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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Credo: On God, Human Nature, and Morality

My credo: I'm God, and You Can, Too.
Or, Making God Real

I'm God. Or lower case g, if you prefer. You are, too. You don't have to be crazy or schizophrenic to believe this. I AM is his/her name. Or, Jesse Lawrence Teshara. If you are, you are. If you exist, you're God. I'm not afraid to step up. I AM. Your name is irrelevant, or perhaps should be (although I like mine). Some say all of existence, or reality, the big R, is God. God is a role to play. God wants you to be happy. You can interpret the role any way you like. The bible says only God is good. So be good. Think, say, and do Good. It's a simple matter of logistics. All we do is move things. Ideas and words and objects. Just do it. It's not a delusion of grandeur if God isn't grand. God is love. And love can be, and should be, the most common state of being. The bible says love believes all things. It's all true. God is a man of war, and the art of war is deception. I cannot tell a lie, lol. The trite saying over the Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento reads, 'love all, serve all.' It's really quite a simple philosophy/theology/credo (statement of belief) I have. The bible also says everything is vanity, absurdity, frustration, nonsense. God's love is said to be agape, a fatherly love. Catholic priests call themselves fathers. The Pope is Il Papa. Jesus called his dad Abba. I'm not a father yet, but I created this blog. I have 2 French bulldogs with my wife Sara, named Oliver and Marcel, and we call them our children. Adoption automatically makes you a parent. I've adopted the world, so to speak, in my attempt to help everyone. 'One' is God, too. God wants you to be happy. You, too? I think you get my point. Personally, I don't think any one of us is omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent; that would be a heckuva speed reader, for one (!). If you want to read the entire library of congress, in addition to the entire internet, well you just go ahead, if you can. So God, for me, is more of a lifestyle and attitude than an overwhelmingly incomprehensible Being. I have to say I don't think I would mind being immortal, either (especially if I could time travel). It's fun to pretend. If you byob (believe your own bullshit), maybe it will start to come true at some point. I kind of think not, actually. It's all about dominance and submission. If you want to submit to a higher power, then there are plenty of people who will tell you what to do. Islam, in fact, means submission. If, on the other hand, you want to be/feel in control, you can be God. Just remember, if you're behind the wheel, I wouldn't recommend that you let go and let god, as they say. As for prayer, that's a good way to think of the intrusive other in your head as being a helpful deity on your side. Prayer groups aren't ways to communicate with God, they're ways for other people in your group to find out where your head is at, and what you're thinking.

Maybe you're a part of my flock, as I'm a part of yours, in this virtual world stacked on top of the real world we're in. God is a community, like a hive mind, a spiritual reality we all share (with each other). In my version, we're all equals, so it has no hierarchy. Enya sings of 'all you ever knew,' and I think that's true; even the most "unenlightened" person has as much power as a highly trained yogi or something. But maybe some mindsets are more helpful than others. It's chaos; everybody for themselves, believing in this, that, or the other thing. Thank God, lol.

On God:
Features of God
1. I AM/Existence/Reality (all of, virtually/truth)/Being (everything, always, everywhere)
-Nature, beauty: The Universe. The vast.
I don't know much about the matter/antimatter distinction, except that they both disappear when in contact with each other. Do they attract? Is there an equal amt. of both? yikes. Where do they go? Is there an anti-God? (and/or an anti-godparticle?)
2. "The word was God"....writing, talking, thinking (verbiage, speech, communication, body language, data)
-the solution to everything; all you need is love; make love, not war.
-an emotion, feeling (cue: Journey-it's more than a feeling)
-a relationship: agape, eros, philia (fatherly/fraternal, romantic/sexual, friendship)
-Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. -Robert Heinlein.
-love is not loving -david bowie, vs. make love
-You call it madness, but I call it love. -Don Byas
-where there is love, there is pain. -spanish proverb
-what's love got to do with it? "kindness is my religion" -HH Dalai Lama/lovingkindness, compassion, empathy.
-love is a battlefield
4. a man of war, fighting for good: meeting basic needs, comfort, and happiness for self & all.
5. one (or One, if case matters)
6. a living man
7. role, identity, self. Jesse L. Teshara. You. Etc.
8. good (only God is good)
9. supreme consciousness (kwuteo: knowledge, wisdom, understanding, truth, enlightenment, omniscience)
-aside: is omniscience when you "know" all, in the biblical sense? i.e. after everything is fuct? (after you've penetrated all mysteries?)
-sanity is not truth, nor truth necessarily sanity. Is (being) God sane? YES.
(God might possibly be the only sane being)
10. perfect: omniscient, omnipresent, benevolent/merciful, omnipotent (all-powerful)
{it might be fun, maybe I'll achieve all this someday, one can at least believe in a town called Hope}
11. invisible
12. ghost-writer
13. first mover
14.a concept (all of the above, some mix, add and subtract..)
for starters... :-)

