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Saturday, February 21, 2009


I once saw a t-shirt that said, "the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."
I disagree. God's law says thou shalt not kill*. Certainly not all of them, anyway.
I say thou shalt not kill. I also say, simply, Don't kill. Or, killing-bad.

More lawyerly put,
kill murder assassinate homicide- wrong, immoral, bad, unethical, illegal, criminal, sinful.
To kill all the lawyers, so to speak, you could simply outlaw the law or something...
why be bloody about it.
And that's what I think the law is, in a nutshell...civilized combat. Warfare of words. Often (and always) a clash of egos, but most purely a clash of well-reasoned wills.

Lawyers become legislators who make the law, they interpret the law as judges, and argue the law as defenders and advocates and prosecutors. They can enforce the law, too. That's not official; that's my (uneducated) understanding.

I asked a lawyer once what the difference was between 'criminal' and 'illegal'. I got a long pause, a long strange answer (that I forget), and an impression that the law is a strange animal.

LINK to some power lawyers.

Anyway, the bible -God's word, they say- also says All is absurdity, and God believes all things. It's a big mess. Maybe God believes he doesn't exist. I don't think, therefore I am not. So, anyway, in regards to not killing, in addition to respecting your fellow man, don't kill bugs, or plants, or eat meat, or commit suicide. Plants are alive. You usually kill them when you eat them. I wouldn't say that we should just cut off the legs of cows, and have a bunch of savagely brutalized legless cows running around (not funny, I know), either, so what to do? (F- it? Do whatever you want?) People just do what they think will have the biggest reward, say, if they don't believe in karma, or feel no guilt, or think they can get away with it, or enjoy being "bad" (or all of the above).

I want to say: It's wrong if you're guilty and it's right if it makes you feel happy. Then again, feelings maybe can be deceptive. What do all you other Supreme Beings say about this?

Try and respect people.

*The Roman Catholic Church uses the translation 'kill' (less specific) instead of 'murder'.[4] (wikipedia) But what Wikipedia says also is "In the fullness of the Old Testament Exodus 20:13 is abundantly evidenced as prohibiting unjust killing, rather than a universal injunction against all killing, as retzach is never used in reference to the slaying of animals, nor the taking of life in war, while its most frequent use is in reference to involuntary manslaughter and secondarily for murderers." There's obviously a lot of killing in the OT.

p.s. what got me on this today was I had a dream where I saw who I thought was Ralph Nader on some dreamland campus and he was running with his dog, and I was chasing him through a path in some foliage carrying 3 fairly large chunkrocks of cement, and I caught up with him, him sitting in a beat up car, and asked him how I could become a Nader's raider this day in age, and he said go to makemoney.com or something, and I woke up, and plugged in the (correct, and fresh in my memory, but not that though) web address and got a page that wasn't up. I went to ask.com, asked the question again, and got a link to the power lawyers above. Thus, this. In my dream, I also saw a picture of an actress, a pretty starlet, -Natalie Portman, be warned- with a bashed in face.

I've got a wife who once said, "f--k 'em or fight 'em", and the sexual impulse has aggression and powerplay in it, and my beautiful sister was killed in my single-car crash, and now I read that the commandment against murder/killing was in reference to INvoluntary manslaughter? I could really get paranoid about all this. It was womanslaughter, or girlslaughter, but...ugh.

Just now I saw a license plate frame on a PT cruiser that says Calistoga: Gateway to hell, and a sticker on a scion (which means descendant, root or twig for grafting) that said New Mecca Cafe, Pittsburgh. What the heck is going on? I know what's going on. I forgot to take my med this morning, lol. In between them is a red muddy V6 toyota truck. Wow, deep. :-)

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