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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

North Korea

what I think needs to be said

Because, you see, I actually think North Korea makes a valid point.
And that is, why shouldn't it have nuclear capability if the U.S. can?

The principle under international law of national sovereignty means each country can govern itself as it likes, right?
And it seems to me it's only fair that if nukes are acceptable for one, then they should be for all.
Personally, I think NO nation should have them.
But I think Americans are often racist and condescending when they think we should have them but not allow other countries to have them, as if we were morally superior.
What really needs to come out in what I hope will be a diplomatically-resolved crisis, is the real reason why America is being hypocritical.  Do we need nukes to blow up earth-trajectory asteroids?  Do we need protection from space aliens?  Some other reason?  Is it just because we can??

Or are they just a (stupid and cynical, in my opinion) part of America's defense posture, as a supposed retaliatory threat, in a world where the only potentially instigating actors would be terrorists (not represented by states) or governments (that are not representative of their peoples), which makes nuclear weapons unthinkable and obsolete?

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