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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christ ends in T

poor guy

He's dead; if he died on the cross then he didn't rise again, because
once you die, you're dead, kaput, that's it, all she wrote.
And he will never return, either, because you only live once.
Nobody escapes oblivion.  To dust you shall return.

If anybody "comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead,"
it would be somebody like me, a new God, one deity among many,
and just another person like anybody else, created equal.

And I don't believe in souls or ghosts, so there will be no ethereal presences lurking around us, pushing pennies on doors, being captured as invisible whisps on camera, or otherwise surviving our deaths, and bringing us to some new world, better or worse than the one we're in (no matter how hard you pray for it).

From alpha to omega, we each have a personal moment of conception and time of death, which is much more relevant than worrying about when the mitochondrial eve existed in Africa, or when/if humanity goes extinct, for whatever reason at whatever date in the future.  If you think Jesus is controlling history, down to the level of your personal fate, I'm sorry to report that you are deluded, if not irrational, because Jesus is now only the name of some guys from Mexico (pronounced heyzeus), and nobody is controlling humanity from an afterlife.  Perhaps our dna will survive millions of years, and humanity will evolve into new forms, which is interesting to think about, since science is equipping us with greater genetic control, in addition to robots with artificial intelligence, and maybe we will colonize places like the moon, mars, or even exoplanets.  

So anyway, you're home eucharistic menu might include:
a cup of tea, unless it makes you "cross"
cheeses of nazareth
communion wafer (cum union waif-r, whatever that might be).
blood of christ (be lewd of chris-ty)

food (6664)
what's eating you?
eat up, chow down, on your te-bull

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