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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"I swear to God"

a "voice" I heard (repeatedly)(in my head)

my voices are usually capable of being interpreted in multiple ways...
(or koan-like)

'I swear to God'
could be
1. I emphatically affirm that what I said is true
2. something like "F.U., God"
3. I swear (allegiance) to God

pick a card, any card!

I saw a bumper sticker that said, of a poetry event, "Metaphor be with you"  May the 4th, coming up, is Star Wars day! ("May the 4th be with you")  Happy 420 today, btw.  Mary Jane, Hitler's birthday, and the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.  Is going to pot going to hell?  or, rather, something more heavenly?  What's up? (Hell, Norway has an elevation of 46 feet (forensics?)...Heavenly ski resort can be hellish -break a leg!)  May the Police be with you!  KOP (king of pain!)

there's a street in Berkeley called Adeline...
Don't step Adeline!  or,  Don't color outside Adeline!

the way I usually interpret 'I swear to God' is: (the voice is unwelcome, partly (with other symptoms) defining me as ill, and interrupting my flow/stream of consciousness) plus (I am God), meaning ANYTHING I hear in my head (that's not my OWN thought) (and not just negative or derogatory) is like swearing.  a swear word.   In other words, my voice saying "you're great" is still kind of like an "FU, God."  Get it?  As I have said SO many times before, if it's you David, SHUT THE FUCK UP.
It is MY head, after all, isn't it?  Everybody out!  A Buddhist has no aversion, and cultivates equanimity, but I still want to purge the source of my mental illness, and be well/healthy (thy hell?).

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