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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hell and God

God uses the carrot (the prospect of eternal bliss in heaven)
and the stick (the possibility of eternal torment in hell)
to modify human behavior.

It's all in a single word: hello.
life starts with hell (painful childbirth) and, of course, with heaven (o for orgasm, for conception)

I would say it ends in neither, simple non-existence, back to what we were before we were conceived, to dust, to decay, to rot, to buried bones; in a word: oblivion.

Of course, some of us leave cultural footprints: art, dna, memories, writings, what-have-you.

a fellow bellows: hello, mellow yellow jello!

anyway, what I was saying, O, as in OMG, is thus a symbol for God, or love.

and hell is, well we all know, right?  pain, agony, suffering, torment, misery, anguish...
some think there's an actual place of eternal damnation, with circles, for sinners (which seems to be all of us, if that's any comfort) who don't accept christ, or maybe those who don't accept allah, or god knows what else, as they say.  Eating calamari and having tattoos and calling your brother 'raca' are all prohibited, for example.  What a joke, if you ask me.

E.T. thus stands for eternal torment, or worse -eternal torture-, in addition to extra-terrestrial (meaning external to earth).  It also stands for Ellen Trainor, my college flame.  Hello, if you're out there, lol.  Or hi, if you prefer.

Maybe the price of power is pain, in which case God -the all-powerful- is in hell, and for whom love is therefore absolutely required, necessary, and demanded of all of us. 

Unjust torture seems like it would hurt even more.   Torturing God, the only good being in the universe, is truly an abomination.  A word with it's own heinous meanings embedded within it, as well: (a-bomb in nation).   Y' know, I really don't need Kim Jong Un threatening me (for example).

So crime, sin, torture, cruelty, war, murder, bloodshed, bullying, victimization, rape, injustice, are all hellish and rotten and evil, and deserve to be punished, but god is loving and merciful and kind and good, even to the devil, I guess.   Which means the devil rules the roost.  It's the collective will and effort for goodness, betterment, improvement, progress, development against the spite and hate and malice and unceasing will to vengeance and destruction and pain, that lies in the heart of even God. 

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