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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crisis Overload

Whoever said life's a bitch, they sure weren't kidding

I majored in International Relations, Third World studies at UC Davis. I got my minor in Spanish. From childhood, basically from the point in second grade at St. Stephen's when I collected coin from my family into that little folding box with the picture of the african child with the distended belly.... I have wanted to Do Good.

Now that I have read the bible, and have schizoaffective disorder (the diagnosis, anyway), I want to do good in my own way, in whatever ways I can. This blog has kind of taken over my life. The bible says only God is good. So, presto, I make myself God. And I decree everyone else is God, too. Pretty simple stuff. And since I'm not supposed to work, I'll do my best from home to spread the memes that will change the world. Thus, this.

I remember at college, every class, every professor seemed to be all about spreading the word about a litany of problems facing the world; and it seems to me academia is basically in the business of collecting problems. It was only rarely that you ever got hope from some discussion about concrete actions people were taking to solve these problems. In other words, it seemed like people were full of themselves, and liked to listen to themselves talk and feel smart.

I'm afraid of falling into that category, myself.

So I'm going to take stock of, and enumerate, all the problems I've addressed thus far in my blog. Then I'm going to attempt to compile all the ways people, from whatever situation we might be in, can actually Do Something About The Problem. That will make me feel better about essentially being a blowhard, like everybody else. I want consequences, effects, reaction, results. Git r' done. Just do it. Act now. No better time than the present. Alright?



Hasanuddin said...

Hi God (or is it Jesse, life is so confusing sometimes.)

Anyways, I see from your earlier posts that you like cosmology. Well, you be interested to learn of a new cosmologic model (though being omniscient and all you probably already know about it.) Anyways, the scientific jargon version is at http://hasanuddin.org

While the nerd-battle rowdy and bloody thread is at http://www.scientificconcerns.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=776

Perhaps we'll all be seeing you sooner than any want... thought you'd know that too, huh?

Jesse L. Teshara said...

I think we better consult the space aliens on this one. I'm not sure if I'm kidding or not. Egads. When in doubt, play it safe?