributes to mental health.

 -good food ("eat right", which for me is less/no meat, minimal candy/soda, and includes the 3 vitamins: vitamin c, omega 3, b12, as well as nightly medications [olanzapine, risperdal], and a scoop of gnc protein powder a half-hour before exercise).

-read the daily NY Times.
-read a book-a-day, too (can be a children's book)
-good news (in the paper)
(like the cnn heroes feature, the end of a war, or good economic news)
-lots of blog visitors, blog comments
-learning answers/ a new word, vocabulary
-stimulus: music, movie, magazines

-time with friend(s) and/or dogs
-okcupid contact
-email from family, friends

-non-symptomatic (no pain, voice, shock)

-win lotto!
-make money
-give to charity

-pleasant weather (i like rain in addition to sunshine)
-beauty, nature
-good mood

-go to sleep tired
-good dreams (nightmares are therapeutic, they say,  btw)

(I don't need all these things, to have a good day, but the more, the better)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

terror stats


since 9/11 ('01), Muslim-linked terrorism has claimed the lives of 37 Americans.

compare this with:
In that same amount of time, more than 190,000 Americans were murdered.
30 Americans are killed each day from gun violence. 
3 women/day are killed in domestic violence, in America.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5 Thoughts

hope they help.

a. a really close friend, who you also have sex with
b.a feeling, an attitude toward the world, toward life, toward everyone

God is dead
a.when a loved one dies
b.when you don't love yourself/your life, or don't love anyone/life.

is good, and telling the truth is virtuous, no matter how reviled, and by declaring my personal truth, I am being Godly, even if it consists of atheistic self-apotheosis.  To play the role of God is to share truth.

GD can stand for God, Global Development, good....or gravely disabled.

"There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet." -W.B. Yeats

Friday, January 9, 2015

Deluded Jesus

His crucifixion was not God's will

It certainly wasn't HIS will, I'm pretty sure of that!
And Christians seem to think he was/is/is part of, God.
In the battle of good v. evil, I would say the devil beat Jesus when ol' J died.
Why would Jesus' Dad want his son to be crucified?
Maybe Jesus sinned in a major way, and deserved crucifixion?
Was Jesus guilty?  
There are no answers to these questions: it's ancient history.
I'm not sure I care, to tell you the truth.
It seems like a raw deal to me, and maybe a warning for any would-be Lords, Messiah, Christs, or Gods out there (like me?).  I'm ignoring this, and will continue to speak/write my mind.
What would Jesus have done if he wasn't killed?
Would he have healed everyone?  Ruled the world?  Had a family?
Some people think he's in space, alive, immortal -with the aliens presumably- before he returns to earth at some point to resume where he left off.
I think it's kind of silly to repeat every Sunday your belief that Jesus is ascended into heaven and sitting at the right hand of his father, like an immortal that doesn't move, out in space.
I also believe, once your dead, resurrection is impossible- it's kaput, you're life is over.
Back to oblivion, nonexistence, like you were before you were born.
But some physicists believe we live in holographic universe, with 11 dimensions, or something.
I don't claim to have a clue about either of these suppositions.
Do we live in a hologram?  Are we holograms?  Why do they say that?
I live in Berkeley, which is named after a bishop/philosopher who believed the world was the physical manifestation of God's dreaming, if I remember correctly.
This is interesting, if we're all God!

I was thinking there are 3 competing concepts of light out there:
(from the sun (plasma), from fire, from lightbulbs)
1)a particle, the photon, like a billiard ball or a bullet, that is a quantum -a discrete amount- of energy, travelling through space at the speed of light, bouncing off things, and being absorbed, and causing different colors, depending on what it hits.
2)a wave, like sound, or maybe the ocean, that experience constructive or destructive interference, when it interacts with other waves, lapping on the shore of our eyes.
3)a "ray" of light, which is different from a particle or a wave, because mathematically a ray is a line that goes in only one direction, travelling straight (a line goes in both directions).  It's kind of connected to it's source, I guess is what I'm saying.

4)hm, there's also the light in our heads, that we see when we dream.  are those photons?
5)Adi Da said he was "conscious  light", which is a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around, because there's confusion and uncertainty about what light is, as well as what consciousness is.
6)For example, does it have weight?  After all, it's called "light"!!
7)How does /would it push a "solar sail"?
8)Can inanimate matter have consciousness? A rock? Is the sun an organism? (I just saw a tv show -Dr. Who- with that premise)

I was thinking about the phrase "all right" today.
Clearly, not everything is right.
Nuclear weapons, for example, I think we can all agree on, are a travesty and should not exist.
I overheard someone recently say, "you have to be willing to destroy the world in order save the world."  I disagree, although I see what he's saying (MAD, mutually assured destruction, provides deterrence).  Global disarmament is possible (even with distrust, or without universal goodwill).

I got an email from Barack Obama today, entitled "tell the president what's on your mind" or something to that effect.  And then, after I got excited about writing my thoughts, I was given a list of topics to choose from.  WTF?  F.U. Obama.  That sucks.  That seriously pissed me off.  I'm not one of your damn sheeple, alright?  I had something I wanted to say, and wasn't allowed to say it.  Seriously?  Yes we can?  Ugh.

To demand other countries disarm, without doing so ourselves, is hypocritical.  We have no right to demand Iran not have nukes, without disarming our own.  I mean, duh.  Isn't that obvious?  Are we secretly endorsing the nuclearization of Iran?? Are we all the devil's sheeple/pawns?

Anyway, is killing an ant the same as nuking a city?  Or vice versa?  I was thinking about how ants respond when they find a dead ant, and how they go all nuts, just like how France got crazy with the recent islamist terrorism.  Ant-hropology conjurs ants, too.  The universe is infinitely big, so in a way, we're not very different from ants.  SF, across the bay, has The Giants (baseball team).   A law professor at Davis said to "squash them like bugs," in a lecture there.  Solidarity with the animal kingdom might imply we not want to kill germs, though.   Did Jesus kill germs?  With his right hand or his left hand?  We're all going to die.  We're all dying.  The entire universe.  Every star will go black.  No diamond is really forever.  Forever is a mighty long time.  Death may be hated, but it's the universal fate.  Like oingo boingo says, no one lives forever!  We're like bubbles.  You're gonna pop.

