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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ABC'S of Death

Animals, Babies, Criminals and Soldiers

(that's meat, abortion, capital punishment, and war)

don't ever let anybody tell you it's All Good!
Thou Shalt Not Kill
God is love, and love is pro-life!

We live in A SICK SOCIETY, and A SICK WORLD, too.
killing is evil
it's basic

love and respect and mercy and mental health dictate
we respect life with a consistent life ethic

Killing ABCS must end.

Vegetarianism, Adoption, Freedom, and Peace all feel really good!
War and Prison and Slaughterhouses and Killing your own baby are hellish.
Criminals should not live in a hellish prison -we've all been there, we can relate.
Hating is only human, and killing criminals for murder would imply we should also kill soldiers, warmongers, workers at abattoirs, hunters, carnivores, and anybody else responsible for premature death, like malpracticing doctors or abortionists.  God is merciful, God is good!

Jails and Prisons shouldn't be hellholes of institutional terrorism.  A war on terrorism includes prison reform, so everyone's quality of life, including those we are tempted to exact institutional vengeance on, is made better and more meaningful.   We only live once, and hells on earth should be extirpated.  Those who succumb to temptation to do evil, and that includes most of us I would say, deserve mercy.  If freedom isn't possible, then happiness is (with classes, books, music, exercise, friendships, etc.) I think yoga and aikido should be taught.  And rape and fighting should not be tolerated, ever.

peace out,

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