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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meditation (post 6)

summary of visualization exercises:
Love, Romance, Joy, Friendship, Responsibility, Commitment
not too shabby, eh?

sit, close
think, feel, think of different kinds: activities as well as people
where is love, where would you like more
imagine having as much as you'd like in every area
giving and receiving both
now imagine a small brilliant sun above you, pouring white light into your head, then torso, arms, and legs. Imagine it filling you with love, every cell in your body experiencing unconditional love. Enjoy for as long as you want.
Gradually return to the present, and open your eyes.

you can use your imagination to issue an invitation
sit, close
think about, how does it feel
review your life. how much, what's your "romance quotient"
what would it mean to have more
what would a perfectly romantic day be (and maybe a bit beyond)?
Complete the day, and savor it
Gradually return to the present, and open your eyes.

I've said enough already, so I'll incorporate this funny song:

the actual video is pretty funny, too.

okay, I'll relate the new info :
sit, close
focus on joy. what does it mean to you. who do you know that is most joyful?
where is joy in your life present or absent?
what's your ideal of total joy
same old thing (light from above filling the body, from head to toes)
imagine the light is filling you with joy
gradually return and open your eyes

to create better and deeper friendships
begin with meditation/deep breathing
think about the people you feel closest to, what is it about each relationship that you cherish?
think about any positive aspect of friendship you'd like more of in your life.
how does ideal friendship feel?
in an ideal world, what would having friends be like?
gradually return and open your eyes.

instead of being negative or burdensome, as is commonly thought-
this is about fully accepting your opportunities
in a joyful way
sit comfortably, close your eyes
think about what it means.
who do you have responsibility (for, and/or to)
what projects and outcomes
think of a past responsibility that you gladly accepted & led to positive experience.
what would your life be like if all your responsibilites were equally fulfilling
stay focused on this ideal of positive experience
imagine all the folks who will benefit from your experiencing responsibility in this way
gradually return to the present and open your eyes

perfecting the art of complete and joyful commitments
sit, close
what's your idea of it, where do your biggest ones lie
TOTAL commitment: how does it feel? what is so important to you that you could/might/have focus(ed) 100% on it.
imagine yourself completely committed in every major area of life and enjoying it.
imagine being a hero, because of commitment, to yourself and everybody around you.
visualize the white light from above (a "brilliant sun") flowing into your head and down to your toes, then becoming a white knight, happily filled.
gradually return to present, open your eyes
save the world, lol

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