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Friday, August 21, 2009

Meditation (post 2)

I forgot the most basic thing- Breathing!

or, rather, focusing on and counting each breath
in silence/a silent place
with uncrossed legs
sitting up straight, with back support
so as to remove stress, lower blood pressure (reduce hypertension),

close your eyes
your breath will start to deepen and slow down
which is good

let go of distracting thoughts
perhaps using a mental phrase to keep the focus
your mind thinks it needs to be doing something
if you think of things you don't want to forget, have a pad and pen ready
imagine putting distracting thoughts in a balloon, and releasing them to float away.

do it once or twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes

conscious, rhythmic breathing
increases relaxation and deepens meditation
when you breathe, expand the lower belly
and slowly fill your body with oxygen
from the bottom of your belly to the top of the chest
then, exhale slowly, gently drawing in the belly

it seems there's a proper way of breathing...
do something 3 times, do something else 3x, then do something other for 4x.
do those 10 things 3x
it has something to do with counting time for inhale, exhale, and hold (for both)
which, unfortunately, I guess, I don't get. So, nevermind, I say.
It's more fun to discover an effective technique for yourself, isn't it?
I'll tell you what the card says if you email me.

People always wonder if they're doing it right
Another card says no matter what, you're doing it right.
Just the attempt is laudable
even for people who have meditated for years, some days are easier than others.

It is recommended that, when meditating, you come from a good place
-either a place you remember as safe and serene, or
-a place in your imagination, that permits escape to something better, like a peaceful natural setting. (I like where I am, with my 2 dogs- my cushion is the dog bed). The sun and breeze and birds and flowers and friendly animals make it ideal, for example.
Stay as long as you want, come back slowly, and maybe write down your experiences.

a useful way to record meditation experiences, that allows you remember and see progress. It's easy to think of yourself as the same person, but a journal shows change (incremental or transformative). Choose a blank book that you like, i.e. with or without lines, of whatever size, so you can write changes in your body, like being more relaxed, and insights you gain.

They're always telling you when to exhale. What's up with that?? Anyway, place your right hand on your left knee, and rotate your trunk/spine to the left, then vice versa, twisting with the exhale.

Neck and Shoulder tension
-lower and raise your head (to and from your chest), without forcing it, with a relatively straight spine (exhale lowering, and inhale raise) 3X.
-Move your head to the right, to your back, and to your left side.
when finished, roll your head in a circle, 3x in each direction. Don't ever hold your breath.

(okay, they're not telling me why I can't hold my breath, or what's really going on, here. I would like to know)

I find this exercise a bit creepy. Sit, close your eyes, think about times you've been honest to others, and others to you. Imagine sitting with a famously honest person, and have a conversation about what it means to be honest. Tell this person what you think the pros and cons of honesty are. Imagine the response, without debate, listen attentively, then gradually return to the present. (This smacks to me of talking to ghosts, like the crazy elder Tesla did. Or just plain crazy talking to yourself; aka self-talk, aka mental masturbation).

This sounds like schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, watered down for everybody else, who seem to think they're sane. Common sub-personalities (less developed or mature aspects of your personality) include the inner child and the inner critic. Contemplate a recent situation where you wish you had reacted differently -what part of your personality seems to have been in charge? If it was a separate person (possibly a different gender), what does he or she look like, and how do they dress, speak, move? When did he/she appear first in your life?
Write down what you've learned.
(wow, this exercise is for everyone...perhaps everyone really IS crazy).
(wait, shouldn't it be ARE)

Visualization (Use your imagination to consciously create what you want)
This one you can lie down on, if you prefer. Sit or lie comfortably, meditate and breathe for a few minutes, to relax. Think of a quality you would like more of in your life. Remember a time when you felt you used and possessed that quality. Remember how it felt, and where in your body it felt present. Now imagine that quality as a colored light that spreads into every nook and cranny of your being, until you are competely filled with that light and quality. Come back and resume your day, and then notice that you can access this quality and feeling anytime.

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