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Thursday, November 10, 2016

American Money

3 stats

The average American is

$15,762 in credit card debt
$27,141 in auto loans
$48,172 in student loans

The average household income is $53,482
Trump wants us to double it.

I don't have any debt.   I only buy with what I have, within budget.
I get free food pantry groceries.   free library!
my brother pays for my iphone (ongoing xmas gift)
my mom pays for my gym membership ($35.20/mo)
My rent is $725 (includes wifi/utilities), (about a dollar/hour!)
(I get $615 in social security/mo)
I have a disability (schizophrenia, a mental illness)
(i use a disability bart pass) (i'm on the Kaiser medi-medi plan)
(my meds -olanzapine, risperdal- are $1.20 (!), plus free dental, vision)
(my folks are paying for my trip to Belize with Sara, Pierre, Augustus)
I have made $4280.10 to date from Wag! (sinch March this year)

I have $4066.12 in checking plus savings, a/o today.
I am currently reading Moby Dick, by Herman Melville
    - I have a noon half-hour walk today with Toshi, in Oakland  :-)
    - No car: I bike, bart, or bus (mostly bicycle)
    - I'll visit the Apple store today to fix my ipad; and get phone help:
     (center button doesn't work, and photos are out of memory)
     - And i need to renew my driver's license at the dmv. 

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