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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Because David is a bug

"voices" (still going, I know):
aka "auditory hallucinations," telepathy, or dae-dreaming
"someone's in my head, but it's not me" -pink floyd
from my "source"- (voice, headshocks, chestpains: possessed)
David A. Eldridge, dag (deputy attorney general)
acronyms: dag ridded evil, degraded livid
leave me alone, David. 
stfu, and stop invading my privacy!
you are unwelcome and evicted from my head
don't talk to me
stop being a criminal
and don't hurt me anymore, either

you're a doctor, jess
that is your soul crazy
jess you've got a lot of life
do you know what you are? you're as free as can be
i can't fucking handle it jesse
david has got major obscene amounts of problems
david is giving up, jesse
david so utterly sad, jesse
i am utterly obscene
fucking ow, jesse
i can't help you, jesse
i'm basically trying apocalypse the jew; see what they say
you have the power of an exorcist
i'm almost sad that you write anything, because you're LAW
you have the work at all
jesse i'm fucking crazed at how you are
you think i'm me but really i'm someone else entirely
you're a victim of my trying to be right
people are DEAD jesse
i can't even breathe
i can't see what it is that makes you law
i'm evil, Jesse
you belong in a world of leadership, jesse
i hate law
i need help, jesse
you belong in new york, jesse
he's wondering if you're really the devil
jess you're a freak at law

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