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Monday, January 11, 2016

My New Year's Res

Resolution, that is

It's to "read a book/day"
a Book-A-Day wouldn't be all that "bad."  In fact, it'd be great!!
And I can cheat by reading children's books :)

This year, so far, I've read:
1.All of Emily Dickinson (off of Bartleby, on the internet)
2.The Man Who Wasn't There, Anil Ananthaswamy (excellent! especially the chapter on schizophrenia)
3.The Comedians, Kliph Nesteroff (only surveyed it (a history of american standup): i.e. read portions about comedians I already knew of)

and lots of children's books (cb's)
1.The Postcard, Tom Abbott (literally the first book on the shelf, children's section!)
2.Elijah of Buxton (Caldecott -children's book award- honor book; i copied the list of winners/honors from wikipedia)

(children's books):
Bermuda Triangle, Looking for Bigfoot, Mysterious Disappearances, Crop Circles, Monster Hunt, The Gods & Goddesses of Ancient China, Alien Investigation, Helen Keller, I Toad You So, Tyrannnosaurus Wrecks, Holiday Howlers, Haunted House jokes, Ha Ha Ha Sidesplitters, 1000 crazy jokes for kids, Bug jokes, You must be joking, Champion crack-ups, Joking Around with chirp, Ivan to make you laugh, Amazing Cows, Greatest goofiest jokes, How do you lift a walrus with one hand?, Biggest riddle book in the world, Going Ape, Punny Places, Foul Play, Real Classy

that's 32 books in 10 days.  not bad, eh?

I borrowed some books from my dad, that are on deck: 
Treasury of Laughter, by Larry Wilde
Encyclopedia of School Humor, by S and S Mamchak
The World's Best Dirty Jokes, by Mr. "J"
More of the World's Best Dirty Jokes, by Mr. "J"

i currently (zap!) have checked out from the library:
It's Not Me It's You, by McFarlane
(and 5 books in spanish: masaje, tae kwon do, kung fu, hipnosis, y forenses)

my reading list also includes:
(authors) Alan Fuerst, Vaclav Smil, Bill Bryson, Terry Pratchett, Robert Reich, Twain, Vonnegut, Carl Hiaasen, Evelyn Waugh, PG Wodehouse; Shakespeare/Proust/Freud, Isaac Asimov, Nikolai Gogol, Patrick Rothfuss, Joe Abercrombie, Gregory J Keyes, Robin Hobb, Daniel Abraham, Maurice Druon, Brent Weeks.

(titles) The Box, by Levinson (about shipping containers); Hyperbole and a half, Brosh; Stuff Matters, Miodownik; How Asia Works, Studwell; On Immunity, Biss; The Rosie Project, Simpson; The Bully Pulpit, Goodwin; Blood Meridian; Moby Dick; The Kingdom of this World; Beyond Good and Evil; El Tunel, Sabato; Don Quixote; Arabian Nights; La Morte D' Arthur; Nocturno de Chile, Bolano; Ficciones, Borges; Epic Measures, Smith; Tap Dancing to Work; The Sixth Extinction; The Better of Our Angels; The Man Who Fed the World; Business Adventures, Brooks; Red Queen; Guns Germs and Steel; I am a strange loop; Character Strengths and Virtues, Peterson and Seligman; No Job No Prob!; Stress Test, Geithner; Making the Modern World, and Should We Eat Meat, Smil; Dante's Inferno; How to be alone; The Fat Cat, Jack Kent.

(topics) literature, fiction (1001 books you must read before you die); caldecott winners/honors; reference books (encyclopedia, atlas, history, languages, vocabulary, slang, biography); poetry (i get a poem/day in my email); trivia; religion, aletheon, buddhism; news; national enquirer, mad magazine. 
origami, cuddle sutra, jokes, prison lit: orange is the new black, inside: life behind bars in america, Santos; Library services to the incarcerated, McCreigh; Inside this place, not of it, Waldman and Levi.  short stories.  bestsellers.  true crime.  horror/fantasy.  self-defense.

basically, everything.

I think I'd be a good audiobook narrator, so I want to sample good examples, such as Scott Brick's work, or Harry Potter, or Edward Herman/Geronimo Stilton.  audiofile magazine, online (through libarary website).

daily 9:
book, spanish, poem/email, this day in history, trivia, vocab, joke, and news!

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