On Human Nature:
If you can dream it, a human can be it. There is no single human nature. Some of us are vampires, and some of us are Slayers (I miss Buffy). And some of us are Gods. There is pure evil, and there are saints. Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, smart ones, stupid ones, friendly ones, mean ones, kind/cruel, strong ones, weak ones, normal ones, weird ones, creative ones, boring ones, crazy ones, and consensus reality ones. Predictable and unpredictable ones. Free and slave. Lovers and haters, happy and sad. Over 6B of us. We're animals, like the rest of the zoo. We collect and pass on knowledge and have opposable thumbs, so we use tools and make things that the rest of the natural world (except maybe space aliens) can hardly dream of. We make things that change our nature (like drugs or tv or recipes or crafts or religion or whatever).

On Morality:
A universal theistic morality, I decree:
1. It's all God? It's all good. Religious lies are good, too, because of the learning dialectic. If you've learned an assertion to be a lie, you are closer to knowing the truth. Conversely, Pinocchio's nose (i.e. knows) grew with each lie he told. Lying is one way to get at the truth.

2. Premature death and suffering is bad. Unless you believe in the redemptive value of suffering, or that everyone dies when their number's up, i.e. when God calls them home or something. Death could be good if it saves the person from undue torment, and also if they die a good death, such as under the belief they are going to (ascend into) heaven, to be with loved ones, after a well-lived life. Everyone dies, and it seems that practically everyone could be said to have died prematurely, for the most part. Whatever. I don't believe in an afterlife, much as I, probably more than most, would enjoy having one, s'pose. Killing bugs and eating meat pretty much puts the smack down on any legitimacy we might suppose to hold regarding moral treatment of animals, and if we're so addicted to meat, then I think we should think of ourselves, humanity, as a vicious race, like tigers, and one step away from cannibalism, at that. People are already plumping themselves up for the worms. If you would kill yourself with the least amount of pain, then that is what you should do, at the very least, for the animals you kill.

examples of evil
-I don't like this 'life is but a dream' business, and I wish we were all truly free. Freedom for all, now, goddamnit, allright?
-capital punishment and
-abortion and
-neglect/mistreatment of prisoners.
If death row inmates occasionally want to duke it out in a gladiator ring or something -voluntarily-, I have nothing against that. I imagine few would opt for it, though, given a choice of doing something productive, like science or reading books onto tape, or educating themselves, or whatever the case may be. Capital Punishment is the state being evil, in my opinion. Justice might seem to be a fate worse than death. But that would be cruel and unusual psychological punishment. Just let them be, to live out happy lives, if possible, I say. We're better than that. As an adoptee, abortion just pisses me off. Seriously, ladies. You can't just give birth? Too painful, is it? Well, just try and imagine getting your limbs pulled off, like you might consider doing to YOUR CHILD. God damn. Alright, I'll get off my high horse now. But I am God, you know. I am inclined to not look kindly on this cruelty, and dish out some serious karmic consequence, let it be known.

-I also don't like militaries, nukes, homicide, and war. They all boil down to the same thing. Scary, destabilizing, terrorizing, absolutely fricking evil rottenness. We all have a human right to health, and that includes mental health, which does not derive from having nuclear weapons, under a mad policy of mutually assured destruction or whatever, that could lead to nuclear winter, despite global warming. How can humanity be so retarded? We can all hate each other, but we don't need to destroy our planet in the process. Militaries and nationalism and borders and this jingoistic us/them mentality is so yesterday. Get on with it! I am not an American, first and foremost. I am a human. I will not support any policy that robs quality of life from other countries for our benefit. This stuff is just so basic.

Examples of Good
-Action, keeping busy, keeps the depression away, and solves problems. Your career should be fun, and work should not seem like work, because life is too short for drudgery.
-I propose a central website online that serves as a center for solutions to problems, large and small, to unleash the creativity that lies in all of us. Post a problem, get feedback. Barack had one before he became president, and I think he should re-open the gates of the White House to the American (and global) spirit of ingenuity, controversy, and debate. The attitude that people, the masses, are gullible and stupid needs to be tempered by the very true reality that we can also be the source of vast creative and effective problem-solving.
-All books should be available on an internet library, in my opinion. Humanity's collective historical knowledge should be free to the world, as the internet emerges in places like Africa, for example
-Doing right by the environment, in the midst of our planet's ongoing 'extinction event', is massively important, possibly for our own survival as a species.

Here's a kind of koan that I submitted to the Washington Post:

It's easy to be an atheist. After all, God is.To explain:The bible says God is love.The bible also says love believes all things.Therefore, God is an atheist.All is vanity, frustration, futility, nonsense. (Maybe God needs to believe in Himself). Love, u.c., doesn't believe in itself, sometimes, I'd say-God

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