 When people say "all right," am I supposed to chuck morality out the window, and accept all the horror and violence as somehow good, (as it presumably is, for the perpetrators).   Evil is everywhere, banal, commonplace, as evidenced by war, abortion, and meat, in addition to crime.  If love is the answer, then we have to love the devil, too.  Every single one of us, the devil inside, as they say. 4-evil is the code behind the word d-evil. If you think about it like that, killing doesn't seem as bad.  Thou shalt not kill is the commandment.  But time kills all.  And vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord.  The price of sin is death.   And swatting a fly is pretty easy, and some people are more annoying that flies (to me, anyway).  I have no compunction about stepping on a cockroach.  But they don't throw you in prison for killing bugs.  The word police makes me think of P.O. lice (pissed off lice).  You don't want them in your hair.  But we all should serve and protect.  That's a noble goal and profession. Governments should step up, and eliminate nuclear weapons, a'ite?

Today at Kaiser, the art therapy group I go to had the topic of problem/solution.
Here's what I came up with:
problems: unhealth, boredom, money, peace, anomie, addiction, ignorance, rut, unhappiness, imperfection, and evil.

exercise, good nutrition, meds, hygiene, cheer/laughter, meditation, right amount of sleep.

friends, books, music, volunteering, movies, news

frugality, work, charity, ssa/ssi, lottery, inheritance, gold-digging

outlets, diplomacy, victory


support, rehab

wikipedia, books, magazines, libraries, schools, teachers, science, curiosity, writing/research, google.

variety, nature

extinguish greed, hatred, delusion; sex, good food/restaurant dining; fun/play/games; service

practice, creativity, discipline, improvement

law, morality, religion, justice, connection, communication, compassion, leadership, virtue, example, integrity, kindness.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wussup, Redmond! lol.
Another 584 million mile journey of the earth around the sun completed!
Did everyone make a new year's resolution?

Mine was to floss.
I'm maintaining last year's still, which was 'early to bed, early to rise.
I'm reading a book/day this year, which I'm happy about.

I've read:
1)Fluent in 3 Months, by Benny Lewis
2)Border Patrol Nation, by Todd Miller
3)Thud, by Terry Pratchett
4)El Cazador de Tatuajes, por Jevenal Acosta
5)Stuffed, by Glenn Eichler and Nick Bertocci
6)Lost in Translation, by Ella Frances Sanders (today's read)

tomorrow I hope to finish
7)Pyramids, by Terry Pratchett
on deck also, from the library as well, is
8)el guardian del tiempo, por Mitch Albom, and
9)cuentos de eva luna, por isabel allende

None of these are from my 1001 list.
I'm trying to read lots of Spanish so I can reach mastery level this year.
I'm also reading the daily NY Times, and hitting the Y.
Sweat, every day.  I weigh 200 lbs, which is much better than I was.
I want to lose another 10, gain muscle, and lose the gut.
busy, busy!

I won tickets today from kalx to Pablo Cruise at Yoshi's on Saturday, January 17th.
My mom tells me today is the anniversary of the day I was baptized.
Crazy how she remembers these things!
I walked Fido and Taco today, and gave Julie and Sam a (belated xmas gift of a) jar of ginger paste, because we love the ginger paste tofu at the Thai restaurant downtown San Leandro, so now they can make their own!  I bought a sushi burrito today, from Sushi Secrets, downtown Berkeley.

So my new year's routine is daily BEN (book, exercise, ny times)

I really like my new room, by the way.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Peace Declaration

from a psych unit:
globalized, applicable to the planet-

"(Anywhere, your place here ______) is a safe place to heal.  Everyone in this community, no matter what our role, plays a part in creating a safe place to heal.  We all work with peacefulness to heal and recover our lives.

We will always treat each other in a nonviolent way- free from harmful actions and words or threats of harm toward ourselves and others.

We will seek ways to peacefully communicate to resolve disagreement.

We will always treat each other with respect and dignity, to honor each other's individual uniqueness, and to be aware of the power each of us has to enhance another's hope, security and trust for the recovery journey."

Thursday, December 25, 2014

xmas gifts


I gave:
-3 bathroom readers (each different), from the ashby flea market,
to Hernan, LGBT, and SPAM
-a toy wooden train, to Benjamin (from Marshalls)
(it's categorized as an age 2+ toy, is it a bad gift for any reason for a 7mo old? -slightly worried)
-a set of cards/stationery (pictures of Yosemite), from a Bkly used bookstore, to mom
-another (4th!) jokebook, from Barnes and Noble, for dad
-I forgot to get a gift for Erin + Dan (!).   It was just Erin's birthday, too.  missed both.
-I also need to get something for uncle/aunt Tom+Jeannine, who I will see on Saturday.
-a ritter chocolate, for Rose Marie

I got:
5 gift cards, 2 books, and 1 game.
-$30 regal cinemas -from J+V,
-$25 amc movies -LGBT
-$20 starbucks  -M+D
-(2) $25 Trader Joe's -M+D

-National Geographic's 1000 Events that Shaped the World
(about 400pp, lots of pictures, like a coffee table book, history) -M+D
-Lost in Translation, an illustrated compendium of untranslatable words from around the world, by Ella Frances Sanders -D+E

-IQ Twist (multi-level logic game, 1 player, 120 challenges) -M+D

-and of course, a delicious dinner, and fresh oranges to take home.
-last night, x-mas eve, I went to Holly's chinese restaurant, in Oakland (on Piedmont) with SPA and Pierre's dad, Peter, a retired math professor (5 dishes, family style, brown rice, tea, fortune cookies, i ordered spicy eggplant).  They gave me a bag of homemade cookies, too, to take home with me.

thank you, everybody, for the thoughtful gifts!
The 12 of us who came to 801 for dinner were:
(Larry, Peg, Greg, Liz, Ben, Jesse, Jim, Vicki, Erin, Dan, Hernan, and David)

hope everybody had a nice holiday.
I have an invitation to a nearby kwanzaa celebration, tomorrow.
my new year's resolution is to Floss!
Vote Vicki Hennessy for San Francisco Sheriff!

things i want to buy:
air purifier, chess set, aletheon (book by Adi Da), camping stove, canteen, water filter/purifier, binoculars, umbrella, aikido lessons, speed reading lessons, tesla automobile, gun, cirque tickets, comedy club tickets, babadook movie, apps for my ipad (SpeakorTreat, SpeakaLegend), winning lottery ticket!

i would also be interested in tech (smartphone? apple watch? google glass?), if I could get one question (answer) at a time from the J! archive site.  that would be really cool.

Ideally, I want to raise a family, travel, and have a home/house.  Not sure if that's in the cards for me.  Hope so!

Monday, December 22, 2014

psych jokes

psyc ha logy
happy Ha! nukkah:

1.those blue diamond truckers really drive me nuts!

2.i fell into a french river, and now I'm in-seine

3.a guy wearing nothing but saran wrap walks into his psychiatrist's office:
she says, "I can clearly see your nuts" (you're)

4.how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
only one, but it has to really want to change.

