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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Digital Spirituality

What's your digital spirit level? What's mine?

Digits are your fingers. You have 10 of them. I am Jesse.
J is the 10th letter. Esse is being in latin.
Teshara is 'as earth'. You've got the whole world in your hands.
Fingers. Fin, the end. Grs, expressions of anger.
Make something, use your hands, feel good, end the anger.
I must be at the 10th level. A perfect 10. I define perfection. Ha.
just kidding, I think.

Whole world, Holy world..
(They say Jesus had holes in his hands; I've been told it was actually his wrists; whatever) To me, that's just a SICK world of agony and torment. But it imprinted itself on humanity's collective consciousness for two thousand years... Maybe holiness is nauseating. The anus kind of is, to many of us.

Spirits are alcohol. When you "get drunk", the expression evokes a vampire drinking you. Spirit sounds like "spear it", which evokes Jesus, as well, and in the context of digital spirituality, oftentimes the only time we drink blood is when we cut our fingers.

Jesse evokes Jesus, without the vowels, like they sometimes do in biblical hebrew. I'm not a carpenter. I taught woodcarving merit badge a long time ago, though.

Speaking of carpenters, did you know there's such thing as a "digital spirit level"?

My google search of "digital spirit" only yielded a book, Digital Spirit: Minding the Future, by Jan Amkreutz.

Basically, the medium is the message. Mediums channel spirits. You use your fingers on the keyboard. Keys, doors, monkeys, monks... I wrote this post because I think space itself is an information system, and thus, we kind of live in a computer, already (I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it sounds right, I think). Also, our brains are like computers (and computers might become more like brains), and last night I saw a series of images in my mind that went by so fast it seemed as if they might have been computer-generated. The matrix? 0's and 1's, on and off, bits and bites...mind mined, and filled up again with tv and digital dreams, virtual worlds.

In our modern time, maybe the word "spirit" itself needs updating. I mean, we don't have souls, we have biophysics. We don't consider radio waves "spiritual", so why would we consider our minds and dreams and experience of oneness or other-as-a-part-of-ourselves so? It's all physics, I say. And a lot of mind control, at that. Thanks for the memories, Morpheus. Btw, the glasses Laurence Fishburne wore in the movie were missing "temples." Fun fact for ya.

Here's the etymology of 'holy', from etymonline.com (and the word was god)...

O.E. halig "holy," from P.Gmc. *khailagas (cf. O.N. heilagr, Ger. heilig, Goth. hailags "holy"), adopted at conversion for L. sanctus. Primary (pre-Christian) meaning is not impossible to determine, but it was probably "that must be preserved whole or intact, that cannot be transgressed or violated," and connected with O.E. hal (see health) and O.H.G. heil "health, happiness, good luck" (source of the Ger. salutation heil). Use of Holy Land for "western Palestine" dates to 1297. Holy water was in O.E. Holy smoke (1889), holy mackerel (1903), etc., all euphemisms for holy Christ. Phrase holier-than-thou in reference to supercilious sanctimony first recorded 1912 in writings of Theodore Dreiser.

You might want to consider...Up! Up! and Quit your computer!
Go out to love and serve.
(catholics say 'the lord') (hard rock cafe says 'love all serve all')
(self, others, god...it's all the same, it's all good, it's all in all, it's all me, it's all you)
after you've recharged your batteries.

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