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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Making America Greater Again


Well, the USA will have a new pres on 1/20/17, and it's The Donald.  Amazing.  The polls yesterday said he only had a 16% chance.  My uncle won the bet he made with my bro's wife.  I voted Hillary, less enthusiastically than my vote for Bernie, and read her entire wikipedia article, read the first 200 (of 900, large print) pages of her Hard Choices book, and looked at her website.  She'd been preparing for president almost her whole life (aside from wanting to be an astronaut).  I never read Trump's wikipedia page.  I haven't even seen his tv show.  I'm not even clear on what's attractive about being conservative, truth told.  I know Hillary used to be Republican, and Trump used to be a Democrat.  I watched Oliver's youtube videos about the wall, and drumpf, and raisins, as well as the litany of Trump's offensives from Seth Meyers, and it all sounded pretty convincing.  I still don't think the wall is going to happen (at least on budget, or paid for by Mexico!!).   I actually believe in open borders and precedence of humanism over nationalism.  I barely even consider myself an American.  When I recited the pledge of allegiance as a teenager at the Boy Scout summer camp, I changed it to united states of the "world", and to the "unity" for which it stands, one "planet" under (or over!) God.  I was hoping he would get a tv channel, and Hillary would show us what she could do, having achieved her life's ambition.

I guess the election was kind of a personality-contest.  Trump is occasionally funny, while Hillary always seemed dour, and her giddiness feigned (to me).  Also, there's "the secret", which says you shouldn't be against war, for example, because that just causes more war; you're supposed to be FOR something.  Hillary made the campaign less about pro her than about against DJT, which only worked to his advantage.  Thirdly, Hillary is pro-choice, which, in my view, really does make her a "nasty woman" (which is better than calling her a baby-killer).  Hillary is personally against abortion, but didn't have the cajones to be for legislating prohibition of what she actually considers wrong.  Then again, I wouldn't enforce vegetarianism...

ANyway, I liked Trump's brief acceptance speech.  It was inspiring, the bit about untapped potential.  I myself am trying to escape the hindrance of being mentally ill.  America is already great, but twice as good sounds even better!  Did I hear him correctly? He wants us to double our GDP?  I'd like to make twice as much, for one.   He made his victory about us, less about him, which I liked.  I'm trying to be positive, making good of this.  (He who creates hell deserves hell.  If he's really for torture worse than waterboarding, then that's evil.  That will not make America safer.) I know he collects bibles.  Does he have a Koran?  Does he believe in karma?  There are 1.6B muslims in the world, almost a quarter of humanity.  They are not the enemy.  Only a few.  He pledged to serve all Americans, and that's quite a diversity!  And a public servant should be about reducing suffering, increasing happiness, and not simply the almighty dollar.  God is love, and love believes all things.  I'll try and believe Trump will be a fantastic president!  And maybe the Waltons won't be as selfish, for example.  The red hats, I hope, are not code for HAT-RED.

I actually like raisins, lol

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