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Friday, April 26, 2013

left and right

sinister and dexter, leftious and righteous

I think I just coined a word.

1)liberal and conservative got pegged left and right during the french revolution, because of the arrangement of the legislature at the time.

2)but long before that, left and right hands were nailed to a cross.  don't let one hand know what the other is doing, the dude said.  what a silly matrix.  left as evil and right as correct, righteous, good.

what's left to say? ha.
3) catholic, I recently learned from a library dictionary, means liberal.  which seems really weird, because the Catholic church is conservative, right? priests wear both white and black.  who knows which is which!  or which is witch?

Goodness can be dark.

"turn to the dark side.  we have cookies" -bumper sticker I saw in Berkeley

joke: did you hear about the guy who lost his entire right side? he's all left now. :-)

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