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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Yay! I Got a New Phone!

my new toy, a "smartphone"

my iphone 5c was a xmas gift from my bro I just got today, that I'm playing with.

-FaceTime is cool (it only works between 2 apple devices).  
-It has maps, a compass, and gives directions, which can be really useful.
-voice recognition, you can dictate texts and emails.
-you can listen to radio, from online (most radio stations stream over the internet).  
i like whrb, especially.
-i can check out websites (like google, or my blog, or the jeopardy archive, or wikipedia, or ted, or youtube)
(or news like csmonitor or cnn)
-local weather (you can permit it to know where you are), camera/pictures, calculator.
-there's WAG, an app (short for application) that will hook me up with people who want a dogwalker.
-i might get a botany app: take a picture of a plant, it'll tell you what it is.
-comedy central has a joke archive..

so that's why it's "smart".  
i can listen to harvard radio while I read the news or learn trivia, for example.

it doesn't have Siri, like my ipad,
or translation, like the apple watch (but it could, and should!)

don't get smart with me, boy! sorry, too late.

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