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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meditation (post 9)

this post will cover 5 cards- 5 days of daily meditations, from a deck of "centering excercises and calming journeys to lead you to peace." They are: New Day/New You, In the shower, Eating an orange, Walking meditation, and Creating home.

New Day, new you
-choose a day in advance
-when you wake up, remember that you are waking up to a new you
-while still in bed, stretch and yawn in ways that feel good to your body
-choose a favorite comfortable, outfit, and imagine that it's your first time wearing it.
(feel the texture, appreciate how the colors make you feel)
-try and live your day as if it were the first day of your routine, as if you had never done it before, and heightening/being aware of your day's senses of sights, sounds, smells, tastes.
-write about it at the end of your day

In the Shower
-imagine that the spray has all the colors of the rainbow
-also imagine that it is washing out all the negative thoughts and feelings from you down the drain, leaving you clean in both spirit and body.
-sing a favorite song (loudly?)
-upon drying, imagine that it is stirring up all the good thoughts and feelings available to you all over your body.

Eating an Orange
-meditate, deeply breathe
-pick a tasty fruit, such as a large, juicy orange
-feel it's texture, close your eyes and roll it around in your hands
-inhale it's fragrance
-slowly peel it, feeling the inside
-break off a section, sniff n' pop
-roll it on your tongue
-chew slowly, feel the juice
-imagine all the nutrients deeply feeding your body
-finish the rest of the orange as slowlly and consciously as possible.

Walking Meditation
(ha, I do this all the time)
-do a few minutes of meditation and deep breathing
-take a brief walk in comfortable clothes and shoes
-notice your breathing. is it/do you want to, link it in a conscious way?
-is the air moist, dry, heavy, crisp?
-really notice the environment. the ground (firm or spongy, springy or hard?)
how does it feel every time your foot hits the ground?
-pay attention to nature, trees, leaves, color shades of brown and green..
-upon return, write in your journal what you noticed

Creating a Home
this is all about feng shui and queer eye and better homes and gardens...
-spend a few minutes looking at your home, noticing how you decorate-or not
what's it about? a theme or style or eclectic or both?
-How do you feel about it? Is the clutter creative or annoying?
-now do a few moments of meditation, deep breathing, with a journal nearby
-imagine your ideal home. What's your overall feeling about it? Calming or stimulating or some of both?
-what small thing could you do to bring reality closer to your ideal? writing space? vase of flowers? rearrange some furniture?
-write in the journal what you want done, and by when.

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