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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trains, Trains, and More Trains!

train of thought, locomotive breath
4 names: choo-choo train locomotive (and iron-horse)

engine, injun
crazy train (all aboard!!)
casey jones, grateful dead.  drivin' that train, high on cocaine..
   (casey jones you better watch your speed. trouble ahead, trouble behind..)
   (and you know that notion just crossed mind!)
loco, crazy.  motive, component of a crime.
   (a locomotive is different from a train.  i didn't learn that til yesterday!)
   (an engine is a pretty loco motive to commit a crime)
   (but maybe an injun isn't)(the train made me do it!)
choo-choo (sound of the whistle)
iron-horse (how many horsepower?)
whistle, horn, bell.   steam whistle.  air horn.  brass bell.
toot toot! honk honk! ding ding!
clang clang!  (crossing guard, signal)
     (uh-oh! watch out! beware! caution! look out, here i come.)
      here it comes.  getting closer.  waving. hi! going past.  bye!
steam engine.  black smoke, white steam.
burning coal heats the water into steam to power the engine
steam pressure, let off some steam, release
old steam engine train, cow-catcher, caboose
cargo/freight train.  passenger train.  amtrak.  bart.  light rail. muni.
trolley, street car.  electric trains.  third rail.  overhead power lines.
diesel engines.  tssss.  brakes hissing, like a snake.  sibilant.
training bra.  c.i.t. (counselor in training), sports training
flat cars, box cars, tank cars
piggy back shipping containers, intermodal
bridges, ascent, descent, up up, down down, climb,  coast
i think i can i think i can.  the little engine that could.
through the tunnel, inside the mountain, light at the end of the tunnel
runaway train (movie)
derail, (derailed train of thought)
tracks, rails, ties, spikes, rock/gravel bed
toy trains, thomas, lego trains, xmas trains, narrow gauge
the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys
chugga chugga, chuff chuff chuff...
"de-train" (term used by amtak conductor)
engineer, conductor
sleeping car, dining car, viewing car
double-decker, coast starlight express, capitol corridor
anna karenina/suicide
tied up on the tracks / homicide
ellen trainor (actress), E.T.
pull, push
"shunting wagons"
trucks, trailers, trains, tracks, tram, trolley, travel, trip, trippy
roundabout rotates, swivels
old/new, bullet trains, maglev (magnetic levitation)
commuter trains, stations, station-master, stationary
museum, wikipedia, youtube videos, google pics, tilden park
zoo train, disneyland train
choo choo Chuy.  chew your food.  charleston chew. chewbacca.

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