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Monday, May 18, 2009

Religious Literature

Apparently, Dubya's administration peppered their documents with bible quotes. This strikes me as weird. On one hand, we have free speech, but on the other, we believe in keeping separation between church and state. This sounds like a court case worth watching.

Also, people are so weird these days, with JW's giving out literature by foot, house to house, as well as other stuff about the antichrist or whatnot. I saw the subtitle on one of these religious tracts that read, "I will be like the Most High."

Well, that seems relevant to me and this.

What drug gets you the most high? Crack? Meth? Heroin? I think I'd definitely be the Most High if I took some drugs on top of Mount Everest. Or in outer space.

I'm pretty sure that's not what they were referring to, though.

I think the drug they're referring to is good old fashioned Power. I say everyone's equally powerful, because everyone has the potential to be virtually Omnipotent (in their own heads). This might be a kind of magic trick, though. Real Power would be having the ability to effect change. I have a few causes I'm supporting thus far: carbon offsets available for purchase at airports, universal acceptance of Adoption as the loving alternative to the frankly sick "choice" of abortion, kindles for prisoners, all the world's books available for free online, basic needs (including healthcare) available for the entire world, no nukes, no militaries, and last but not least, an end to my symptoms of voice, head shocks, and occasional chest pains.

My medication is being adjusted right now, but I'm less ornery, and more able to help out at Sara's store, which everybody thinks is a good thing, although I'm pretty sure my anger (medicated or not) is right on target. So what if people think I'm scary. I am not a danger to myself or others. But I guess I have to keep taking all these drughs, as the last time I went off them, well...I'll just say it was unpleasant. More power to the Icarus folks, though.

Power is knowledge, money, violence, and influence. I'm concentrating on the knowledge part, with a sense that I have influence, whether or not I can verify that or not. Like subliminal influence, or changing the collective unconscious, or being the first mover, or something.

Peace out. May the force be with you. Om. (I think I'll throw in an NamMyohoRengeKyo for good measure).

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