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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Kindles for Prisoners!!

I think people in jail or prison should be given jail versions of something like, if not actually, the new kindle. The content could be screened, the selection could be approved, and the prisoners could be educated, entertained, distracted, and rewarded.

This is my new cause :-)

Send a letter to your congressperson!

Okay, so how I envision it is in single-occupancy cells, so it can't be used as a weapon, but it can be used as an escape...into the many worlds of books. It would carry the available reading inside it, and could not be used to hack into the police database, obviously. It might be alot sturdier (unbreakable?) than the pencil-thin versions used for this new kindle 2.0. Also, I imagine it would have a selection of things pre-loaded into it like the law, bible, etc. It could hold oodles (thousands) of books, so experiences of other prisoners could be on there, ETC..

-Different people could get differently customized readers?
-The inmates could provide some kind of service (like reading books onto tape? science?) that would provide the 'income' for purchasing the books they want. Ideally, I would like everything in the library of congress available for free, but maybe that wouldn't be prudent.

As another, related, idea: Why don't congresspersons have kindles that have access to the entire library of congress?? Best Idea Ever! (if I do say so, myself). Maybe us lowly folk might be able to get them, too, sometime.

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