5.a crazy person walks into a dentist's office.
he says, doctor doctor you've gotta help me, I think I'm a moth!
The dentist says, you need a psychiatrist, I'm a dentist, why did you come in here?
to which he replies, The light was on!

6. (riddle) what mental illness does the entire planet have?
well, there's a north pole and a south pole: so, it's bipolar.

7. doctor, doctor I keep having the same dream: first I'm a wigwam, then i'm a teepee.
well, it's clear what your problem is: you're two tents! (too tense)

8. The motor city madman beds a lunachick, which crazy Jay-z thinks is 'insane in the membrane' and Dr. Dre considers to be a symptom of schizophrenic insanity.  Ted Nugent demands a second opinion!  The doctor replies, "Okay, you're ugly, too!"

if you know any others, please submit my omissions!
(skittles-o-phrenia?)(nuttiest phone company, mci -mad crazy insane?)
(sanity of a manatee?) (gone fishing? out to lunch? outsane?)
(toys in the attic? lost his marbles?)
that's all i've got! help me out here.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


We could all use God's presence

Love could come from anywhere, so prayer is accessing this anonymous font of assistance.
(even strangers!) .
for example,

in my life, healing would be helpful for my aunt RM, uncle Jim, cousin Patrick..
(and me)

and senescence creeps up on everyone...alcohol can be problematic...so can money...

death and suffering is universal, unless maybe if you're a buddha.
(and thereby extinguish suffering through absolute acceptance of reality (literal: all right?)
no craving of life, no aversion to death

simple sitting

cravings: food, sex, warmth, comfort, safety, kindness...
happiness, money, drugs, music, stimulus.
karma (justice?) good for good, bad for bad: suffering for victimization
aversion: (negative craving) death, suffering, old age, disease

I just read a collection of jokes by Isaac Asimov:
no. 704 (pg. 327)
"Personally, I think it's the great god Hypocrisy that rules the human race.
      I heard a speech recently in which the speaker explained that when the United States nuclear-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those acts ended the war and saved countless lives, which made it quite obvious that using the nuclear bomb was right.
      I raised my hand and said, "Suppose the Japanese had discovered the nuclear bomb first and had bombed New York and Washington.  Would not that have ended the war and saved countless lives?  And would that be right?
       The speaker hesitated a moment, then said, "It depends on which side you're on.
Exactly, I said.  So don't be sure of what is right and what is wrong."

(not exactly a joke, is it?)
I was thinking, recently: who cares if we would all be speaking German if the nazis won ww2.  I have nothing against speaking/being German.  We value being mellow, easygoing, laid back, going with the flow- so why fight?  Anything can be changed from the inside, right?  War is just plain stupid, and I believe always will be so.  I imagine I'm in the minority on this one.  I don't care.  Go ahead and die for whatever cause you're willing to die for.   I don't care about that, either.

Merry Xmas

or Christmas, if you prefer

'Tis the season to be jolly!

mini-streams of consciousness/word-association:
Jelly bellies, jolly Bollywood, jello pudding
rape rope, let 'er rip, ripe for reaping, riposte...the rap rep rips rupert
giles, gilberto, gilchrist, kathy gill-t, guilty, cagey, kg
walls, walmart, walgreens, wall-e, wales, whales, wails
law, jack, chad, lawton, ley, lay, le, frito, france, ellen, ln, french
frog-men, navy seals, cpt. phillips, tom, toronto ottawa, montreal
jail, prison, jl, person, purr sun, kat starr,  cat, catholic catechism
covington, coveting, willie mccovey, covert, cove, coven, cover me
covalent bonds, barry bonds, bondage, hostage, host, eucharist
cannibalism, is-m?  mmm, mcdonalds.  mickey d's.  mouse,
mickey's, beer, root beer, alcohol, al gore, al madrigal, al rahim

today is the first day of winter!
and I'm in berkeley- brrchilly

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Stormy Weather

What's up? Lots and lots of water.
And any direction you choose: there is no up.
Unless you define it as the opposite direction of gravity.
Rain, precipitation, snow, sleet, hail, clouds, sky
fog, drizzle
thirsty crops, drought relief, aquifer replenishment, flooding!

rain ads (msgb):
Stormy temper, under the weather, or right as rain?
(mad, sad, glad)
idiom: "you're all wet" (mistaken, wrongheaded, on the wrong track)
(a form of bad) (anagram of 'wallet'!)

Hats, hoods
homeless, hungry

sleeping well, thunder and lightning
raindrops keep falling on my head
freshman stripe, and a friend named "Stormy"

Monday, December 8, 2014

Black and White

skin, thinking, and color

Caucasians aren't white, and African-Americans aren't black.  Blacks are brown. Whites are, well, I don't think there's a word for it. But we're not white. Caucasians aren't (necessarily) from the caucusus, either. Some africans are white. And lots of white people are black, morally. Just as there are white blacks, if you get my meaning. White evokes purity, morality, cleanliness, the Pope. And black evokes shadow, darkness, evil, death. So whites are Jesus, while blacks lurk in their lairs in Mordor, where the shadow lies, and Sauron plots to rule over a planet of slaves.

White and black are opposites, facing each other as enemies on the chess board. Chess is war, if you're serious about it, and racial language thus leads to, or at least contributes to, antagonism, isolation, discrimination, racism, gangs, hatred, and a prison environment of terror, the opposite of the American dream of the melting pot, more like a salad dressing of separation between the oil and vinegar, to which you may now start arguing over which is on top.  Funny thought: If a white and a black produce a baby, you might think he or she would turn out gray... A type of space-alien is called 'the grays', I think.  As if she was giving birth to an alien.  Ridiculous.

White light has all the colors in it, as revealed by the rainbow spectrum emerging from a beam of light diffracted through a prism. Well, not all colors: there's no brown, grey, tan -which is probably why these colors are so sartorially popular.  However, black paint is the color that you get if you mix all the colors, I think.  Black clothing is good in cold weather if you want to absorb all the heat from the sun's light on you.  Everybody, I think it is interesting to note, has both black and white, in their eyes, no matter what skin or hair color you have.  Rainbow colors are part of the hippy-dippy pot-smokers tie-dye culture, or the pride flag of homosexuals, or gang colors. But colorful clothing makes us feel happier, and so other countries have more colorful attire than we Americans do, with our hang-ups and exclusionary racial identities, and of course unwillingness to break ranks with social conformity.

