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Friday, September 11, 2009

9lbs, 9oz on 9/9/09

wow. A baby was born. Henry Michael Berendes. 7, 6, 9= 4

9 to 5. My blog should have loaded at 4:14, too, but I had to start over after the page shaded white. We live in a weird world.

Whoa. I got that wrong. 9 to 7. It appears this baby boy was also born by Cesarean (capitalized?) at 9:09a.m. (and how many seconds? lol)


It was good for a laugh. Maybe more?

What's a Kaprekar number?

The number you entered was 09999999.
Congratulations! You have found an extremely cool number! It has a Universal Coolness Index of 99.52%

09999999 contains a 7-of-a-kind together. Only 0.00018% of 8-digit numbers have this combination.

09999999 has 2 unique digits. In 0.011% of 8-digit numbers, there are 2 or fewer unique digits.

09999999's digits sum to 63. In 0.024% of 8-digit numbers, the digits sum to at least 63.

All of the digits in 09999999 are multiples of 3. Only 0.070% of 8-digit numbers have this property.


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