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Thursday, May 28, 2009

All Books Available To Everyone

Business Proposal: ABATE (All Books Available To Everyone)

Currently, in the U.S., libraries hold a wide selection of books to meet reader’s pleasure/diversion/entertainment and educational needs. In addition to books, libraries hold cd’s and dvd’s of music and movies, as well as reference materials and computers to allow internet access.

I think libraries are the best thing ever. It’s free. It’s fun. It’ll keep you busy probably for the rest of your life, if you want it to. As (Pablo Neruda?) said, “I have always imagined heaven to be a kind of library.” Some rather large segment of eternity could be spent and enjoyed in a library, I imagine. I am a Virgo, and I’ve been told we Virgo’s have an innate love of knowledge, so I am a kind of star-crossed lover when it comes to books, movies, music, magazines, the internet, and reference materials. In short, I like stimulus. I have even found myself envying the position of prisoners who may be in the position of being able to devote their lives to study without the distractions of ordinary life. I may be a bit strange when it comes to these things.

That said, who doesn’t like libraries? Knowledge is power, they say, and they also say “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” (Aside: I have read A Beautiful Mind, and I, like John Nash, am a diagnosed schizophrenic. I was originally diagnosed bipolar, and I think that was because I was so perpetually high on life. Life is fun. I don’t remember having any debilitating lows, or any impairment that would merit my receiving a diagnosis of a mental illness. I have always had a high self-image, and I enjoy thought. Thinking, for me, is entertaining. Apparently, to most, it’s abnormal and what they call being “mental.” There may be other issues of telepathy and psychic phenomena that factor into how I relate to the world. If not, I don’t see why there should be a problem if I think so). So I’m happy and crazy and I like to read. Reading, like the quotes suggest, provide a kind of strength and power. They say ignorance is bliss, but so is knowing things. Getting lost in a book is a form of bliss, itself. Personally, I’d rather be in the know, if it’s win-win. I can’t really imagine other people to be any other way. In fact, my schizophrenia diagnosis might be a very sane state of affairs for me. It affords me the opportunity to be free and not suffer a boss or worry about survival, as I receive disability. I think I have an idea here that could be incredibly valuable to everyone, and thusly provide me a less controversial (earned as opposed to un-earned) source of income and enjoyable pursuit that I am passionate about , truly dedicated to, and -upon the creation of which- would make me a very happy man.

The idea is this: All books available to everyone, to do with as you like.

Consider it a stepping stone to Omniscience. I imagine omniscience to be a kind of ‘superbook’ that incorporates every book into it, starting with a TOE (theory of everything) and ending with the end of Reality….”The End.” To clarify, as of now I think time is eternal, so there won’t ever be an end of Reality, there will always be Reality, and if I’m going to be a part of it, I want to make it fun, with a really cool library available to me. Okay, back to the real world here…a superbook would be every book ever written, in all languages, available to anyone, for free, and available for quoting and editing without limitations. By ‘edit’, I mean you could add, subtract, rearrange, and otherwise create, using real and artificial intelligence to endlessly refine, improve, and modify –I imagine personalize- that reality we experience through words that describes realities both historical and fictional, sensical and absurd, real and theoretical, from every perspective, in every genre.

Quote books are good ways we currently use to aggregate wisdom on any word or topic. I visualize having all written knowledge processed by computer- such as through the subject of every sentence- allowing a (much!) broader perspective on any given subject. When computers get smart enough to understand sentences (do they already?), they can present interestingly thorough and nuanced presentations regarding any concept or idea.

These subjects have relations to each other, which can be mapped out graphically, such as (Jesse Lawrence Teshara) and (this document). A big worldwide web of links and connections, forming a kind of external brain. I guess I’m just making the internet into a brain, perhaps as smart as the smartest among us homo sapiens. I’m trying to organize all data. Or is it: Been there, done that?

Here's a link to a list (45 links) of online resources for getting free books.
Here's another, from our friends at wikipedia (data is god) (526 links, I counted)
Finally, here's a third. (ipl portal ) Internet Public Library

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