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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Off to Belize!


So I'm flying with friends to Belize this week.  30th thru 5th.  Then back to dogwalking.  I was told over Thanksgiving dinner by those in the know (Chris and Sarah had their honeymoon there) to bring mosquito repellent.  Flip-flops might be good.  I have sandals.  I'm reading Moby Dick, The Economist, and of course the Belize lonely planet guide (with a section on Caye Caulker).  I've got Belize City weather on my phone.  Looks like thunder storms!  I'll bring my meds, my phone, my book, enough clothes, and repellant, along with my passport, in just one carry-on (that fits overhead).  Don't need much.  It's a chill-out destination.   I'll help Pierre and Sara with Augustus, kinda like a nanny.  My folks are helping with the airfare.  I'm always updating my budget (daily), and I have about $4100 bucks.  I don't need to bring much, I think.  I should say I'm thinking of buying an e-bike.  People always ask, are you excited?  No.  Not much.  I'm just hoping for safe flights, a safe water taxi to the island, not getting robbed, and not getting Zika!  I've had a rough week, symptom-wise.  Schizophrenia is a BITCH.  Really, seriously, hellish, sometimes.  Not just annoying, but painful.  Maybe I need a med adjustment.  Anyway, I helped my folks with the Christmas lights on their tree today, in San Francisco.  I took Bart out to Glen Park, and rode the 23 bus up Monterey.  Greg helped bring the tree in, yesterday.  I hope the lights don't start a fire.  We split the strings to two outlets, to be safer (the base of the bottom string got hot, and blew a fuse).  Benjamin's new brother or sister is due soon.  Uncle Jesse, otra vez.  Tio Chuy.   We don't know the sex, or name, yet.  They speak English in Belize, former British colony.  Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.  I offended Liz' dad, John, by not greeting him, which I feel bad about.  There were 13 of us, plus bump...  I just immediately started playing with Ben, instead of being social.  He said I discarded him like an old shirt, or something.  I don't know what to say to that.  Well, so it goes.  Ugh.  Sorry. I sat next to the sheriff, Vicki.  I asked her if her email server was secure, lol.  And she read the Terry Pratchett book I gave her last year (with commander Vimes).  I had a burrito again from La Corneta, at Glen Park (carne asada super, black beans, spicy salsa), with a snapple.  I like the trivia.  Today's fact?  I forget.  But I told my mom that jellyfish don't have brains.  Which I picked up from the "weird-o-pedia" Oakland library book that I just renewed online yesterday.   I forget why the topic of fish brains came up.   And I forget what airline we're taking.  I have the itinerary in my (greatly backlogged) email.   I remember what I forget, lol.   It was good seeing (my cousin) Patrick.  He wants to backpack Europe (maybe alone), which sounds fun, if/after he gets approved for permanent disability.  My status will be reviewed in 2018.  I hope I get well, but I also am anxious about losing my benefits.  I didn't win yesterday's lottery, lol.  I got 47, though.   DoG!   I see all these homeless people, and freaks me out, but on the other hand, maybe I can find a rewarding and enjoyable career.  But I also want to read hundreds of books, to say nothing of the daily/weekly news (ny times / economist).   I'm not sure I want to pursue dating.    Maybe I'm better off alone.  Sara and Pierre could move to New York, if bitcoin gets approved for atm's there, I think is the situation.  I'm still listening to a lot of music, mostly college radio.   10:20, past my bedtime.  JT :-)  goodnite.

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