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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hatin' Satan and Hod God

words. what the dealy-o.

God is love, so satan is hatin'. Makes sense.

But is God hod? I looked up the word, and sure 'nuf, it's a jewish kabbalah thang.
And is Satan Latin? geez. It's seems I've stumbled onto something.


Hod has something to do with the left foot, it says.
My left foot, by the way, doesn't bend at the ankle. btw, born that way.
That's the title of a movie. Movies and e-motions... and mlf

I plugged in GSLH (for God, Satan, Love, Hate) and got
God's Special Little Hearts, and a link to Godtube.com.
God, I love the internet.

You realize, of course, everyone, that you have the right to say, and believe, that God is hate, and Satan is love. People would disagree with you, but it would still be the same thing, with different words attached to the realities. Words, turds. Another sidenote: If satan loves to hate, that's just another form of love, so it's all God, I would say, then. That's kind of a puzzle I haven't figured out to my own satisfaction, yet. Everybody says hatred is bad, and God is good, but I'm not so sure of the absoluteness of either. You can do one action, and it is good for one person, but bad for another. So yeah, whatever, nevermind. Maybe God does nothing, and that's the most good one can do. In that case, sorry for writing this blog. The bible even says somewhere, better had I not been born.. I'd like to believe the world is a better place with me in it, that I am good, and therefore God.

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