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Friday, January 29, 2016

Sum Weerdness and Inne-Sanity

Madd (mothers against drunk driving), Mad (magazine), M.a.D (mom and dad)!
"when people run in circles it's a mad world" -cold play?
angry? insane? both? the term itself is a bit insane.
in the seine river.  in a sane person/mind. shouldn't it be UN-sane?
or does that reflect "poorly" on the United Nations.  unwell.  poverty and health.
a "sound" mind (with voices) is apparently saner than a still, quiet one!
madness, I say, old chap!  mci (mad crazy insane) mickey mo-use.
cool!  (rearranged, loco): what's your loco-motive, you crazy criminal?
choo-choo! chew! chewy! Chuy and Chewbacca.
Mohammad's M.O. (modus operandi, missouri (not pronounced misery)(miz-ur-ruh!)
Inn sanity, say, of a bed and breakfast (BB gun, BB body building, BB wolf, Bibi (Net and yahoo)
and sew on and so fourth


Sum weerdniss

Won ts (eliot) a pawn uh thyme, inn a (local area network) :-D phar (macy) jafar a weigh, their livid a which and a Kat, a purr-sun and (ben-) hur spear IT (information technology) anne I mull, hoo Bo (knows) lichen'd 2 eat heated meat and beets ev'ry weak 4 break-fast. Ow fast, u ass? Really frilly fast. Sew fassed, in f-act, t-hat thay de-sided too eet et slo-ER (san luis obispo emergency room), sew thA kood n-joy (dish soap) the mm, eel moor.

Place your alpha-bets, gentlemen:
Hey bee seedy E! Flunk gee itch eye (blue)jay okay ellen am enjoy oh pee queue are essence tea you VW double-you, ex, why, and Zorro/ zee(dee salad).

I felt like being a little crazy.
hope you enjoyed :-)
-Jess-see (with your 2 i's) To Share Ra (the sun god)
-2 light references! i have a vision! enlightenment!

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