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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crime Shows blow

If you watch crime shows, you're either:

a) bored
b) want to solve crimes
c) want to get away with crime

I feel sorry for people that watch crime shows without an active angle, either cop or criminal, on the whole thing. How utterly boring.

People who want to solve crimes could do far, far, far, far, far, far, far, FAR better than watching the tripe on tv, designed for -what- kids? morons? criminals? old people that can't find the remote?

And, frankly, if you want to get away with crime, well -whatever works, dude.

I think the world would be more interesting, as Hannibal Lecter said, if everybody in it committing crimes and solving them did it professionally. Not that I want every robber to be a professional jewel thief or killer to be an assassin, but people should take pride in their work, and know what they're up against. People should be good at what they do. The more masters, the merrier. And frankly, tv is only interesting insofar as it has been expressly designed by masterful strokes of mind control to produce certain responses in whatever targeted demographics the program is addressing and attempting to influence.

I think the way, the truth, and the light -for criminals- is going to criminology and forensics textbooks, and the law, and police procedure, and the whole 9 yards (mysteries and movies and shows) so as to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle, to perfect your craft. Remember, though, as the OT said of Moses' killing, "surely this thing is known." Ha. Pointlessness. Vanity of vanities (absurdity of absurdities?).

Cops, likewise...well, that doesn't sound nearly as fun. See, even though I'm God, I'm not on a power trip. I don't need to prove dominance. I actually like it when people point out how I'm wrong about something. I'm not captivated by the concept of justice, law, order, and the notion of "bad guys." I think everybody's good, even the meanest, baddest, hardest of criminals. They're just doing what comes naturally, and natural is good. There is no unnatural. I have my opinions and preferences, and they have theirs. If we differ, I don't therefore think they are bad. I think they are wrong, misinformed, illogical, confused, irrational, or stupid -but not bad. The baddest of criminals is basically a theoretical. No ACTUAL criminal tortures anything it can get its hands on. The law of karma is too firmly entrenched for that to be a reality, I believe. Evilness has it's mirror, it's consequences, it's effect on it's perpetrators, it's karmic response.

Speaking of power, the concept of God needs revising. No one is Almighty. Well, maybe some physicist could kill all of us, or worse, but that doesn't make said higher power Omnipotent. God is good, God is I am, Being is good, nothingness/oblivion/death is bad (despite it being the extinction of suffering), and for God to be omnipotent he would have to make Being extinct of suffering, which is a pretty tall order, so I'll just say I'll do what I can, because even God can't just snap his fingers and make all the pain go away. Or can I? For the record, I snapped my fingers at 10:27pm PST on Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009, with the intent of removing all suffering permanently from the universe, while not killing anything. Write me back, y'all, if you feel me.

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