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Friday, August 21, 2009

Meditation (post 3)

Visualization exercises, written by Elizabeth Dickinson and Christopher Childs
(summary of meditation deck of cards).
Health, Growth, Creativity, Inspiration, Life Purpose, Wisdom

-Sit comfortably, close your eyes, think about your body and its state of health.
-Then, compare how you ARE doing to how you'd LIKE it to be.
-Gradually focus more and more on your idea of perfect health. Enjoy!
Imagine a small sun over your head, beaming light down onto you.
Let it fill you. Bathe in the warmth and glow of it, for as long as you like.
Gradually return and open your eyes.

-meditate and breathe deeply, to begin
-which areas are you growing in and which areas of your life are you stuck?
-think about who you'd like to be, your ideal self...in detail, and larger than life.
-how does he/she look, interact, talk?
-imagine yourself growing in size until you fill the giant image you built of your ideal self
-feel what it's like
-come back to the present without shrinking

keep a dream journal. isolate yourself, so your imagination goes into overdrive. hypnotize yourself into thinking you're an inventor, creating things that will make people happy(ier).
Work at the patent office, like Einstein. Above all, Make things that make you happy, or write things...(those were my thoughts)
Now, for the card
people say we're born creative. Recapture it. Make something beautiful. Imagine yourself as creative as you like, or being Leonardo da Vinci, or -even further- you have a magic want to create anything you imagine, that fills you with creative energy. (it says to make an orb filled with light, from which you get your creative energy)

more inspired, more of the time
I have a dream...that YOU have a dream.
Inspiration is 1%, the rest is perspiration (?)
alright, you know the drill: sit comfortably, close your eyes.
remember times of inspiration and creativity
imagine being an inventor in a brightly lit studio or lab, feeling joyful, light, and intelligent.
imagine having a Wow! idea (whether or not you can specify it)
imagine being congratulated by excited and impressed people
come back slowly

The highest purpose, the funnest purpose, the wealthiest opportunity...
says here, on the card...that
begin with a few moments of meditation, deep breathing
meditate and breathe deely (mbd)
ask your higher self or wiser self to be with you (!)
make a symbol that represents your life's purpose
things, or qualities, or both -acceptable
imagine the symbol on the top of a mountain
walk, dance, or run to the top of the mountain
hold the symbol in your hands, surround it with light, and take it into your heart
return from the mountain
come back slowly
record your experiences

contemplate the difference between smart and wise
s.c. & c.y.e (sit comfortably and close your eyes)
think of the wisest person you know. ask yourself why.
think of past moments of wisdom in your own life
either to guide yourself, or somebody else
think of yourself, a wise elder, far in the future
gradually return and open your eyes

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