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Monday, March 23, 2009

Solving the Problem Problem

1. The problem problem.
By this, I mean: people are overwhelmed by a sense that they are powerless to solve the myriad problems facing us both individually and collectively. There are just too many problems, it seems, and the list keeps getting longer. So the problem problem, defined, is that people give up because of a can't do attitude. It's a sense of being overwhelmed, and feeling small. Right now, there's this ridiculous notion that we're in the end times. I hate to break it to you, but time will last forever. It never began, and it will never end, so yeah, from that point of view, you're just a blip, but you might as well be a happy blip, making other happy blips. And don't let me hypnotize you into a sense of smallness, meaninglessness, and despair: 100 years or whatever is a pretty long blip! Enough doom and gloom.

1)Just take baby steps. Solve one problem at a time. It feels good. Don't ever give up. Give your life meaning. Don't ever give in to feeling you can't make a difference, or that life is absurd (even if it is). Be motivated by getting sweaty and sleeping well at night, having taken concrete steps to make a better world. Also, of course, a big motivation for me is seeing people smile. Love everything, and have a positive attitude, no matter what. But don't be phony. Fall in love. Be a hero, and spread joy wherever you go. So solution 1 to the problem problem is Action, keeping busy taking action, never quit. (which is not to say that needed, revitalizing naps aren't good).

2)I have an idea to make the internet a thriving medium for solving problems, large and small, of any type. It kind of already is. I think the world wide web should be an international phenomenon in which everybody is helping everybody solve one another's problems. Answers and solutions need to find their problems, and vice versa. I checked out 'problem.com' and got an essay by a professor about the recent Israel vs. Hamas garbage. That's one of (what, millions?) of problems. So solution 2 to the problem problem is creating an architecture online that allows users to submit problems, as well as submit solutions, in an easily navigable format. All problems have their solutions, and there are more than enough of both to keep us all busy for awhile. So solution 2 to the problem problem is connecting the solutions to every problem. Maybe I'm being a bit crackpot. I mean, supply usually meets demand, and there's plenty of gardening/self-help/legal advice, and whatever, at your local library. Still...

3)I have another perspective, and solution, to the problem problem. The problem problem can also be defined as a sense of bewilderment before the grand scale of problems we face, and what should one do first, or where should one begin. It's a matter of prioritizing. The book Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems, by the Copenhagen Consensus, prioritized their 23 problems through econometric modelling and CBA (cost:benefit analysis). That's really good. Let's do it. But there's more to it than economics. Well, first of all, I'm convinced that if everyone wasn't busy running away from their problems, and instead attacked them head-on, we'd have an even better world, with far fewer, if any, problems. So just an attitude of keep 'em coming, and plugging away at everything as it comes, is a solution in itself. Don't procrastinate, stay on top of your problems, and free up time to help others with theirs. If all your basic needs are met, and you're living comfortably, and you want to be a good person, you probably want to help where it makes the most difference. I have a sense that some problems are more important than others. Buying a Bentley is less important than buying a van that brings a portable library to children in subsaharan Africa, or something (like feeding the starving). Society has it's priorities all screwed up, placing personal consumption ahead of and instead of health and happiness for all. Perfection, however, is a state without any problems, i.e. heaven. So, to reiterate, as long as you're doing something, I'm not complaining. But if you can save the world in the same amount of time it takes to save some coupons, well, obviously... So this prioritization of problems could be a feature of this problem.com architecture, according to what problems, if solved, will help other problems get solved faster. All problems are inter-related, but I believe there's a snowball effect, as the juggernaut of Solutions makes a bigger and bigger impact, as key problems get solved before the more minor ones. Just imagine if 6.7 billion people would all be collectively solving our planet's problems! Selfishness and greed are a hefty problem, that hinders the service-mentality that would evaporate all the troubles we face. So, the 3rd solution to the problem problem is to get everybody in problem solving mode (as if there was a war happening, the politicians keep saying, which really gets people excited), and for people to really put some effort into getting their heads around the various criteria we should adopt toward prioritization, sequencing, and where to begin to ultimately achieve a global nirvana, heaven, and maximally problem-free reality.

We need focus. One thing at a time, for each of us. All things at the same time, for all of us. Easy does it. Git r' done. Love is all you need. It's all logistics.

Wait...did I just solve the problem problem problem? lol.

Link I found on May 6. Because I'm a global telepath? Or my thoughts are the collective (un)conscious? Dunno, really, but maybe my blog is actually causing something.

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