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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jefferson's Bible

Miracles, shmiracles

New congressmen/women/persons being indoctrinated, whoopee.
Here's a thought: If you want to separate church and state, don't have any churches in the state, don't allow legislators to go to church or to pray (aloud OR quietly to themselves), and don't have a swearing in ceremony using religious literature, or an opening prayer to start a congressional session. In fact, it could go the other way, too. There could be a state that's entirely religulous. What madness.

The Washington Post says:
Jefferson's Bible is an edited version of the New Testament that excludes all verses pertaining to miracles or the supernatural.

Does the satanic bible have miracles in it?
Does dianetics?
Does Starhawk believe in them?
what a funny world.
If it happens in nature, it's not supernatural, so I'll buy Jefferson's premise.

from WaPo, again:
From 1904 to 1957, new members of Congress received copies of "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth," the so-called Jefferson Bible, at taxpayer expense. The practice was ended quietly, but in 1997 a Nebraska professor named Judd W. Patton began sending the Jefferson Bible to new Congressmen at his own expense.

Was there a miracle in 1957?
Perhaps everything is normal, or contrarily- everything is miraculous.
Or both: Everything is normally miraculous. And/Or miraculously normal.

I suppose it depends on what food and drugs you're on.
I'm on spaghetti with meat sauce. Totally trippy, dude.
or is that the depakote, risperdal, cogentin, lexapro, and moban.
Actually, life isn't very trippy, and that's a good thing. (for me, I think)

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