Darkness also implies ignorance, while light is a metaphor for truth, knowledge, wisdom. If you're in the dark, you be ignant. If you is a white devil, you're an oppressor. I have a white devil in my head: a black attorney in my head, who presumably seeks historical justice by making me his white slave, because he won't shut up and leave me alone. He's evicted, but is squatting in my brain, spitting his shit into my goddamn schizophrenic brain. And, of course, God supposedly said let there be light (and it was good).  It's up to you to infer whether that means darkness is bad or not... 

Shit is brown, and evil is black, so black becomes the moniker of race because it has the patina of menace and power, in a world where death is oblivion, and even if you go into the light when you die, you still end up dead. Shit just stinks. Omnipotence is the divine power to kill anyone, anytime. Death personified is God. Even priests wear black. Time kills all. We are all dying. Premature death is tragic, because life is beautiful, even for the ugly. Gratitude keeps you positive. Anger against injustice (a gr- attitude!) is the fire in the belly that fuels the chess war of life, in the first place.

Cops drive around in black and white cars, with Republican and Democrat lights spinning on top. Blacks kill whites, whites kill blacks, blacks kill blacks, and whites kill whites. It's a big mess, and none of it is good. Some say, “it's all good” or “all right”, but the truth is no one is perfect, and life is riddled with imperfection, error, failure, stupidity, ignorance, cruelty, sin, crime, injustice, unfairness, and conflict. We may have equal rights, but some are more equal than others. You have to fight for your right to party. Sometimes you have to fight to survive. Everybody has a dark side. The dark side of the force can be interpreted as Darth Vader in the role of a corrupt cop. May the force be with you, ha. Don't fight the police, unless you're Neo (ha, again).

I overheard someone saying the endgame of this racial chess war is to put the country into martial law, which I'm fairly sure isn't gonna happen, but I spose it's possible, if the psychopaths among us go all buggy and start offing people who happen to have different color epidermises than they do. The devil hates everybody, though, and racism just happens to be the weakest link in society, the window of opportunity to cause the most damage, in a world of global disappointment at the disparity between what is and what could be.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Still Living in Berkeley!

I've got a New Place, everybody!

I found a room on Craigslist, and will be moving in next week :-)
And it's not too far from where I am, now!
Pleased as punch, and excited for the next chapter in my Bkly book-
Thanks everybody, who helped!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Toying with God

He Toys With Us

so the law of karma dictates we should give back as good as we get:
Toying With God!
(Onion article)

It recently occurred to me that BLOG could be perceived in religious terminology:
Jesus, in (english) numerology, converts to 10-5-19-21-19
or, 1-5-1-3-1
or, 2
the second letter is B

then, LOG, could stand for Lamb Of God

so, BLOG cryptically equates to Jesus, Lamb of God.
which is trippy! (even without the blog reference)
Catholics sing about it during communion.
mystical union (if you don't want to make the reference to cum-union)
actually, that could also be a techie reference, too: COM (like blogspot.COM)

just as the relation of children to parents,
there is supposedly a relation of adults to a "heavenly father"
question: Does "heavenly father" have a God of His own?
or are there levels even beyond that?
(is life a heavenly video game?)

Anyway, Eucharist/communion/"the body and blood of Christ"
you stand in line, and say "amen"
a-men, like the a-team
A like a grade of 4.0, or ace, or -referencing Seinfeld- "ass-man"
which could be a proctologist, or a reference to anal sex.
I knew a (religious) guy in college whose name was Aymon.
He changed his name to TJ (whatever that stands for)
I wonder now if he did that because of my initials.

anyway, the lord is my shepherd.
life or death, like a shepherd who occasionally slaughters and eats (!)
the very lambs he so lovingly protects from the wolves.
Thus, we eat the God who eats us.
Eucharist is eating the cannibal, a revenge of sorts
a bit of justice, you might say.
Does God eat Christians (his lambs?)
and, of course, what's eating you? as they say.

we're all eaten by time, of course,
(senescence is a bitch.  an inevitable result of cellular replication)
and also, after burial or cremation-
as eventual wormfood
or eaten by fire, if we happen to be sent to the ovens (!)
cremation is a weird word.  Made into cream?
for the creme de la creme?
Will Prince be Cream-ated? ha, couldn't resist.
saints preserve us, hell is a fiery inferno...
(once you're dead, heaven and hell don't matter!)

eating is a weird, weird, trippy thing.
Jesse, my name, means "the whole office of the Eucharist"
esse means eating, in latin.   eating J.
just as drinking can be interpreted as vampiric,
so eating can be interpreted positively, negatively, or
(as is most often the case, and rightly so) neutrally.
Chuy is my name in spanish (like chewy!)
it's also Isai (AI is artificial intelligence, another computer reference)
(pronounced eesa-E, accented second i)
Chewbacca says May the force be with you.
May (5) force (2), christ! jesus!

Alright, I've said enough.  This lamb is silent.
eating is probably better without thinking too much about it!
-God out!
(Jess, Jesse, Chuy, Isai, Jesus (heyzeus), Jesu (jayzoo), JessT, Jester)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Today's Riff

The novelty of a November novel: No V
A work of fiction about a world without vampires, without victims, in a phrase: that doesn't suck.

Wait, you say. Suck is just an idiom, an expression, that literally relates to vacuums (another v word), but not to the world (unless gravity can be said to be “sucking” us onto the surface of the planet), or definitely not to people (because we only “suck” if we're 1)“sucking” breath after hard exertion/exercise, or 2)during fellatio, which is also called by it's opposite -“blow”, but which is really neither blowing nor sucking, or, 3) the possibility -so rare it barely deserves mention- after you've been bitten by a venomous snake, possibly a viper, in which you cut open the site and suck out the venom)... But the only time people suck, normally, is when they've got a cup of soda from a fast food joint, with a straw. And hopefully you won't have to deal with any sucking chest wounds. Perhaps you have a poetic sensibility and are cynical about life, in which the process of breathing is suck and blow, repeated ad nauseum.

Being out of breath sucks, especially if you're asthmatic. Venomous viper bites suck. Diabetes from too much sugary soda sucks. Being a victim of a vampire sucks. But fellatio most definitely does NOT suck, even when it does. Okay, hit the pause button again, you're thinking- vampires are fictional, mythological, nonexistent, and don't belong in a factual explanation of suckage: They only “exist” in our imagination and the collective unconscious, expressed in movies, tv shows, books, and plays, not reality...

