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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wussup, Redmond! lol.
Another 584 million mile journey of the earth around the sun completed!
Did everyone make a new year's resolution?

Mine was to floss.
I'm maintaining last year's still, which was 'early to bed, early to rise.
I'm reading a book/day this year, which I'm happy about.

I've read:
1)Fluent in 3 Months, by Benny Lewis
2)Border Patrol Nation, by Todd Miller
3)Thud, by Terry Pratchett
4)El Cazador de Tatuajes, por Jevenal Acosta
5)Stuffed, by Glenn Eichler and Nick Bertocci
6)Lost in Translation, by Ella Frances Sanders (today's read)

tomorrow I hope to finish
7)Pyramids, by Terry Pratchett
on deck also, from the library as well, is
8)el guardian del tiempo, por Mitch Albom, and
9)cuentos de eva luna, por isabel allende

None of these are from my 1001 list.
I'm trying to read lots of Spanish so I can reach mastery level this year.
I'm also reading the daily NY Times, and hitting the Y.
Sweat, every day.  I weigh 200 lbs, which is much better than I was.
I want to lose another 10, gain muscle, and lose the gut.
busy, busy!

I won tickets today from kalx to Pablo Cruise at Yoshi's on Saturday, January 17th.
My mom tells me today is the anniversary of the day I was baptized.
Crazy how she remembers these things!
I walked Fido and Taco today, and gave Julie and Sam a (belated xmas gift of a) jar of ginger paste, because we love the ginger paste tofu at the Thai restaurant downtown San Leandro, so now they can make their own!  I bought a sushi burrito today, from Sushi Secrets, downtown Berkeley.

So my new year's routine is daily BEN (book, exercise, ny times)

I really like my new room, by the way.

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