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Thursday, July 11, 2013

what is the purpose of telepathy?

what I suspect it's for (a supposition, a theory)

it's also called schizophrenia.  mind to mind conversation.
some people think it's God talking to  them.
The opposite of prayer, when you talk to God (and presumably he can hear you)
some people think it's the devil.  hearing a voice, then, is like being possessed.
or maybe spirits, or angels, or demons, if not just the thoughts of someone you know.

I think my voice is David.  David Eldridge.  David Andrew Eldridge.
He said he was a "natural psychologist," and something about a "global telepath"
I want to be healthy.  I want him to shut the hell up.

I met someone who calls being healed of schizophrenia, "being delivered."
I'm not in that culture, but whatever it is, whatever you want to call it, I hope it happens.
Remission.  Sanity.

They say 40% of college students report hearing voices.
I believe everybody experiences some form of "psychosis."  like dreams.
Dreams, at least some of them, come from outside our heads, in my opinion.
If your head can pick up visions, it can pick up auditory hallucinations, too.

Why do I think David talks to me (in my head, I mean)?
maybe just to bug me.  he's said he hates me.  just because he can.
I think he hates me because I keep telling him to shut up, so it's a vicious circle.

David has said he (and I) are vampires. 
That vampire show on hbo features telepaths (I don't remember the details)
The movie Vampires (John Carpenter's) also features telepaths.
Buffy the vampire slayer, and South Park address it, too.
The voice, the vice, can be "draining", depending how one reacts to it.

but maybe also, because he's an attorney, it's used to influence judges or juries,
or maybe, after prosecution-
to aggravate, to torment, to cause misery, to punish, to intimidate, to scare.
he's said (v's):
I'm at war, Jess
I'm the devil, Jess
so the voice, I guess, is part of a hardcore psychological warfare attempt to control and influence people's experience and opinions.  Mind control.  Maybe even the "collective unconscious" (to borrow from Carl Jung)

by this, I mean he's being "mental" to make prisoners feel worse (or better),  to further justice.

It influences:
-sports (karma for rewarding, punishing the best behaved fans?)
-law, politics, government (executive, legislative, judicial), elections, voting, public opinion.
court cases -judges, juries, lawyers
-international relations, war, psy-ops, deception, national interests

I think money is the root of a lot (most?) of the craziness.
I'd like to think it's helping, not aggravating, the situation.
But maybe that just depends on me.
I was a third world development guy in college.
peace out.

also, How? does it work-
is it in real time, or is it preprogrammed (such as while we sleep?), or maybe both-
is it by minds, computers, or both-
is my mind "broken", like a code, or maybe even like a heart?
(does my brain have a frequency, is it microwaves, "vibes")
what is it when your ears ring, the tone of which has been used in movies..
is david my "source"?
is there a technical difference between the voice in, and voice out?
is this a literal "open-minded" vs. "closed-minded"
is being closed-minded, then, actually healthy? despite the parachute bumper sticker..
("minds are like parachutes, they only work when open")
Who vocalizes my unverbalized thought, and does anyone hear my vocalized thoughts?
is Everyone a telepath? on some level?  how does it work?  do drugs change the picture?
how many people are in my head, lol?  does it change?
I think David has a plural sense of identity, and thinks of me as an extension of himself.
"get out of my face"...I am not a battery.

recent voices (still the same shit, really)
interesting, jess
i can't breathe, Jesse
i'm sorry
i don't know you
i can't believe you
i think you're stupid
david is disturbed
david is insane, allright Jesse
david is scared jesse
sorry, Jess
david screaming Jesse
i hate you
ow, Jesse
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you...
david is dead
david crying, jesse
david is crying
allright, Jesse
oh my god, oh my god...
i'm killing myself, Jesse
I'm going to hell
I can't stop talking
I've had enough of your law
y'know what?  i'm sick jesse

someday, maybe all this shit will stop, and I will be well.
Of course, I think i'm already well, and that it's david who is sick.
I'm just unfortunate enough to have him in my head.

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