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Monday, July 21, 2014

Two State Solution

Palrael and Israstine!

I think there shouldn't be any conflict (anywhere on earth, actually)

Like the U.S., the Middle East is a "melting pot"- if there were ONE country of diverse languages and religions, then any conflict would be crime, not war.  It's seems to me they should tear down the walls, permit everybody everywhere, and let the chips fall where they may.  Who would bomb their own country?  Mix it up!  It seems to me crime is preferable to war, with it's missiles and tanks, incredibly expensive hardware that enriches the military-industrial complex and arms dealers, and kills so many more people.   There's enough room for everybody, and no need for the crowded population density in the west bank and gaza, that results in destruction of homes, and innocent non-combatant civilian death, when Israel gets paranoid and invades a vastly poorer and weaker territory that has been made resentful by Israel's own oppressive policies of settlement incursions and economic strangulation.  A richer society helps everyone!  Israel is oppressing itself, its own people, and its own economy.  Pink Floyd and Ronald Reagan were right: tear down the wall!  Us and Them thinking is just stupid, in my opinion.

Speaking truth to power, Israel is the oppressor, and Palestinians -it seems to me- are mostly just trying to get by, having been shafted by Hitler almost as much as the Jews were, by consequence of the Zionism after world war two that rewarded Jews with the "promised land" as recompense for the holocaust, which displaced the Palestinians from their homeland, too.

Honestly, what would happen if there were no borders (anywhere on earth).  I think this is a hypothetical that should be addressed by academic geographers, if not the U.N.   Like I said, isn't crime VASTLY superior to war?

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