But crime exists, unfortunately, and predators suck, being criminals who violate our rights. You might not believe in the devil, demons, sin, hell, or vampires, but these are useful concepts, nonetheless. They're useful both in pre-prevention of the possibility of potential perpetration, and post-punishment of caught criminals. Children believe in monsters, which is good, even if technically untrue, because ordinary people can be monstrous. In the psy-war between our better and worse, greater and lesser, selves, often conceived of as the cartoonish conversation of our conscience between angels and devils, gods and monsters, saints and demons, the battle for our souls, in the epic conflict between good and evil, the light and dark sides of the force, mythological figures and locations are forms that help us achieve more moral behavior, in spite of the sweetness of sin, and the tremendous temptation to turpitude. Love always wins, though, they say.

Heaven and hell, as prospective reward or punishment, carrot or stick as it were, help society avoid potential evil events, and also after crime, in the process of justice. Fear of God, and his henchman's horrific hell, scare people straight. The prospect of eternal torment causes suffering to criminals who might otherwise have no remorse, or possibly even enjoy prison. V and V literally look like two canines (“eye-teeth”), and poetically conjure concepts of vicious vampires (and their violated victims) who in reality are psychopaths or sociopaths who might believe themselves to be vampires, and therefore become “real”in the same way a dad believes himself to be Santa, or a priest believes himself to be God. There's a ring of truth. The virtual becomes real for those that believe. Operationally if not objectively true. Victims become vampires, too, when the thirst for justice becomes a desire for artificially created karma, in a word: revenge. Personally, I think this just makes things worse, adding suffering to suffering, torment to torment, potentially creating a never-ending cycle of violence and hate. Justice must err on the side of less net suffering. Incarceration, whether prison or jail, should not exact more suffering than the criminals caused in the course of their criminality. In fact, ideally, the criminal will keep his freedom, and go forth and sin no more, as they say.

War sucks. As General Sherman said, “war is hell.” As a former friend of mine said, “chess is war.” Causing war is the crime of the powerful, sending armies to kill each other in an orgy of bloodshed, for nonexistent entities called “nations,” who fail to see the commonality, the shared humanity, between peoples with different languages, skin colors, and religions. Some powerful people get bored, and think war spices up life with a little excitement, like a mma or wwf match, that cleanses society, kills off excess population, creates an economy, reduces the number of evil people, focuses and unites societies, improves and tests new technology, and distracts us from other bad news, perhaps perceived as worse than war. War can be painted in pleasing (non-red) colors (such as self-defense, security, safety, strength, protection, sacrifice, duty, valor, courage, honor) in the pubic mind.

Some of the evils of the modern world that might conceivably contribute to causing a distractive war could be the anomie of nihilism, or the banality of evil- in such things as the industrialized slaughter of animals, an unrecognized modern holocaust, or the existence of more slaves in modern society than in any other period in human history, or such extreme economic inequality in the world that the richest 85 billionaires have as much money as the bottom 3.5 billion people (nearly half the world's population!) ...supposedly equal human beings, I might add, who share the global village of this third rock from the sun, planet earth, an island paradise of life, in an infinite and indifferent universe. Also, we're in the midst of an extinction event, with ecosystems screaming under the weight of climate change and habitat destruction. People aren't surviving, either, with the tolls of natural disasters, crime, disease, war, suicide, and poverty. Malnutrition exists along side of obesity and food wastage. Addictions to sugar, nicotine, heroin, or any product at all really, drain economies and lower the quality of life. Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in the maximized unhealth of the world's population, so as to be in perpetual need of their medications, a dependency with vast societal and personal ramifications. The “mentally ill” receive government money, and can be trapped in unemployment, as well as suffering from stigma and resentment. Some of us have access to quality free healthcare, while others don't have access to either clean water or sanitation. Global inequality is unacceptable. We are all a part of the human community, on spaceship earth, a global village, with equal rights, and the capacity for ALL to have our basic needs met, with minimal suffering and maximal well-being, in a world that cares.

In sum, the issues of ecology, equality, slavery, poverty, meat, crime, and unhealth (such as obesity, malnutrition, and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, psychosis, suicide) for starters, add up to a need for distractions/escape like books or vacation or tv and religion, to make us feel better, in what can be a sick, sick world. Universal healthcare would be a good start, in my view. Getting into nature, exercise endorphins, the occasional restaurant meal, staying informed, breaking routine, and remembering the neediest, are just a few ideas that work for me.

War is not the answer. What is? Compassion, kindness, love, charity, service, community, cheerfulness, humor, friendship, wealth, comfort, security, freedom, respect, status, equality, education, recreation, entertainment, art, literature, poetry, dance, health and fitness, work, helpfulness, trust, truth, courtesy and respect, lawfulness, righteousness, rectitude, thrift, bravery, cleanliness, intelligence, curiosity, engagement, prayer and meditation, spirituality, libraries/reading/books, discipline, strength, integrity, honor, happiness, bliss, mental health, self-improvement.

We're all human, and we all want the same things. We want love, pleasure, sex, respect, status, comfort, security, money, freedom, companionship, camaraderie, friendship, laughter, humor, entertainment... These are what I want, anyway.

Terrorism. We're terrorists, too: Animals, babies, criminals, soldiers. We should stop killing. Thou shalt not kill. Meat, abortion, capital punishment, and war are stains on our collective humanity. Prisons shouldn't be hellholes of institutional terrorism, either, where racism and rape are rampant. Religious tolerance needs to be a global human value, recognizing that All religions seek Goodliness as Godliness and eschew Evil as Sin, in a universal human ethic of righteous moral love and respect.

God out.  Cheers!

final thoughs
Happiness and Health in Heaven.  Hatred and Horror in Hell.
Good or Bad.  Suffering or Bliss.  Love or Hate.  Life or Death.
"He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What God Believes

God is love.  Love believes all things.

I was thinking about this weird biblical syllogism recently,
and thought I'd share (I AM a Teshara, after all)

If everyone is God (God is one), then each person's God is the One they Love.
That could be the (1) Self, for priests and singles, for example.
Or your (2) Significant Other.
Or, collectively, God loves (3) everyone (but not every zero, ha)
or, all of the above! (4)
(in which case, you could  be said to be in love, or be in heaven)
-bring heaven to you, instead of waiting to die and then being brought to heaven.
or, both!(?) 
death is "resting in peace," which is heavenly in its absence of suffering
(if not presence of happiness)

oh, and there's (5) which would be an exclusionary group, such as your family, your gang, your religion, your race, your country, your sports team, whatever. 
I think loving your S.O. should entail loving everyone else, though, being truly happy and fulfilled.
Loving some and hating others doesn't work, for me.

If I am God, then I am love, and I believe all things:
such as: I love everyone, I love everything, I love life
this seems to be the message, for being good, and for therefore
getting into heaven (making life heavenly)
We all want to feel good.

