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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Truth vs. Currency

my take on "the marketplace of ideas"

which ideas have purchase in the m.o.i.?

Part of the schizophrenic experience seems to be voices that contradict, contrast, and challenge your thoughts.

Commentary on your beliefs, such as "i believe everything you think is wrong"
To which a funny reply/response would be, "You're absolutely right"

this process reminds me of the Scientific Method, which holds nothing sacred, and holds all theories to be temporary, until something better comes along.

'Question Authority' and 'Don't Believe Everything You Think'
The contrarian skeptic in my head..

Also, it (ideas vs. their opposite) makes me think of matter vs. antimatter,
popes vs. antipopes, christ vs. antichrist,
me vs. anti-me, (opposites attract?), you vs. anti-you?

Anyway, telepathy seems to be probing beliefs, determining either the truth,
or what is believed to be true, held to be true (if not in fact real)

I definitely believe in an other that can hear my thoughts.
"You are not alone" (prayer is heard, if not answered)
But WHO, is the question, can hear thought?
I suspect that a Godly "source" is actually a hyper-intelligent human that generates the thoughts of others, as opposed to actually hearing them.  But maybe someone can hear an entire restaurant, and make sense of it, for example.   This power is supplemented by an ability to test which of his own ideas "take" or "have currency."   Just a theory.

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