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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meditation (post 10)

Some biggies (important meditation topics)
or, in other words, important for getting your sh-- together.

They are: Compassion, A Fork in the road, Freeing yourself, Staying grounded, and Let it be

you could interpret this in slytherin parseltongue as cum passion or as compass ion..
card says here, "Compassion is on of the great creative forces in human relationships" and that this is an exercise in both giving and receiving it.
-begin with a few moments of meditation and deep breathing
-think of times when you've given, as well as received, compassion.
-focus on a "master of compassion", like someone you know, or someone like the lama doll's eye (ha). See yourself as a master of kindness, and imagine yourself interacting with people that you both know and don't.
-imagine receiving compassion from a master. Allow yourself to truly accept the offered kindness.
-gradually return and open your eyes.

A Fork in the Road
this should help if you're trying to decide b/w two separate courses of action..
-do a few minutes of meditation, deep breathing
-with eyes closed, imagine a symbol for each
-imagine the symbols, 1 in each hand
-visualize each course of action as fully as possible
-slowly bring your hands together and clasp them, melding each course of action into the other.
-notice if a new symbol forms, or if you have any insights about a third way of approaching this problem.

Freeing Yourself
everyone sometimes feels trapped in certain situations..
-write about what you are learning from this situation,
in what ways are you growing stronger,
and what positive qualities are you learning?
-imagine you are in a box. how big is it. what are the walls made of, how thick?
-add doors and windows to feel more comfortable
-visualize breaking down the walls so you can get where you want to be. imagine tools if necessary.
-write about the experience.

Staying Grounded
For when you feel scattered or pulled in every direction..
-brief breathing exercise
-imagine roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet, connecting you to the earth's core
-imagine pulling nutrients and water out of the soil, as well as pulling in the solidity and stability of the earth.
-imagine branches growing out of you, into the sky, pulling light and oxgen into every cell in your body.
-every part of you is healthy and sturdy, like your favorite tree
-come back slowly

Let it Be
feel confident about conforming and "going with the flow"
-do a few minutes of meditation, deep breathing
-visualize a long, deep river
-there's a sturdy, attractive sailboat waiting for you at the river's edge
-you get in, untether, and either a gentle breeze comes along to fill your sails, or the current pulls you along. Easy steering.
-Obstacles like rocks or trees are easily and effortlessly navigated
-sometimes you go faster, and you still effortlessly guide the boat, secure in your competence and enjoying the speed. At other times, the boat slows down, and you enjoy the scenery.
-if you see places on the shore you want to visit, you stop and rest or play.

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