But we also don't want to believe lies.
or be a party to spreading untruth.
I've got major issues with my childhood religion (Catholicism)
which I revisited last Saturday, at my nephew's baptism.
I'm also reading The Age of Atheists, an intellectual history by Peter Watson.

Maybe I should have more humility, and admit my own religion, my own dogma, which I have created to replace what I view is a patently absurd and ridiculous belief system, might in fact be wrong.  Even Jesus had his moment of doubt.  So if priests will meet me half way, and admit they might be wrong, too, (do any of us really KNOW anything?), then we can all flip that coin of disbelief into the biblical definition of love, believing all things!

B.A.T. is batty, though.  Simultaneously believing for example, that I both exist and don't exist, seems insane.  I am nothing if not a being in pursuit of sanity.  Maybe insanity is the only sane perspective? (!)  Physics gets weird, for example.

If every assertion and it's opposite are both true, however (presumably from different perspectives), the question arises, as a way of living one's life, and wanting to be good/god, and be happy/go to heaven, should we (a)agree with everybody, (b)disagree with everybody, or (c)(randomly?) mix things up?

"It's all good", for example.  Is it, really?
"hell, god's dungeon, exists and is a place of eternal torment, for sinners and disbelievers"
(I don't like that one, either)

what the bible teaches:
If the devil is the adversary, and only God is good (god is love, love believes all), then we are enjoined to be yes-men, and support everyone's (virtual) reality, regardless of what we thing (objective) reality is, in truth and fact.   So we must be liars!  We must act AS IF we believe anyone else's beliefs, no matter how absurd, false, untrue, ridiculous, or even evil, we may think the(se) belief(s) to be!

The devil, besides being the adversary, is called "the lord of lies" (lol!).  So (whoever holds) the opposite of what you believe is the devil, which is a subjective fact, not an objective one. Right?
Every side has it's own God and it's own devil.   All of us are both in heaven and hell.  Because truth is virtual.  Reality may be all the god there ever is, but each of us lives in our own world, our own "you" -niverse, our own head, with our own, unique mind/psyche/brain/thoughts/environment.

So, we must ask ourselves:
Is God dead?
Is God Santa for adults?
Is God imaginary, a story, a concept, a word, a meme?

Is the universe pervaded by love?
or is it
indifferent, infinite, dark, cold, empty, and boring?

-God is dead when a loved one dies, or when you don't love yourself/your life, or anyone/life.
-God gives "adult" gifts, just as Santa gives gifts to children (regardless if he/she in fact exists)
-God is One.  (Love is 99.  Hate is 88.)
All is vanity, frustration, futility, absurdity, nonsense.  (ecclesiastes)

or, as the bible seems to imply, All of the Above, the Holy Whatever.

Plant People!

I saw Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

Last week, Halloween, I saw IBS.
I thought I'd share the associations I made in my head with the concept of Plant People:

vegetarians are what they eat!
Robert Plant, Leif Erikson,
Tree (the comedian; it's also Theresa's nickname),
Michelle Branch (singer), Twiggy (a 60's model)
the Jesse Tree (the family tree/genealogy of Jesus)
Ents (from the Lord of the Rings)
fruits (gays) and vegetables (comatose)
The two Bushes (presidents George Herbert Walker, and Dubya)
"pushing up daisies"
-It also makes me think of
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and for some reason, Eating Raoul.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


A Sol-itary Sol-dier
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily: life is but a dream
A ghost without a soul! -oingo boingo

Here's the definitions of SOUL (dictionary.com)
the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.
the spiritual part of humans regarded in its moral aspect, or as believed to survive death and be subject to happiness or misery in a life to come:
arguing the immortality of the soul.
the disembodied spirit of a deceased person:
He feared the soul of the deceased would haunt him.
the emotional part of human nature; the seat of the feelings or sentiments.
a human being; person.
high-mindedness; noble warmth of feeling, spirit or courage, etc.
the animating principle; the essential element or part of something.

Spirit makes me think of spears, or phallic penetration, (hole-y spirit!)
in addition to Blade Runner ("that's the spirit!")
and I think of spirituality as defined by physics -it's a physical phenomenon like radio waves or microwaves, or maybe even quantum entanglement.  But I don't believe in ghosts.  I think a photograph of a ghost is a simultaneous manipulation of both consciousness (mind-control), and photographic equipment (remotely).   Schizophrenia is a spiritual malady (or gift, if you happen to feel more positively about it) of connection to another mind, in my view.  Telepathy is an everyday reality for me, even if it remains mysterious in the how and why, like so much modern technology. Even so, I don't believe any part of me will survive death (excepting the blog! and maybe dna, if I have any kids, and of course, dust).  I don't think I'll be in heaven, in the heavens, appearing in dreams, like obi wan kenobi or whatever.  But I do think computers have my number, and could probably generate a reasonable facsimile.  I am not a soulless killer, except for bugs, etc..well, maybe I am:  I've eaten a lot of meat.   But I am a human being, not a superhuman God or subhuman vampire, although of course I've identified with both.  So in that sense, I'm a soul.  Soul music, and gospel, was never my bag for this bag-o-bones.  Happy day of the dead!

latest happenings in my life

Benjamin had his baptism yesterday at 4:30p mass at St. Stephen's, SF
afterparty at 801!  lots of shrimp and stuffed mushrooms (catering)
Halloween: Augustus was Bert (another was Ernie) adorable!
I went to Sara's and watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers. *
I handed out candy.  2 groups of kids, in Berkeley.
I read to Augustus from The Age of Atheism (hilarious, I thought)
(I would love to read to Benjamin.  I thought I would see him more.)
I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's and had a can of coke, too.
ugh, if I'm really prediabetic, it's kind of like suicide by sugar.

Going to (catholic) mass makes me feel like shit.
Catholic mass and my family is just too damn brainless/zombie.
I mean seriously.  You guys really believe all that crap?
Weekly ritual pounds that nonsense into everybody's head-
and I'M the one that's crazy? really? 
It's madness, and it just taint true.

love believes all things?
well, I don't.  So I'm not love.
Not God, then.
But I'm not a demon or a vampire, either.
Just a goddamn humanist atheist, I guess.
It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are, though.
Church sucks.  And I'm right.
I'm not about to pretend to believe, for the sake of community, or anything else.
How is it that brainless zombie automatons have so much money?
It makes no sense.
But I'm down for love, community, peace, forgiveness, and other benefits of religion,
even if the dogma is mostly a sack of shit.

If God believes all things, he simultaneously believes both everything and nothing.  Love is crazy, then.  Truly insane.  Clinically psychotic.

