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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amazing Statistics re: Global Inequality

From online (world inequality), and the NYX (U.S. inequality)

5 stats from  http://www.fightpoverty.mmbrico.com/poverty/facts.html

Dealing with the world as a whole:
1)Half the world, around 3B people, live on less than $2 a day. (that's $730/year or less)
1.3B of those people live on less than $1 a day (that's $365/year or less).

2)The GDP of the 48 poorest nations is less than the top 3 richest people.
(Carlos Slim, the richest, has $69B)
(Bill Gates, #2, has $66B)
(Warren Buffett, third, $44B)
The population of the 48 poorest nations (link) is ?
(less than half of 1.7B people, the projected 2050 pop.)
The world population is 6.9B people. 
So, about 12% of the entire world population, in aggregate,
has as much as the mere top 3 people.
(if the stats are correct, but they're drawn from different years)
-Question: How many of the poorest make Carlos Slim's $69B?
I calculate about 319.1M people.

12% of 6.9B is 828Mpeople
69 divided by 69+66+44
69 divided by 179= 38.54% of 828M=319.1M people

3)The 200 richest people made $1T (in '99),
while the 43 least developed countries (LDC's), i.e. 582M people,
only made $146B
The top 10 richest people have $405.1B (as of March '11):
ranks 4 thru 10:
fourth, Bernard Arnault, $41B
fifth, Lawrence Ellison, $39.5B
sixth, Lakshmi Mittal, $31.1B
seventh, Amancio Ortega, $31B
eighth, Eike Batista, $30B
ninth, Mukesh Ambani, $27B
tenth, Christy Walton, $26.5B

4)A few hundred millionaires= 2.5B of the world's poorest people.

5)497 billionaires = $1.54T, which is more than the poorest half of humanity.
The GNP of all of sub-saharan africa was only $929.3B
The population of sub-saharan africa ('11) was 874,841,049 (874.8M)

The website I started with is dated '06, so I suspect some of the data has changed.

The world economy in 2011 had a total product of $78.94T
The world population, Sept. 2012, is 6,928,198,253 people (rounded to 6.9B)
Forbes data, via wikipedia, says there were 1,210 billionaires as of March '11.

And from an Opinion in the NY Times, 10-4-12, by Nicholas D. Kristof:
1) American inequality is so stark that the Top 1%
has more money than the bottom 90% -the Economic Policy Inst. in Washington

2)The 6 heirs of Sam Walton has as much money as 100M americans

and from the Economist:
3)"In the USA, the top 0.01% (about 16 thousand families) have almost 5% of the income."

And to put this in perspective:
-The U.S. National Debt is 16T dollars (T as in trillion)

-"LIBOR determines rates in $300T (yes, you read correctly, 300 trillion) worth of derivatives contracts and other financial instruments"

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