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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My TV Crusade

Just to clarify, I don't want to pay for only some commercials, i.e. only the one's I watch...
(although that's not a bad idea, to my view, either, if it's possible)

I am willing to pay for ALL my commercials -to be removed-, AND be willing to watch once in awhile a COMMERCIAL STATION (i.e. commercials only) that interactively provides ONLY the commercials for products that I'm actually in the MARKET for (or entertaining commercials I might actually desire to see, for whatever reason). At least I think I would be. How much money are we talking, here, for this theoretical service? Seriously, ballpark..

The POINT here, is that I don't want to have my TIME, which is a resource I wish to have control over MYSELF, wasted in front of a tv while waiting for commercials -that I have to MUTE, incidentally- to pass. I have to do this because my WIFE (lol) doesn't mind the commercials like I do and is a tv ADDICT, unfortunately.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this predicament.

I realize it's a small thing, in the grand scheme of things, but I believe as passionately in the lives of ants as I do the lives of elephants, and our planet is a grain of sand on our universe's endless beach, and who the hell cares anyway what I think, but god damnit, I want the option to not have to suffer through commercials peddling crap I don't want to buy and that constantly remind me that I live amid a bunch of fricking morons who are actually swayed by this advertising crap. I belong to the ANNOYED demographic, alright, and I don't like tv that much anyway, but when my wife wants me to hang out with her in front of the tv, I try to occasionally oblige, cuz I catch hell every time I assert my right to avoid the shitty thing and not watch, and yeah it IS a personal problem, but I'm also pretty damned sure that it's a SOCIETAL problem as well, so I'm saying, like some politicians already have, free up America's time to be social and productive, instead of corporate automatons, by making commercials a VOLUNTARY experience, if possible. The concept is called a "Captive Audience" and it's the same thing as having a voice in your head, and it (can be) annoying as hell, and if you want to free your mind like Bob Marley told you to, or whoever started that meme, you can start by actively making a better reality that doesn't enslave it, which in my case is not just muting or turning the tv off, but lobbying for a commercial-free viewing experience, because I'm just that crazy.

Thus, my ideas in the prior post.

I believe the future will bear my vision out.
Television. Tell a vision. Yup, I just told one. See below.

Btw, the idea that people don't want to put their content out for free is absolutely ridiculous. I do. Some of us actually just want to a)get fame, b)start memes, or c) be of service and share and talk and communicate and make a better world just for the sheer joy of it.

I have to say the ideal internet, by the way, is an uncluttered internet. I like things clear and clean and pure, stylistically. I have a dream.

Speaking of being annoyed, hopefully this being God thing will put me at ease at some point with all you silly humans and your funny ways. It's the Buddhist ideal, I guess: no attachments in the sense of cravings OR aversions. Rough going, I gotta tell you.

Oh, and another thing: it doesn't have to be for everybody. It could be a service for only those that request it or pay for it. Now THAT's a deal you can't refuse, no?

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1 comment:

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Rough Justice: An average TV show cost $2 million per episode to produce. $1 million for reality, $3 million for dramas.

This does not include any promotion, distribution, or anything so you're aware it exists or so it is deliverable to you, as opposed to sitting on a tape somewhere.

Top rated shows (networks) average a couple million viewers up to about 20M, popular cable show gets about 400K.

You would pay $0.50-$6 per episode, not counting recordings, just one viewing?

How many shows do you watch Jesse--knowing your eclectic tastes, you've probably got quite a few in the $6/episode range. 5, 1/2 hour shows per week would cost $130/month, with no internet or DVR included.

More later, fun discussion!