Immortality, for instance.
We're just bubbles.  A form that pops into oblivion.
No one is going to heaven (or hell, either).
And Jesus is dead.  Every prayer to him goes unheard.
It's just talking to yourselves, self-hypnosis.
And sin doesn't exist.  Crime does, but not sin.
You can't have God's Law without a God.
It's only your conscience, silly.  Santa for adults.
I'm pretty sure Souls and Angels are imaginary, too.
(the conventional definitions, anyway)

my (admittedly weird) thought (s-o-c) process on the topic:
     -sole is a solitary fish, underfoot:
sol is sun, a homonym with son, light of the world, glowb...
the sun is a star- jesus christ superstar, you say?
born again, coming out into the light, after death, being reborn...
photons, wave and particle duality,  jesus=15131=2
no mass but called "light" as if it has weight.   mass=energy (e=mc2)
2= mom and dad
(light, force, beast, jew)
     -Maybe angels were humanoid space-aliens with wings?

Maybe I'm forgetting that God is a "man of war", and that war is the art of deception.  But I'm not fooled.  No, not me.  And I like to keep it real.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Horror!

words of hellish despair, muahhahaha

pain, agony, suffering, torment, misery, anguish, starvation, malnutrition, exposure, neglect, anger, hatred, rage, wrath, fury, war, disease, famine, pestilence, plague, sin, evil, wickedness, separation, loneliness, crime, rotten, vile, depravity, corruption, uneasy, disconcerted, worry, anxiety, stress, panic, fear, terror, hopelessness, injustice, unfair, sad, wailing, weeping, gnashing of teeth, mourning, frustration, resentment, soul-sickness, anomie, angst, spite, malice, imprisonment, incarceration, slavery, confinement, killing, murder, assassination, rape, torture, homicide, manslaughter, guilt, culpability, regret, remorse, sorry, twisted, cruelty, brutality, violence, destruction, meanness, unkind, viciousness, ruthlessness, monster, demon, zombie, bloodthirsty, turpitude, violence, victimization, perpetrator, predator, stalker, hunter, beast, antichrist, devil, satan, mephistopheles, lucifer, beelzebub, jinn, slayer, negative, cynical, pessimist, aggravation, theft, psychopath, sociopath, apathy, neuropathy, unwanted telepathy, pathetic, sick, ill, diseased, unhealthy, unwell, mentally ill, insane, mad, psychotic, schizophrenic, cracked, impairment, broken, hardship, difficulty, maladjusted, problems, issues, confused, irrational, illogical, disordered, fragmented, scrambled, unbalanced, ineffectual, ineffective, difficulty,  antagonized, immoral, unethical, incorrect, wrong, lies, untruth, misunderstanding, lifeless, bored, hurt, intolerant, discriminatory, misleading, incomprehensible, omission, misdirection, bamboozlement, hoodwinked, sloth, weak, unmotivated, ignorance, stupidity, incurious, schadenfreude, fakery, inauthenticity, anhedonia, mind-control, hypnosis, vulnerable, insecure, unstable, unhappy, repression, oppression, condescension, dis-ease, unsafe, danger, inhospitality, inhospitable, rude, impolite, obnoxious, misogynist, misanthrope, unwelcome, tension, displeasure, unpleasant, base, horrific, atrocity, savagery, obscene, discomfort, uncomfortable, cold, hot, extreme, ugliness, foul, noxious, noisome, irritating, bothersome, uncertain, boring, lack, privation, poverty, insipid, prosaic, dull, retarded, foolish, ridiculous, absurd, pointless, futile, nonsense, babble, fatuous, flatulent, obese, disgusting, wretched,  poisonous, harmful, destructive, addictive, bad, hovel, sty, messy, unclean, impure, abject, squalid, merciless, automaton, unrighteous, inhumane, insincere, scum, trash, garbage, vermin, refuse, germy, subhuman, loathsome, detestable, abhorrent, execration, abomination, denial, rejection, unclear, mindless, worthless, menial, suicide, penalty, punishment, disbelief, nihilism, meaninglessness, fat, torpid, puerile, immature, heinous, faulty, broken, television, incapable, incompetent, inadequate, unequal to, inferior, loss, grief, inconsolable, dirty, infectious, scummy, bacteria, virus, shit, excrement, spit, snot, pus, vomit, phlegm, sputum, semen, filth, flatulence, expectorate, eructate, bedlam, anarchy, riot, cigarettes, addiction, crack, heroin, acid, meth, pot, cut, bruised, injury, contusion, laceration, symptomatic, bitter, acrimonious, acrid, combative, argumentative, drama, strident, harsh, annoying, dire, disability, crappy, extreme, uncoordinated, slow, unsound, unfit, confounded, undesired, unnecessary, unrequited, unlucky, chaotic, unstructured, unrest, disequilibrium, unsteady, unwise, uneducated, unintelligent, deplorable, icky, nasty, gross, revolting, revolt, untrustworthy, disloyal, unhelpful, unfriendly, discourteous, disobedient, dour, wasteful, spendthrift, scared, frightened, timid, cowardly, irreverent, unfaithful, diffident, uninspiring, underwhelming, impermanence, nullity, nonexistence, void, death, oblivion.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

About Me

About Me, by Jesse Lawrence Teshara
A quick autobiographic profile

Jesse is an amateur philosopher, whose blog explains why we are all God, including himself, and why this is in fact a sane outlook. He enjoys writing, and won the Journalism award in high school (St. Ignatius, in San Francisco), although he majored in International Relations at UC Davis, where he studied Third World Development and minored in Spanish. He was raised Catholic.

His blog is http://jesseteshara.blogspot.com . It has been in existence since 2008, and has had almost 11,000 viewers, as of October 2014. The most popular post is 'Movies with the word 'God' in the title.' Please visit -All are welcome! It's called God's Blog, the Jesse Journal.

His hobbies also include daily exercise (he has a membership at the local YMCA), reading books and news (involving a daily trip to one of the local Berkeley libraries), listening to (all kinds of) music, and getting out into Nature.

At the Y, he swims, lifts, and does the stationary bike, which provides a view of the french countryside, as well as 19 cable tv stations. His rule of thumb is to sweat every day. He doesn't own a car, and bicycles around town every day.

He aspires to read a different book every single day, but has not yet mastered the art of speed-reading. He is working on a fiction booklist from '1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.' But he also enjoys reading short stories, true crime, fantasy and horror, as well as geography, history, and encyclopedia content. He loves words and tries to expand his vocabulary daily, and aspires to learn new languages, too. He regrets being mortal, and not being able to actually read, watch, and listen to the entire library (!). He has a love of life, and is never bored. He tries to read the New York Times every day, and he also keeps informed by the Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Huffington Post, The Oakland Tribune, Berkeleyside, Yahoo, and -less frequently- People, the Economist, Foreign Affairs, and (of course) Mad magazine.

