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Saturday, March 14, 2015

current reading, and update

RIP, Terry Pratchett (as of 3/12th)

I was reading him, when he died (!)
I have, checked out from the library, 3 TP books:
-Thief of Time (finished yesterday)
-Lords and Ladies
-Reaper Man

and 2 war books:
-Redeployment, by Phil Klay
-Generation Kill, by Evan Wright

(my life of late, by Jesse L Teshara)
(my dad used to say "my day, by Larry Teshara" every evening at the dinner table)

both babies in my life (A and B) are crawling now
(Augustus and Benjamin)
my rent, I worked out, is almost a dollar/hour
(but it doesn't work that way)
am applying for low-income housing in the east bay
(but I like where I am)
thurs kaiser group met outside, for a change, in the sun, which was nice
i'm having dinner tomorrow night with SPAM in Oakland
(i.e. Sara Pierre Augustus Marcel)
still playing the lottery, against all odds (!) (maybe i shouldn't)
am living within my budget (by virtue of mostly free food)
am mostly vegetarian (although i still eat meat when served it)
i saw the movies:
Big Eyes, Hobbit 5 armies, American Sniper, Birdman, Kingsmen
(Birdman kind of deals with schizophrenia, in a funny way)
(Big Eyes with Brooks, Kingsmen with Theresa)
i have a dental appt on 3/25th
gloria's 29th birthday is on the 29th
my blog just hit 12,000 viewers yesterday!
(all comments are always welcome, and encouraged)
folks, i must ask, do i have a cult forming  in Redmond?

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