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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


a ridiculous okcupid exchange

(after reading that my okcupid profile lists me as catholic, AJ said:)
Thanks for the message. Although OKcupid may match us highly, I think we would not be a good match, not least because I am Jewish and you are Catholic, and I couldn't date someone who thought I'm going to hell, and who held me responsible for killing his savior.

(my response)
I don't believe in hell (or heaven, for that matter), aside from what we make of our planet and ourselves, while we're alive. My birthfather is jewish. I look jewish. I've read the old testament. I believe jesus was delusional. I am only nominally catholic. Even if I believed, I wouldn't have held you responsible for what other jews did 2000 years ago (and what jesus apparently accepted as the will of his father). I don't even believe in sin. Hell is a village in Norway. You can go there. -Jesse

As for "savior", does that mean
saved from dying,
saved from hell,
saved from suffering (in this context, either the
consequences of my own sin,
or the consequences of the sin of others)

I don't know what the word even means, and I also don't believe in any of the above theorized possiblities of the meaning of the word:

Everyone dies, there is no eternal punishment (what most people mean by 'hell'), jesus can't do anything now (he's dead) to alleviate suffering (although christians I suppose think they are the "body of christ" now, who definitely do good works to lessen suffering and increase happiness, which can be done of course by anyone of any or no faith), and belief in him might even cause suffering  (such as giving up all your possessions).

Sin doesn't exist objectively
But it DOES exist subjectively- if you defy:
1)your conscience
2)others' preferences
3)the will of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

God's law is the totality of everyone's personal preferences, in my opinion. And I'm always right, lol. And because there are so many different people in the world, this means you can do whatever you want, or alternatively, you're a sinner no matter what you do.  So maybe you should just forget about religion altogether, and concentrate on the Law.

And AJ is seriously ignorant, if she thinks ALL catholics hate jews.
Of course, she probably thinks Jews are "God's chosen people", which is equally stupid.

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