Musically, he particularly enjoys college radio (such as weekday morning jazz on whrb), hearts of space (saturday nights), as well as philosophy talk on Sunday mornings. He is also a big fan of Joe Frank. He frequently wins tickets from Cal's student radio station, kalx, and enjoys reggae shows, classical, bluegrass, rock, and just about everything else, including pop, hip-hop, and country.

He would like to get out into nature more often. In his childhood, he was a Boy Scout, and attained the rank of Eagle, like his brother and father. Many of his childhood summers were spent at Camp Royaneh in Cazadero, Ca, in redwood country, near the Russian River, where he was a counselor and worked at the pool, the canoe base, the ropes course, the rifle range, and scoutcraft. He has climbed a few (very tall) redwood trees.

If he won the lottery, he would travel, eat out more, and raise a family.

He walks friends' dogs twice a week, and is newly vegetarian. He has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and hears a voice (in addition to his own) inside his head, which he considers telepathic communication with an attorney in Sacramento, and takes antipsychotic medication to keep stable (olanzapine and risperidone). He maintains hope that he will be sane one day, and that his 3 symptoms (headshocks, chest pain, and voice) will remit. He also plans to become exceptionally physically fit, with the idea that physical health can lead to mental health. He occasionally also does yoga and meditation, with yttp (yoga to the people) and the bsc (berkeley shambala center), respectively. He attends a weekly Kaiser support group in Oakland on Thursday mornings.

Jesse was born in Vancouver, Canada on 9/3/71(age 43), and was adopted at 4. He is single, male, heterosexual, virgo boar, who grew up in San Francisco, visited the U.S. East coast at 14, and also once took Greyhound to Key West, from Sacramento. He has been abroad only once, to China (Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai). He is a pro-life Democrat. He subscribes to a Consistent Life Ethic.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


soul-searching while room-searching:

I'm a 43 y.o. man, single, straight, have a steady income, love animals (and am trying not to eat them as much), I walk dogs twice a week (marcel in Oakland, fido & taco in San Leandro), but no pets of my own though, at the moment.  I grew up in SF, and have family in the bay area.   And friends.  We could all use more friends, right? I'll be a friend even if I don't get the room!  Anyway, I'm basically an atheist too.  My mom goes to mass every day, and her sister is a nun (aunty-christ!), so I'm not very militant about it, but I stopped going to church long ago, don't believe in angels or souls or immortality, but still like to occasionally meditate with the buddhists, or get in conversations with JW's or scientologists or mormons or whatever.  Religion can be trippy and kind of fun to muck around with.  I have a blog -I like to write.  I like the quote "reality is all the god there ever is" (by adi da), although I suspect the universe is both infinite and indifferent.  I'm just a puny human speck!  On the other hand, there is love, which is a relation and emotion, not a deity, but godly all the same.  But you don't need to believe in God to know love. The bible says "love believes all things," if you believe the bible, and buy that bull (!)

speaking of which, I think it's interesting that
bible =buy bull
islam= i slam
buddhist= boo'd hissed

I'm currently reading:
-The Age of Atheists, (how we have sought to live since the death of God) by Peter Watson (a new -really good!- library book)

I've also got
-Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett, and
-The Rough Guide to Economics (from first principles to the financial crisis) by A Mell and O Walker

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Latest Reads

I just finished 4 books

(4 is the only number with the same number of letters: F-O-U-R)

-Naked Lunch, by William S. Burroughs
-Freakonomics, by Levitt and Dubner
-American Psychosis, by E. Fuller Torrey
-1339 Interesting Facts (to make your jaw drop), by Lloyd, Mitchinson, & Harkin

One of the facts is that
Brazil, Cashew, Coconuts, Peanuts, and Walnuts aren't actually nuts...Nuts!

Thursday, October 16, 2014



Health, sanity, fitness, strength
Love, friends, family
Money, security, comfort
     (wrap-wealth, riches, affluence, prosperity)
Peace- world peace, inner peace (calm, tranquil)
      (absence of conflct, presence of harmony)
Joy, laughter, merriment, happiness, fun
Booklists (1001 books you must read before you die)(fiction)
      (bad- book-a-day, speedreading)
Knowledge (life-long learning)
Excitement, variety, travel
Help others (service, volunteering, mad- make a difference)
Get out into Nature more often
Heaven (if it exists) (a-afterlife, or b-bliss, or c-cheer)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Being God

Why I think it's a Sane and Rational outlook/philosophy

1)Buddhism teaches Basic Goodness
(that all people are basically good)
The bible (Jesus, specifically) says Only God is good.

I put those two together, and I get Everyone is God.
sounds crazy, but I've gotten used to it.
I do believe some people are more God than others, however
There might be someone who is Most God (most good)
I am not claiming to be that person (egads, imagine the pressure!)
just as there might be someone who is Most Devil (most evil)
Thank God I am certainly not that person, either (so to speak)!

2)God is everywhere, I was taught
(though I recently learned the JW's don't believe this)
and Jesuits try and see God in all things
Our bodies are things
So these principles imply we are God, too.

I don't believe in souls.  I guess that makes me a materialist.
But I know physics has virtual particles, and things "popping into existence"
so I have an open mind.
Today, my voice said, "you know nothing."
I'm inclined to disagree, but maybe it's true.
Should I doubt my own existence?
Am I just a computer program in a holographic universe or something?
(it's true, I haven't "known," in the biblical sense, for quite a while, now)

3)Is claiming to be God actually the devil's work?
I admit I am only human, and therefore imperfect.
But I think I am a good person, and that, I think, is enough to be Godly, if not God Himself.
I don't believe in the devil.  d-evil is 4-evil, and I think NO ONE is (really) for hell, suffering, or eternal torment (which would be indisputably evil).  They might invoke a punishing God to scare people straight, or to terrorize evildoers, as a form of justice, but like I said,
NOBODY would choose to experience eternal torment, him or herself.
(If hell existed, then sending someone there would deserve being sent there, yourself! no?)

 some expressions, or "spells," that could be evil:
"all right"
"it's all good"
"take care"

I simply don't think that evil, sin, depravity, wickedness, crime, injustice, cruelty, torture, suffering, and murder are "right" or "good" or that I shouldn't "care" about rectifying these things and making a better world.  But that's just me.  Then again, being against war only creates more war, according to the Secret, so maybe, in the words of Jesus, I "know not what I do."