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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creative Genius

Some people think it comes from God. So where does mine come from?

Here are some (10) ideas of what can form our reality:

-rewards and punishments, pleasures and sufferings/torments
-repetition, positive and negative reinforcement
-books, movies, music, tv
-church, jail, gangs or groups
-alone time, meditation, in nature, contemplation, writing
-parents, teachers, friends
-sex and relationships
-diet, exercise, drugs/pharmaceuticals (beware of self-medicating; rarely effective I'm told)

Reality is both external and internal.

You can be around different people in different places in different cultures, and a place around the block may feel palpably different, as either better or worse, more comfortable or less, more secure or more threatening, etc. The feng shui, color scheme, interior decorating, all that crap. You can, of course, work on yourself to be at ease in any environment. Or you can adapt the environment to your preferences. If you're fit and in love, you might be comfortable living on the sidewalk. I think I would be happy in any external environment, as long as I'm healthy and safe, and get to experience culture shock on a regular basis. I'm addicted to variety.

Internal reality can be molded by books, especially. Movies can be like drugs, too. Having a job you really enjoy that is not work, in any drudgery sense of the term, can really help. Relationships take work, and while the song sings love the one you're with, it should not be drudgery, I believe, either. You're internal world is created by books, movies, jobs, relationships -things in the external world. Your imagination and dreams are affected by your life, too -perhaps, if only as an opposite reaction against it. The mind can be paranormal. But what's normal? How normal is it to talk about what our real reality is like?

And now, for something completely different, the topic at hand-
Creativity is creating a new reality, a different perspective on the same reality, or maybe even..both! It could be rediscovering/reinventing an old, but lost, reality, too.

Here's an interesting TED link on creativity, that shows how we all are crazy, or maybe SHOULD be.

If God is everything, and we all are God, then we all are everything...
and being everything, to know thyself is to know all -omniscience within grasp.
Go inward, young (wo)man.

Maybe what I'm getting at is we all COULD be gods, either as reflections of some mystical greater being, or as individuals with specific creative talents, I'm not sure it matters how you envision it/yourself. In elizabeth gilbert's sense of being in tune with it all and channeling the creative genius that lies among us all, we all have the potential to be me, lol. Sorry. Maybe you're better than God :-) I've had my moments.

Humanity is a collective, perhaps all of nature...perhaps, even, all of reality. Consciousness is an ineffable, elusive, (illusory?) thing that is a property of the human brain, or perhaps all animals with brains, or maybe just matter. Minds matter. Your skull is matter over mind. What's going on in MY mind? (Is it the same as yours?)

The Matrix
I believe I'm in a matrix.
Not the car, but an actual reality-construct, a reconstruction of reality superimposed upon the real thing, that makes my head shock when I do something unanticipated or unwanted, for example. I also think I'm being programmed, while programming reality, myself. I believe my thoughts program into space, and thus my thoughts are valuable, and tampered with, due to their power. For example, if I start riding my bike through stop signs, I might get head shocks, for whatever reason. I surmise a)to program space with a feeling of mental discomfort for anyone that rolls through that space, b)someone getting into an accident in real-time as a consequence of my action, synchronized, c)a message saying "don't break the law", or d)don't think about it, or you'll be shocked. Still, I have enough presence of mind to think getting shocked is ridiculous if I'm an aware cyclist that doesn't see any cars. Anyway, I get headshocks, chestpains, and a voice, all to various effects. Sometimes I think I'm being annoyed and bothered just to get angry, for whatever reason. Say, a)to stimulate the stock market (bulls are angry), b)to help a lawyer (if I'm angry, the collective unconscious might be as well, including the thoughts of some jury, say), c)Roy Masters said resentment is hypnotic (I don't understand this, but whatever he was talking about might be in effect), d)as inflicted misery because 1.i'm making whoever's in my head miserable somehow, or 2.whoever's in my head hates me.

So, if I get a head shock, those are 9 reasons I surmise I could have received it. I assume they're being inflicted from without by some a-hole in my head, and are not some subconscious process of self-torture. Maybe I've been programmed to torture myself. Ugh.
-with the headshocks, it's like I'm frickin' darth vader, here. jesus christ.

What's in the matrix?
Is it the same for everybody, or do we each have our own (matrices)?

some thoughts
-family (matrix originally referred to womb; 'matrix of your mother')
-proximity: the ants in your backyard, say, or just the people in your small town, or
-the action of some guru in India thousands of miles away, or morpheus, someone with the power to invade minds telepathically, or
-just your languages speakers, or
-the inherited physics, magically constructed or otherwise, of our world
-aliens? computers? government? corporations? criminals? god?
-whomever we're thinking about, or who's thinking of us (consciously or subconsciously); only?
-all of the above
-none of the above ("in your own world")

and whatever is in your mind affects the external reality we construct
external, internal.. eieiO.

f.y.i. I don't imagine this is very genius, i'm not fooling myself, it's just that I saw Elizabeth Gilbert's talk, and wanted to include it in my blog.

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