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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Remembering the Military


No countries, no militaries, no borders, no weapons of mass destruction, everybody living comfortably, healthcare for everyone on earth, all the world's libraries (of books, movies, music, etc.) available to all over the internet, a computer for everyone, global happiness and kindness, no illwill/animosity/anger/hatred/rage/malice. Love and understanding and acceptance... Peace.

Have you seen the slogan, "no justice, no peace." That's all wrong. Just forgive, if you can. Gatorade asks, "is it in you?" If justice is just keeping someone in a room for 10 years, with access to books or whatever, that's fine with me. When 'justice' becomes anal rape and constant terror, I don't consider that just at all, ever.

I make no bones about it: I'm anti-military. All militaries are an abomination to me. I would never join one. It's against my religion. My religion is that I'm God and I don't take orders from anyone (that I don't agree with). And kindness. Militaries bully. Forces do things....by force. Against people's will. They impose, through murder, legal and political structures that are just as much a human brainchild as the one before. Nothing is inherently any better than anything else, including my system, if I ever get around to making one. Even capitalism and democracy and the rule of law. Imposition of a social contract is not really a true contract. Militaries are just big boys playing with their obnoxiously expensive toys, to feel powerful by ganging up to murder people in a legal way, just taking orders as they say, to supposedly create a better world (which may in fact be true, sometimes, but still...) through war, which is hell, and which we're supposed to feel all thankful for when they die and call them heroes, when it just seems like stupidity to me, especially when they make the ultimate "sacrifice", because freedom isn't free or whatever, and they're so full of honor and service and integrity and are such all around wonderful people, to say nothing of their macho warrior prowess with bringing death and destruction to people different from themselves, if only by language. Oh, please. When it comes to obeying my president to go off to hell and kill people, I'm effectively a JW. Thou shalt not kill. This is one nation under God. I could just as easily have been born one of the "enemy." Not gonna do it.

Look, I know a lot of soldiers are offing themselves, possibly under the spell of some of the points I've brought up above. I'm pro-life, and that applies to suicide as well. It's a long, hard road out of hell, but worth the journey. I mean, seriously. I kill bugs all the time. I'll say a prayer this memorial day (Monday- the last monday in may) for the psyches of all the troubled military, that they live in Peace, truly. And that, someday, ASAP (as soon as possible), militaries will be made a thing of the past, a historical memory.

Warriors should live by their own codes. Submission just isn't my bag. To the President or anyone else.

I guess it comes down to law.
no laws =everyone enforces their own laws/ geographic boundaries for every conceivable legal structure. Don't really know what would be the best. Seems like everybody should talk about what their own do's and dont's are, and respect each other.

You know what? I'm sick of all this culture war crap, too.

And one more thing: 'countries' barely exist anymore. Globalization means the internationalization of people, products, investments, and ideas. So who would want to die for their "country"? We all call these trained killers heroes with phrases like "Soldiers are people who write a blank check to their country" or something. Countries are just borders (jump back and forth, and feel international) with laws (that I bet you don't entirely endorse), with histories (that I'm not sure really matter that much). Soldiers seem like mass murderers and serial killers to me. They're have their colors, like gangsters, -flags- who somehow have a legal and legitimate shot-caller in an elected president. I think it's hypocritical and completely stupid.

Okay, I'm done.

No, I'm not. You might think the army, navy, air force, and marines, etc., fight for my right to say these things. Or the USA actually IS a gang, of sorts. No one's going to take our free speech rights away except everyone around you who cuts you off while you're speaking because they think you're stupid or boring or they have more interesting things to say. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is a bunch of stupid gangs. Okay, my post is getting too long. And it also seems the whole world wouldn't be in gangs, paradoxically, only if we had space aliens to unify us against them (so, yeah, we'd still actually be a gang).

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