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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Deluded Jesus

His crucifixion was not God's will

It certainly wasn't HIS will, I'm pretty sure of that!
And Christians seem to think he was/is/is part of, God.
In the battle of good v. evil, I would say the devil beat Jesus when ol' J died.
Why would Jesus' Dad want his son to be crucified?
Maybe Jesus sinned in a major way, and deserved crucifixion?
Was Jesus guilty?  
There are no answers to these questions: it's ancient history.
I'm not sure I care, to tell you the truth.
It seems like a raw deal to me, and maybe a warning for any would-be Lords, Messiah, Christs, or Gods out there (like me?).  I'm ignoring this, and will continue to speak/write my mind.
What would Jesus have done if he wasn't killed?
Would he have healed everyone?  Ruled the world?  Had a family?
Some people think he's in space, alive, immortal -with the aliens presumably- before he returns to earth at some point to resume where he left off.
I think it's kind of silly to repeat every Sunday your belief that Jesus is ascended into heaven and sitting at the right hand of his father, like an immortal that doesn't move, out in space.
I also believe, once your dead, resurrection is impossible- it's kaput, you're life is over.
Back to oblivion, nonexistence, like you were before you were born.
But some physicists believe we live in holographic universe, with 11 dimensions, or something.
I don't claim to have a clue about either of these suppositions.
Do we live in a hologram?  Are we holograms?  Why do they say that?
I live in Berkeley, which is named after a bishop/philosopher who believed the world was the physical manifestation of God's dreaming, if I remember correctly.
This is interesting, if we're all God!

I was thinking there are 3 competing concepts of light out there:
(from the sun (plasma), from fire, from lightbulbs)
1)a particle, the photon, like a billiard ball or a bullet, that is a quantum -a discrete amount- of energy, travelling through space at the speed of light, bouncing off things, and being absorbed, and causing different colors, depending on what it hits.
2)a wave, like sound, or maybe the ocean, that experience constructive or destructive interference, when it interacts with other waves, lapping on the shore of our eyes.
3)a "ray" of light, which is different from a particle or a wave, because mathematically a ray is a line that goes in only one direction, travelling straight (a line goes in both directions).  It's kind of connected to it's source, I guess is what I'm saying.

4)hm, there's also the light in our heads, that we see when we dream.  are those photons?
5)Adi Da said he was "conscious  light", which is a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around, because there's confusion and uncertainty about what light is, as well as what consciousness is.
6)For example, does it have weight?  After all, it's called "light"!!
7)How does /would it push a "solar sail"?
8)Can inanimate matter have consciousness? A rock? Is the sun an organism? (I just saw a tv show -Dr. Who- with that premise)

I was thinking about the phrase "all right" today.
Clearly, not everything is right.
Nuclear weapons, for example, I think we can all agree on, are a travesty and should not exist.
I overheard someone recently say, "you have to be willing to destroy the world in order save the world."  I disagree, although I see what he's saying (MAD, mutually assured destruction, provides deterrence).  Global disarmament is possible (even with distrust, or without universal goodwill).

I got an email from Barack Obama today, entitled "tell the president what's on your mind" or something to that effect.  And then, after I got excited about writing my thoughts, I was given a list of topics to choose from.  WTF?  F.U. Obama.  That sucks.  That seriously pissed me off.  I'm not one of your damn sheeple, alright?  I had something I wanted to say, and wasn't allowed to say it.  Seriously?  Yes we can?  Ugh.

To demand other countries disarm, without doing so ourselves, is hypocritical.  We have no right to demand Iran not have nukes, without disarming our own.  I mean, duh.  Isn't that obvious?  Are we secretly endorsing the nuclearization of Iran?? Are we all the devil's sheeple/pawns?

Anyway, is killing an ant the same as nuking a city?  Or vice versa?  I was thinking about how ants respond when they find a dead ant, and how they go all nuts, just like how France got crazy with the recent islamist terrorism.  Ant-hropology conjurs ants, too.  The universe is infinitely big, so in a way, we're not very different from ants.  SF, across the bay, has The Giants (baseball team).   A law professor at Davis said to "squash them like bugs," in a lecture there.  Solidarity with the animal kingdom might imply we not want to kill germs, though.   Did Jesus kill germs?  With his right hand or his left hand?  We're all going to die.  We're all dying.  The entire universe.  Every star will go black.  No diamond is really forever.  Forever is a mighty long time.  Death may be hated, but it's the universal fate.  Like oingo boingo says, no one lives forever!  We're like bubbles.  You're gonna pop.

 When people say "all right," am I supposed to chuck morality out the window, and accept all the horror and violence as somehow good, (as it presumably is, for the perpetrators).   Evil is everywhere, banal, commonplace, as evidenced by war, abortion, and meat, in addition to crime.  If love is the answer, then we have to love the devil, too.  Every single one of us, the devil inside, as they say. 4-evil is the code behind the word d-evil. If you think about it like that, killing doesn't seem as bad.  Thou shalt not kill is the commandment.  But time kills all.  And vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord.  The price of sin is death.   And swatting a fly is pretty easy, and some people are more annoying that flies (to me, anyway).  I have no compunction about stepping on a cockroach.  But they don't throw you in prison for killing bugs.  The word police makes me think of P.O. lice (pissed off lice).  You don't want them in your hair.  But we all should serve and protect.  That's a noble goal and profession. Governments should step up, and eliminate nuclear weapons, a'ite?

Today at Kaiser, the art therapy group I go to had the topic of problem/solution.
Here's what I came up with:
problems: unhealth, boredom, money, peace, anomie, addiction, ignorance, rut, unhappiness, imperfection, and evil.

exercise, good nutrition, meds, hygiene, cheer/laughter, meditation, right amount of sleep.

friends, books, music, volunteering, movies, news

frugality, work, charity, ssa/ssi, lottery, inheritance, gold-digging

outlets, diplomacy, victory


support, rehab

wikipedia, books, magazines, libraries, schools, teachers, science, curiosity, writing/research, google.

variety, nature

extinguish greed, hatred, delusion; sex, good food/restaurant dining; fun/play/games; service

practice, creativity, discipline, improvement

law, morality, religion, justice, connection, communication, compassion, leadership, virtue, example, integrity, kindness.

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