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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Generating Power

Couldn 't excersize bicycles be paired with a battery or batteries to generate home power?

It, or something like it (a stairmaster?), could be a really cool way to convert extra calories into home electricity.

First, you could buy any type or amount of food you want. You can convert fat in your body, or extra calories from what you're eating day to day, to run all the appliances in your house.

And in an efficient way.
If you have a big household, maybe you could sell extra power to the grid.
I like excercise. You can listen to music, and get all sweaty, and feel the satisfaction of making progress (toward your new year's resolution?)

It's got to be really simple. When I was growing up, my dad had an excercise bike. If you make more power by going at a higher tension at the same speed, you'll feel twice as good, maybe.

It doesn't have to completely replace the grid, and I would imagine it shouldn't, but to burn a percentage of your bill into muscles, fitness, aerobic stamina, and overall health, these things should be everywhere.

An extra layer of oogies of joy when you work out.
Just an idea.

although, I saw a site trying to sell a pmm (perpetual motion machine), which would just go forever, presumably. It involves magnets, lol.

question: could you bicycle power your car if it runs out of gas, to get you to the station?

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