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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meditation (post 4)

It seems, I have to say, that Meditation could be the solution to everything
(when paired with ACTion, no?)
"You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we'd all like to change your head"

Anyway, this post will deal with only 3 cards:
Meeting Your Selves, Meeting Yourself, and Meeting Your Wise Self
That order seems logical to me, but we'll see.

-Hi, Nice to Meet You, Selves
People with MPD (multiple personality disorder) integrate their personalities, for treatment; I have to say, this sub-personality talk has me weirded out. Anyway, I guess you're supposed to have an idea of all your sub-personalities before you begin. I'm me, though. How many me's are there, lol. The dead milkmen sing Now Everybody's ME! I love those guys.
prepare w/ meditation/deep breathing.
imagine taking all sub-personalities to a beautiful meadow on the top of a mountain (think like The Sound of Music, I guess) Invite them to form a circle, join the circle yourself
Imagine a great white light in the center.
Invite any of the sub-personalities who is willing to enter the center and be transformed by white light.
Notice it's appearance before and after the light thing.
(you don't have to visualize everybody)
imagine rays of light from the center enter each s-p in the center
Finally, step into the light yourself, and imagine that all the lightened s-p's reincorporate into you.
take a few moments to come back, then write about the experience.

This is all about defining your identity...
Actually, the title is a bit misleading. It's about a way to confront a specific s-personality.
meditate, breathe deeply,..
forget it, I don't get or like this one.

aha. it must be david. Ugh.
Completely annoying, mostly. Shutup please.
I feel occcupied, if not possessed, although my medications make it better.
whatever, shit. This is God speaking: go to hell, David.
I know, resentment doesn't suit me. How bout a simple Gr.

anyway, the card says to notice the sub-p approaching you, greet it warmly, know that it believes it's doing something positive, thank it for it's help so far, ask if it would be willing to do the same job from a different, higher up perspective (a promotion, eh?), then walk up through the meadow to the mountaintop, show it the view, notice if the appearance changes, thank it and say goodbye.. return to the present, write.

And now, card 3: Meeting Your Wise Self!

it's a part of you/me that can help find solutions to challenges
-prepare with meditation, deep breathing
-imagine yourself at a self place, maybe that meadow or mountain
-sit comfortably
-golden light coming toward you from a distance, growing bigger and brighter, filling you with relaxation and delight. When beside you, it may be human, or still light
-bask or ask; if you have any questions, ask. or enjoy the radiance.
-imagine the light entering your body, filling you with a higher wisdom.
-thank it for its help; return slowly

okay, I have to admit I don't believe the sun is filled with wisdom, or that white light is any different than golden light (other than it's wavelength) , and I want to know what's going on with all this hypnosis. Gimme summa that wisdom, ball of light! I'm skeptical, but hey, whatever works.

I have to incorporate one idea that came to me. If we really each have a group of selves, we may have an idea about which self is good, better, best, or even worst. It seems we need to have compassion for ourselves, between each.

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