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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


What I'd do if I win tomorrow's prize

Yes, I admit I've been assiduously entering the Publisher's Clearing House lottery every day for awhile now...

The prize is 5000 a week for life.  That's more than 700 dollars a day.

I've got 7 categories of how I'd spend my winnings: ("heaven's sevens", lol)
1)Buy stuff:
e.g. House, Car, Technological Gadgets
(I'd like to wire my place like Bill Gates' futuristic pad)

2)Eat at restaurants
I have my own "pivot" to Asia: I like stic: Sushi, Thai, Indian, & Chinese
(and Ethiopian, Mexican, Pizza, and Burgers, too)

3)Travel the world, learn new languages...

4)Publish my blog (edited, and cleaned up, for Book form)
(they ARE called "publishers" clearing house)

5)(maybe) go back to school, get / earn a master's or doctorate...
earn and learn
I like everything, and am happy now just going to the library...
it would be hard to choose a field/discipline..
maybe psychology, anthropology, sociology, theology, history, geography, or philosophy.
or all of the above!  And, of course, literature.
Degrees are ways to acquire status and become an "expert" or "authority"
I consider them exercises in puffery and vanity, though
but the bible does say "all is vanity" (so why not, really)
really, though, any high school dropout can just go to the library and read alot
and I think that's probably just as good.

6)Raise a family (!)
This project got sidetracked for me, when Sara and I split.
It's in the genes, it's my evolutionary purpose (and, I like kids)
I'm 41 years old.
And crazy, although I'm trying my damnedist to be / get sane.
But if Dave Letterman and Steve Martin can be older dads...
the pool of women gets smaller each day, I suppose-
but if I've got 700 bucks a day to spend, that would probably change the picture.
okcupid has been a complete fiasco, by the way

7)Give to charity, with whatever's left.
I'm thinking Unicef & Kiva
if 3 billion people really are scraping by, like half of humanity, on less than 2 dollars a day-
it's only human.

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