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Monday, August 17, 2009


It's been on my mind, lol

I saw a Ted lecture, given by the inventor of this filter, with nanoscale pores, that will work on muddy, diseased water, with a pump filtration system, that will save oodles of poodles (many people...scuse me, i'm feeling happy). If we, humanity, give everyone these filters, we'll all be happier. And healthier, too. I'm jazzed.


This can be merged with the water trike. It could be put on the pumps themselves, as well as the containers, I imagine. It just seems like a revolutionary invention. I wonder why there aren't the very best and brightest working together to systematically solve virtually any problem, like this engineer did, only after getting angry and deciding to do something about it.

There are de-ionizing machines, too, for whatever that means.
Then there's something called dry water. (does it have a lower evaporation rate?)
I don't know what freeze-dried water's about, either. Something about astrobiology.
Also, there's a vest that purifies the water inside it, by being exposed to sunshine.

And there are also Dr. Emoto's photos, which means thoughts or words directed like prayers toward the water will give it crystals, instead of lumps, which everyone seems to assume is healthier water. There's alot of uproar about this. I'm inclined to believe at the very least that the mind can change matter; for instance, with noises off (a scientologist told me that noises off were the sounds that your house makes, which I also associate with the clicks my tv makes when it is turned off. In my world, -off- tv's punctuate my thoughts and buses make exasperated sighs).

-The earth surface (not composition) is like 70% water, our bodies (adult) are like 70% water, and
-the trillions of chambers (cells) in our body strike me as being similar to the water featured in the dry water article, which are powder-coated droplets, affected by gravitational, electrical, or magnetic fields. (could pure water be packaged like m&m's?)

-waiter, more water. My weight is what? Angkor wat.. Dubya at ER.

Pisces and Aquarius are all about water, and I think there are other water signs. Does Africa have many swimming pools? I love to swim. Africans shouldn't have to worry about alligators, hippos, malaria, and worms, etc when they take a dip. I mean, unless they really, really want to.

Someone said you should drink half your weight of water, daily (IN OUNCES!). thx, shelley.

There's talk of future scarcity, or flooding, due to climate change, that will play into politics, and maybe even conflict. This book sounds interesting.

Here's the link to Engineers Without Borders (on Wikipedia); link

kay, nuf for now


LeaderCast said...

Wow, that is great that this new technology is available, now we need to get it out to the people who need it.

Jesse L. Teshara said...

I bought 'er water for her pet otter. (before I caught 'er daughter engaging in otter slaughter). I fought 'er, and then I got 'er hotter, after reading her Harry Potter, and then I shot her.