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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meat and madness

an interesting etymological connection

from wikipedia:
The word meat comes from the Old English word mete, which referred to food in general. The term is related to mad in Danish, mat in Swedish and Norwegian, and matur in Icelandic and Faroese, which also mean 'food'. The word mete also exists in Old Frisian (and to a lesser extent, modern West Frisian) to denote important food, differentiating it from swiets (sweets) and dierfied (animal feed).

Food is 'Mad' in danish.  huh.

I'd be mad, too, if I were treated like meat.

'Jesse' means the whole office of the eucharist, which is the cannibalistic eating of Jesus-
(literally, in catholicism, or symbolically, in other christian denominations)

mad is both a. angry and b. bonkers
anger and insanity go together, I guess.

what's eating you?
Jesse also can be Jesus or Chuy (pronounced Chewy), in spanish
also, Isai.  I say, good chap, is ai any good?
Isa is Jesus in arabic.

I am not Jesus.  I am Jesse.  And I am not my name.  I am my body.
my body is what I eat, less what I excrete
I get most of my food from TJ's (my initials), i.e. Trader Joe's

it's a weird thing to chew on (ponder)
puts the Mass in masticate, I guess
eat can be rearranged as ate (which sums to 8 -125) (like god -764)

Trader backwards is 'red art'
J is the 10th letter.  therefore, Tennessee is kinda Jesse-ish, cryptically.
Satan is 11216 (of the english alphabet) which is, say, 10.
(who decided the alphabet's -random?- order, anyway?
esse in latin means 'being' and also 'eating'.
so my name, i guess, has something to do with eating satan.
and they say you are what you eat, of course.
food is 6664, if you want to chew on that.
my dad is Larry T.  clarity = see Larry T?

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