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Friday, December 26, 2008

Heroes and Good News

Need a Lift? Inspiration? Alternative to the violent and dismal?
Here's a list of sites to get (& keep) you going:

HEROES. Individuals who make a difference.
1. Cnn heroes (Notice how there's room for more candidates)
-wikipedia entry with links to each hero
2. Gimundo heroes
3. The MY HERO project
4. Grab bag: What I think is a rather odd mix of fictional and military and historical and business and personal heroes: heroes.com
5. I'm trying to do my part to be a hero, too. Heaven: a world of heroes.

GOOD NEWS. News from around the world to keep spirits bright.
-From Others:
1. Good news central (google page with 18 good news sites to choose from)
-For Future You:
2. Just what the doctor ordered! Self-help:
(Motivation, inspiration, goals, achievement, happiness, positivity, overcoming, abundance, growth, adventure.) link page
-{on a more structural level: progress and development}
3. United Nations Development Programme link

Remember, all the bad news is just opportunities knocking to feel good, through action and leadership.
-It's 4 years after the tsunami that the un estimates killed 223,000. charity link awaits. there's an endless sea of need.
-Exxon-Valdez was 10.8M gallons. The current Tennessee coal ash sludge is over 1B gallons (on land). Instead of wailing and gnashing teeth...Well, I've got the link to congressman, if you want to lobby for infrastructure investment (I'm not sure what else we can do).
Anyway, what'd you get for Christmas?

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